Samatha swallowed the bite she had just taken and washed it down with the glass of water she had. Turning to Sydney she said, "I completely forgot about showing you it. We found this device on P3X747. It was a box made out of some sort of wood we have never seen before. We can't seem to figure out how to get it open. And where the lock should be is what we have been informed is the eye of rambali."

"Was it found with a manusricpt?" Sydney asked.

Daniel answered her question. "Well is was sort of found in a library, that had books in a language that I have never seen before. If there was one it will take years to find."

"An easy way to cut down on the search is look for one that has a blank page forty-seven. For some reason in all of Rambaldi's manusricpt page forty-seven is always blank."

"Daniel why don't you-" Jack started ordering Jackson when he cut him off.

"I'm already on my way." Jackson picked up his tray, dumped it, then took in the direction of General Hammond's office.

"If you don't mind I would like to see this device?" Sydney asked Carter as they all finished eating.

"Sure." Carter answered.

They dumpped their trays Carter led her to her office where the device was being held. Jack soon caught up with them.

"What all do you know about it?" Sydney asked.

"When we found it, it had been gaurded for centries by chosen jaffa. We came to that -" She started.

Sydney's eyebrows knotted in confusion. "What is a jaffa?"

"It's a infant goul'd's host. They live to serve the false goul'd gods. They have a symbol of slavery tattod or embossed on their forehead. Teal'c use to be head jaffa to one of the goul'd false gods. Anyway, we came to that planet to check up on some old friends of ours only to find the goul'ds back and trying to take control again. The people of the planet told us that they appered about a month before we showed up and brought that box with them. Rumor was that that box held the key to keep their human host alive forever. The only conclustion was it had to do with the old myth of the fountain of youth. Needless to say, we got the box and have yet to figure it out."

By this time they had made it to Carter office. She opened the door and seting out in the open was the box.

It looked so simple with geomatric designs carved on it's surface. The only thing that seemed to not belong was the eye of rambaldi lock.

"How did you know that this was conected to Rambaldi?"

"I knew someone who was once a collecter of his artifacts. She told me that she once saw the eye and was facanatied by the stories that came with it. I personally think she had a thing with eye stories." O'Neil informed her. Carter just rolled her eyes.

It was then that Daniel appered at the door. Jack was about to ask something when Daniel gave him the answer.

"We gear up in an hour."

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