Elemental Guardian's Arrive

As the other four Ronins watched their friend and leader walk over to the red head, Cye said, "This'll be interesting."

"Um, hi my name is Ryo Senada. What's your name?" asked Ryo as he fell into step with the red head.

Makoto turned her head to the voice and saw a beautiful shade of blue eyes staring at her.

She blushed slightly and said, "Um hi, my name's Makoto Obiki."

Ryo bent down and asked as he smiled at the little girl, "And who is this little lady?"

The little girl laughed and threw her arms around him.

He wrapped his arms around her small frame and picked her up.

Makoto had an amused look on her face as she said, "My, my, my…my little sister seems to like you an awful lot Senada-san."

Ryo returned the smile and said, "Well I like little kids. And call me Ryo, Senada-san makes me feel so old!"

Makoto giggled and asked, "Would you like to join us for lunch then Ryo? We were on our way to the concession stand or do you want to go back over to your friends?"

"My friends?" asked Ryo as he turned to her.

"Yeah…" she started as she waved back towards the group of people that were watching them intently, "those four guys, the little boy, the young lady, and the tiger."

"How'd you know they were my friends?" asked Ryo surprised as he bounced the three year old in his arms and smiled at her.

She blushed and said, "Well um…I…I was…"

"You were what?" he asked with curious eyes.

"I was watching you out of the corner of my eye ever since you and your friends appeared in the flash of light." She replied with a smile and a blush.

He smiled and said, "So you saw that huh?"

"Yeah, where'd you come from? That was an obvious transportation spell." She replied with a smile as she giggled and said, "My sister loves you! She's normally a pain for anyone outside of my family."

Ryo blushed and said, "It must be because I'm good with kids."

"How good?" she asked as she slid towards him and looked him in the eyes.

Ryo smiled and showed his dimples making Makoto's knees shake and replied, "Well I know I'll be good enough to have two kids and two more on the way."

"You been to the future!" asked Makoto with wide eyes as she stared at Ryo.

"That's where me and the guys just came from." Replied Ryo as he wrapped his arm around her waist.

She placed her head on his shoulder and asked flirtingly, "So, am I there in the future?"

Ryo laughed and said, "Do you really want to know?"

She shot him a confused look and asked with a smile, "What? Are we married or something?"

Ryo blushed and said, "Actually…"

Makoto laughed and said, "Don't worry Ryo! If you went to the future and I'm there you obviously know about my powers right?"

He nodded and she continued, "Well I've known about my powers for an awful long time and they are very powerful, and I admit I was curious about my future…"

Ryo smiled and said, "You peeked and saw the future didn't you?"

Makoto smiled, laughed, and said, "Yes I did. I know about Hiko and Hariel and the unborn twins too."

Ryo blushed and said, "Well, we've spent about fifteen minutes talking right in this same spot, but we were supposed to get something to eat. Why don't you come and eat with my friends and I?"

Before Makoto could reply, they heard, "Mako-chan, me want to play with water boy!"

Makoto looked at her sister and asked, "Are you sure Maeve-chan?"

Nodding her head she said, "Ryo-chan put me down…me want to play with your water friend!"

Ryo smiled placed her down and said, "He's the one with red hair."

"Me know!" she exclaimed with a smile as her strawberry blond hair flew behind her as she ran to the person she wanted.

Meanwhile while sitting on the beach, Mia asked, "So is Ryo going to come back for his presents?"

"I don't think presents are on his mind right now." Said Sage with a smile as he watched the two get closer to each other.

"I wonder who the girl is though." Said Cye as he watched Ryo put her down.

"Well here's your chance to find out." said Rowen as he pointed to her and said, "Cause she heading right for you."

Cye blinked as the little girl jumped into his lap.

"Well hello little one what's your name?" asked Cye with a friendly smile.

"Hi!" she chirped as she giggled and said, "You want to play in the water with me?"

"Is that all right with her?" asked Cye pointing to Makoto and Ryo as they walked up to them.

"Yes it's fine with me. She wanted to play with water boy." Said Makoto as she continued, "By the way I'm Makoto and this is my little sister, Maeve."

"Water boy?" asked Cye confused.

Makoto laughed and said, "She has powers over fire and a little over water. She sensed water around you."

"Power?" asked Sage with a raised eyebrow.

Makoto cast him a sidelong look and asked, "For one of the Ronin Armor bears you sure sound skeptic about the possibility of magic."

"How'd?" asked Rowen.

"My powers. I kind of cheated and peeked into the future. I felt somebody moving through the time stream and looked when the portal was open." Explained Makoto as she sat down next to Ryo.

"And you sister has these powers?" asked Cye as he stood up and felt Maeve take his hand.

"She has tiny bits of each element in her. Because of this her senses are very powerful." Added Makoto as she said, "Maeve-chan be nice to Cye-kun all right? He probably doesn't have powers right now to play with you like that, so play normally 'kay?"

" 'kay!" she exclaimed as she continued, "Come! Come! Come on Cye-chan!"

Cye smiled and said, "Okay, okay I'm coming Maeve-chan!"

As they played in the water, Rowen asked, "If you have your powers do you know of the…"

"The Elemental Star Guardians?" asked Makoto as she accepted a sandwich from Sage.


"Yes I know of it. The Ancient One told me of it and explained to me why I had these powers."

"Do you know of the others?"

"Yeah I do…they are my best friends. We've known each other since we were five, six years old."

"Where are they?" asked Kento impatiently.

"You want to meet them don't you?" stated rather than asked Makoto.

"Yeah!" exclaimed Kento.

"Sorry you can't see them now." Said Makoto as she added, "Yui lives in England, Miaka lives in the Netherlands, and Noriko and Korin live in China."

"Oh man!" exclaimed Kento as he sat down with a thump.

"Looks like we'll have to wait until the right time then." Said Sage with a secret smile, for he knew when they would first meet their only loves.

"MAKO-CHAN!" called out a voice.

Makoto looked up and called back, "Coming Kaasan!"

She turned back to the guy, and said, "It was fun guys, but I have to get back. My moms calling."

"Hey!" exclaimed Ryo as he jumped up and grabbed her hand.

"Nani?" she asked with a smile.

"Are you busy tomorrow morning?" he asked with a smile.

"No…am I?" she asked with a smile.

"You are now." He replied as he added, "Meet me here tomorrow at noon."

She frowned and said, "I can't."

With a saddened face he asked, "Why not?"

"I have to be at the music studio at noon…I could meet you here at eight in the morning." She said with a smile.

Ryo returned it and said, "All right then…eight in the morning."

She smiled pecked him on the cheek and said, "Nice meeting you all! I'll see you later guys!" she said as she called out, "Maeve-chan! It's time to go!"

She frowned and said, "Bye Cye-chan."

Cye picked her up, gave her a hug, and said, "I'll see you later, Maeve-chan."

She hugged him and as she ran to her sister she said, "BYE!"

He waved and as he waved said, "Bye Makoto!"

She waved to him and said, "It's Mako-chan!"

He smiled and said, "Bye Mako-chan!"

As he sat back down, he asked, "So, did you get the date?"

Ryo smiled and said, "Yeah I got it all right."

"That's great!" exclaimed Cye with a smile.

Then he added, "When is it?"

Ryo smiled and said, "Eight in the morning."

The group laughed and Mia said, "Well, do you want to open your presents or not?"

"YEAH!" he exclaimed as White Blaze sat down next to him.

"HEY! I just realized something!" exclaimed Kento.

"Nani?" asked the group as Ryo opened his present from Kento.

"She didn't even ask our names nor was she scared of Blaze."

"She probably already knows them dummy!" exclaimed Sage as he added, "She's seen the future remember?"

"Oh yeah." Said Kento as Ryo said, "Thanks for the Soccer ball Kento. My old one is to beat up to play with now."

Kento smiled and said, "That's why I got it man."

Ryo laughed and opened Rowen's present, "Thanks Ro, I really need this!"

He held up a gym bag.

Sage said, "Open mine next!"

As Ryo opened the present and exclaimed, "Thanks!"

Sage smiled and said, "Welcome."

It was a new CD of Celtic music.

"You know, I've always wondered why you liked Celtic music. Now that I've seen Mako-chan I think I know why." Said Rowen with a smile.

Ryo blushed but said nothing.

Cye handed him his present and said, "I think you'll like mine!"

Ryo cast him a suspicious look, but ripped the paper from the box anyway.

As he pulled the box out he blushed and said, "LIKE IT?"

Cye laughed and said, "That's not it! Look inside! That was a joke!"

Sage looked at the box and burst out laughing as he said, "Nice joke Cye, who was he going to use them on? Mako? They just met!"

"What?" asked Rowen, Kento, Mia, and Yulie.

Sage plucked the box out of Ryo's hands and held it up for the others to see.

Rowen and Kento burst out laughing, Mia blushed, and Yulie asked, "I don't get it? What's so funny about it?"

Ryo glared at Cye and said, "You won't understand until your older Yulie."

As Ryo opened the box, with the word Trojan on it, he pulled out a stand with a golden watch on it.

"Oh Cye thanks! I needed a new watch!" exclaimed Ryo as he pulled the watch off the stand and clasped it on his wrist.

"Was I right? Do you like it?" asked Cye with a smile.

"You bet I do!" he exclaimed.

Mia handed him her present and said, "Well I think you'll like it."

He smiled at her and said, "I'm sure I will."

As he opened the present he found a new red sweater inside.

He smiled and said, "Thanks Mia, I can always use another sweater!"

"You don't like it do you?' she asked sadly.

"NO! I like it! My old sweater was getting to tight, thanks." He gave her a quick hug and said, "So that's it?"

"NO!" exclaimed Yulie as he passed Ryo his present.

As Ryo opened the box, he asked, "What time is it anyway?'

Cye laughed and said, "Why don't you tell us?"

"Oh yeah!" he glanced at his watch and said, "It's almost eight p.m. we'd better head back after this."

As he pulled out the gift, he said, "Thanks Yulie! I'll treasure this for a long time!"

"What is it?" asked Cye as he looked over Ryo's shoulder.

As Ryo let Cye see, he smiled and said, "That's very cool Yulie and very imaginative."

"What is it?" asked Sage as he looked with Rowen, Kento, and Mia following.

As they looked they smiled.

Then Rowen read the words, The greatest things in life are the people you care for…you all are my family. Love Yulie. Then there was a sheet of iron foil that showed anything it reflected, and at that moment it reflected the group back at them.

Ryo hugged Yulie and said, "This is the best present ever! Thanks."

After that they packed up and headed home.

The next morning, Ryo was up at seven getting ready for his date.

"Hey Cye! What'cha making?" Ryo asked as he walked into the kitchen and sitting down next to Mia and Sage.

"Bacon, eggs, hash brown, orange juice, and French toast." Replied the young man as Sage said, "That's what you're meeting her in?"

Ryo frowned and asked, "What's wrong with it?"

Mia took a glance at him and saw that he was wearing her red sweater, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of tennis shoes.

"Don't listen to him, you look fine." Said Mia as she glared at Sage.

He smiled but said nothing as Cye placed a plate of food in front of him.

Minutes later Kento and Rowen tumbled downstairs and grabbed whatever was left.

Ryo laughed and said, "Well I'm off!"

"Have fun!" they all called out as Sage added, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!"

Ryo blushed and said, "Who do you think I am!"

The group laughed as they watched him jumped into the car and vanished into the city.

As he walked along the serf waiting for Makoto he thought, 'This is it. She's the one girl for me! I've waited a long time for her to come into my life…'

"Hey Ryo!" someone cried out as he turned towards the voice.

He smiled as he called back, "Good morning Mako-chan!"

She smiled and asked, "I hope you don't mine, but Maeve was awake and she was making a fuss about me leaving her behind…"

"I don't mind." Said Ryo as he looked down and asked, "How are you, Maeve-chan?"

She smiled, yawned, and raised her arms to him.

Ryo laughed gently and said as he picked her up, "I guess she's not quite up yet!"

Makoto smiled and whispered into his ear, "Oh she's awake, she just wants you to hold her."

He smiled a charming smile at her and asked, "Are you jealous?"

Makoto turned away from him, and as she walked away from him, swayed her hips seductively and said, "Of my sister? No, why should I? When I have the rest of my life to get you just the way I want you."

Ryo smiled and played along as he asked, "Oh and how do you want me?"

Makoto slid up to him, and as she placed her lips to his ear she whispered huskily, "On top of me for all time."

Ryo's face flushed bright red and he cleared his throat. He glanced at her and saw that she was wearing a red sundress that hung from her shoulders and stopped at her mid thighs. Suddenly, a wind picked up and blew the dress up into the air. She gasped and grabbed her dress, and held it tightly to her body.

He smiled at her and replied back, "If you'll let me, then I'll stay there to."

She softly kissed his cheek and as she pulled away said, "Touché."

As Ryo shifted Maeve in his arms he asked her, "So what do you want to do first Mako-chan?"

She looked at him and asked, "Nothing, lets just talk and get to know each other better."

He nodded and said, "Fair enough, so tell me something about yourself."

"Well as you probably already know my name is Makoto Ariashi Obiki. I have an abusive father and an addict for a mom. But my mom's a good person all together, and she tries to be there for Maeve but sometimes she can't be so I take care of her."

"What about school?" asked Ryo with a curious glint in his eyes.

"I've finished my high school years, but I don't know about going to a university. I have to watch her and I don't have the money to pay a sitter for her either."

"You could bring her to my place. Mia would watch her for free I'm sure." Said Ryo as he placed his hand in hers. She squeezed it back.

"Maybe, but I'd still have to problem of getting there. I have my license and all, but I don't have a car. My dad has it all day. My mom's a housewife." Makoto said with a sigh as she looked at her sister and smiled as she said, "I think she likes you Ryo; she fell asleep in your arms."

Ryo looked down at her and smiled gently as he whispered, "I like her too. She's something special."

"I know. So tell me Ryo Senada, what makes you, you?"

He smiled and said, "Well to start off with I'm an orphan. My mother died when I was a baby because she was a sickly person and a lion killed my father while he was on safari when I was six. He died right in front of me. I thought I'd be next, but White Blaze came out of nowhere and protected me. After that I lived in the forest alone with Blaze and the Ancient One came weekly to give me food and to check up on me. Then about four years ago, I met up with my friends and we fought Talpa. We won and we've been together ever since. Then about a week ago YOUR future self came to the past asking for our help. We went, we won, and then Lady Kayura dropped us on the beach yesterday. You know what happen then on."

"Wow, so what armor do you posses?"

"Armor of Wildfire."

Makoto smiled and said, "That means I'm your guardian."

He smiled and replied, "I know."

Before they could ask anything else a horde of Dynasty soldiers appeared around them.

"What in the world are these!" asked Makoto as her hands glowed brightly.

"They are Dynasty Soldiers!" called back Ryo as he summoned his sub-armor.

Ryo, with his arms still holding Maeve, cried out, "Which Warlord is out there!"

"It is I, Warlord of Madness! My master wants the woman!"

"You can't have her!" yelled Ryo as he jumped in front of Makoto.

He handed her Maeve and said, "Run for it!"

"I'm not leaving without you!" she said with a frown.

Ryo smiled and said, "Go! I'll be fine!"

She took a deep breath, nodded, and ran in the other direction.

"Not so fast! Insanity Binds!" he cried out as he slashed his sword in Makoto's direction.

Makoto brought Maeve around so her little sister was behind her and protected from the blast.

The blast hit Makoto hard and she cried out in pain as she dropped Maeve and cried out, "Run Maeve-chan now!"


"RUN!" screamed Makoto as she was lifted up into the air.

Ryo, who had finally finished off the soldiers, rushed to Maeve and picked her up.

"Don't worry about me Ryo! Get her out of here!"


"Don't worry! Tell Mia to search her files for the Star's! You'll find your answers there!" then she vanished in a sickly orange light.

"MAKO-CHAN!" cried out Ryo as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

He tightened his grip on Maeve, turned around, and ran back to his car.

As he strapped Maeve in, he said, "Don't worry Maeve-chan, we'll get her back."

She nodded.

As they reached the house, Cye walked out and asked, "Why are you back so early?"

"Makoto's been kidnapped by the Dynasty!"

"WHAT!" exclaimed Cye surprised as Ryo, with Maeve in his arms, rushed inside. Cye followed.

"I said…" he began as he entered the family room where the other's were, "Mako-chan's been kidnapped by the Dynasty!"

"No way! They're gone!"