"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You can't beat me puny mortals!" Talpa cried out from his lying position as Kayura smiled and said, "Maybe not us but…"

There was another flash of light and when it vanished Anubis and a little three year old were left standing.

"Mako-neechan! Yui-neechan! Kor-neechan! Nori-neechan! Mi-neechan! Cye-niichan! Kento-niichan! Ro-niichan! Ryo-niichan! Sage-niichan! HI!" she exclaimed happily as she skipped to them.

"Maeve-chan!" they all cried out in surprise as Mako-chan picked her up.

Makoto looked to Anubis with a questioning look as he nodded sadly at her.

As a tear fell from her eye, Maeve whipped it away and said with a big smile, "No cry Mako-chan, happy smile!"

She smiled at her little sister and said in a cheerful voice, "Maeve-chan, do you want to play a game with me and the girls?"

"YEAH!" she exclaimed as she smiled at the others.

The girls smiled sadly and circled the little girl.

Yui smiled at her and closed her eyes as she said, "Star water drowning!"

Maeve-chan smiled and raised her hands. They began to glow red as fire shot out of them and hit the water Yui tossed in her direction.

Miaka smiled and called out, "Star light burst!"

Maeve-chan smiled and giggled as she called out, "Black lighting burst!"

The two lights cancelled each other out and Korin called out, "Star space slam!"

Maeve-chan smiled at her and said, "You're not trying Kor-neechan! Earth blast!"

An orange light shot out of her hands and hit the group of comets.

Korin smiled and said, "I'm not trying hum?"

"NO!" she giggled as she said, "Try it together!"

The guys looked on in confusion as Talpa slowly sat up in pain.

"What are they doing!" asked Kento in disbelief.

"They are getting her ready for the Jewel Of Life." Anubis answered as the jewel appeared in his hands.

He threw it to Makoto and said, "Give it to her!"

Makoto nodded and said, "Hey Maeve-chan! I have another toy for you to play with!"

Maeve turned to her and exclaimed happily, "Gimmie!"

She handed the jewel to her sister and said, "You know what to do don't you?"


She raised the jewel and closed her eyes.

She was surrounded by a white light and exclaimed laughing, "Now hit me with more power!"

The girls raised their hands and cried out, "Elemental Power Burst!"

As the five colored lights hit her she laughed and said, "YEAH!"

The light surrounding her grew brighter and soared towards Talpa.

Suddenly, five lights shot out into the air in the form of a star.

Kayura said, "Surround the girls! Now!"

The guys found their match and held on as the white light surrounded them all.

They watched as Maeve floated up higher into the air and the white light hit Talpa hard.

He cried out, "NNNNNOOOOO!"

The white light overpowered him and when the light died down, Talpa was gone.

Maeve floated back down to the ground and collapsed.

"MAEVE-CHAN!" exclaimed the group as Makoto picked her up.

"It's okay, she's breathing and her heart beat is steady but slightly weak."

The group sighed as Kayura raised the staff and said, "She'll be fine. The Ancient and Anubis used their own powers to help her so she wouldn't die in the process."

Makoto gripped her little sister tightly and said, "Thank you."

Ryo placed a hand on her shoulder and said, "Lets all go home, ne?"

They group laughed as Yui said, "Um, that is a bit of problem. I was grabbed from my home in Britain and I have no way to get back considering that the Warlord destroyed practically my entire house!"

"Then you can stay with us." Cye said with his face red as he added, "You all can stay with us if you want to."

Miaka smiled and said, "That's good considering that all of us were taken from our homes and our homes were destroyed in the process."

The girls nodded and Kayura said, "Then let us return."

When they could see again they were in Mia's living room.

"Now, where can I put her to rest?" asked Makoto as she shifted her little sister to her other arm.

"You can place her in my room for now." Said Ryo as he led her upstairs.

"Anyone hungry?" asked Cye with a friendly smile.

"MEEEEEEEEEEEE!" exclaimed Kento as his arm shot up into the air.

The group laughed as Miaka said, "Well I agree with Kento! MEEEEEEEE!"

Sage wrapped his arms around her and said, "How'd you know his name? We haven't done introductions yet?"

"Telepathy." She replied as Korin added as she wrapped her arms around a surprised Rowen, "Makoto saw the future when her future self came back to the past to get you guys and go to the future. We have a connection that allows us to see whatever one of us sees as well. So when she saw the future, we saw it too."

"Oh!" the guys exclaimed as they wrapped their arms around their new unannounced girl friends.

After a while the group settled down and Kento asked, "Can we now have introductions?"

The group laughed and Makoto said, "Well I'll start…my name is Makoto Ariashi Obiki. My mom's Irish and my dad is Japanese. I was born in Ireland but I grew up in Japan. I met Yui and Miaka in primary school in Hiroshima and we met Korin and Noriko in first year secondary school. Then we spilt because the girl's families moved the family businesses. I move from Hiroshima to Toyama when I was in third year high school." Ended Makoto with a smile as Ryo wrapped his arms around her waist, her back to his chest.

Miaka went next, "Well my name is Miaka Sara Akari. I'm half American and half Japanese. My mom's American and my dad is Japanese. I was born in America but I grew up in Japan. I met Yui and Makoto in primary school like Mako-chan said in Hiroshima. Then I met Nori-chan and Kor-chan in secondary school. When we split, my dad moved us to the Netherlands where I lived since then, till now anyway."

Sage smiled at her and she smiled back as she pecked him on the cheek.

Yui continued, "My name is Yui Lucy HitoshizukuI was born here in Japan. When I was in primary school I met Mi-chan and Mako-chan. Then in secondary school I along with the girls met the twins. When we split dad moved us to England. My mom is English and my father is Japanese. I have lived in England since we moved from Japan at the end of secondary school until now."

Cye smiled at her and she smiled back. He blushed. She giggled at him. He blushed even redder.


"What?" she asked with wide hopeful eyes.

"Never mind." He mumbled.

She frowned but said nothing as he excused himself quickly and went into the kitchen.

"Anyway…my name is Korin Li Kezano. I, along with Noriko was born in China. We moved here at the end of primary school and met up with Mako-chan, Yui-chan, and Mi-chan in secondary school. Our mother is Chinese and our dad Japanese. When each of our families moved someplace else we moved back to China where we lived peacefully until Talpa destroyed our home and dragged us to the Nether Realm."

Rowen, with his arms around Korin smiled and said, "Well you're staying here with me and that's that."

She smiled and said, "Forever if you let me!"

Kento turned to Noriko and asked, "Well what's your full name?"

She smiled and said, "My full name is Noriko Mulan Kezano. You already know our basic past, and I don't think I have to say it again."

Mia walked in with Yulie and gasped.

"RYO!" exclaimed the little boy as he rushed up to his mentor.

"Hey buddy!" he exclaimed as Yulie jumped into his lap.

"Hi Mako-chan!" he exclaimed as he hugged her.

She returned the hug and said, "Hi Yulie."

"So Talpa's gone now?" asked Mia as she slipped into the space next to Ryo on the couch.

"Yep!" exclaimed the group as Cye walked in and said, "Here's some snacks until dinner's ready."

Kento attacked it.

Miaka grabbed some while Kento was busy leaning over Noriko to pat Yulie's head.

The others were quickly behind her.

Kayura stood up and said, "We have to get back. I have to translate a few more scrolls and the guys have to finish their chores."

"Awe, Kayura!" whined the three men as Kale added, "I bet THEY don't have to do such trivial chores such as cleaning their rooms, washing their clothes, ect…"

The group laughed as Sage said, "Sorry to burst your bubble Kale, but we do have to do those chores ourselves."

The ex-warlords grumbled as Kayura giggled and raised the golden staff. They vanished in a burst of golden light.

"Well, I don't know about any of you but I'm tired!" exclaimed Yui as she yawned.

"We don't have any rooms made up right now, and then we only have two rooms left!" exclaimed Mia as she added, "There are only two beds in each room at that!"

Ryo suggested with a blush, "Well…there is the other bed in my room…"

"Or the other bed in Mia's, if she doesn't mind to share." Added Sage.

"There isn't another bed in my room. I traded the twins for a queen sized bed remember?"

"Oh yeah." Said Sage as Rowen said with a smile, "Looks like Mako-chan and Ryo are going to be roommates!"

The two blushed at that and turned even redder as Kento added, "They get married in two years anyway right? So it doesn't really matter! They'll be sharing a bed before they are outta the University!"

The group laughed at that as Cye said, "Well tomorrow IS a weekday and we all have jobs right?"

The group nodded.

The guys and Makoto walked upstairs and the four other girls got comfortable on the beds in the spare rooms.

As Makoto and Ryo got ready for bed, Makoto suddenly said, "HEY! We never did finish that date did we!"

He laughed and said, "No, we didn't."

She kissed him on the lips and said, "Oh well, we'll make up for it I'm sure."

He smirked back at her and said, "I'm sure we will."

They smiled at each other and Makoto yawned.

Ryo chuckled and turned off the lights.

" 'Night Ryo." She murmured.

"Sleep well Mako-chan." He replied as the house fell silent.