Colorado Springs, CO
June 1979

'Remind me again why I thought having this job was such a great idea?' I asked myself as I tried to get through a crowded lobby at the arena. There were young men everywhere trying to get registered for Olympic try-outs. Most of the boys were sporting shirts proclaiming their home colleges. I peered around looking for any sign of an office that Herb Brooks might be in. I wanted to introduce myself and get started with any information he may have.

"Are you trying out for the team? Women's lib has gone too far!" one of the boys said suddenly. I had been so pre-occupied with looking around I hadn't noticed him walk up beside me.

"Excuse me?" I said.

"Oh, don't take that the wrong way. I just meant that men should play on a men's hockey team." He said.

"Well, I don't play hockey, but I enjoy watching others play it. I'm a pretty big Flames fan being from the south." I said. "I'm the PR representative for the team, that's why I'm here."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Dave Silk." He extended his hand.

"Out of Boston…nice to meet you, I'm Kylah Jenkins." I told him.

"How'd you know I was from Boston?" Silk asked.

"Well, you're wearing a Boston University shirt…and your accent was another clue." I chuckled.

"Well you have an accent too, although not too bad." Silk said as we trudged through the crowd.

"Well, when I was in college, the media arts department preached on how unprofessional a southern accent sounded. I worked hard undoing my accent as best I could. Just between you and me, I love my accent and sometimes let it out to play!" I whispered with a laugh.

"I gotta get to the locker room, so I'll catch you later." He said.

"Sure, I'll be around somewhere. Good luck this week." I told him. He smiled and walked into the locker room.

I made my way down the hallway, pausing only when a gorgeous boy with dark hair caught my attention. He seemed to be studying the roster. Then it clicked in my head…..he was Jim Craig. The Flames were trying to sign him. That's why he looked so familiar.

I turned from looking at Craig and walked into someone, dropping my purse. This just wasn't my day for paying attention.

"I am so sorry." I said bending to pick up my purse. Of course a few of the contents had scattered.

"Its okay, let me help you." He said and bent to help me retrieve my things.

"Thanks, I've been a bit of a klutz today." I said. I smiled up at him. Whoever he was had pretty dark eyes and a smile that should've been on toothpaste commercials.

"Guess everyone's a little nervous." He said and handed me my wallet.

I shoved it in my purse. "You here to try out?" I asked.

"Yeah…oh I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself. I'm Buzz Schneider." He said.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Kylah Jenkins." I said and went to shake his hand.

Buzz started to extend his hand to me, as he picked up the last of my belongings. It was then we both realized he was holding a tampon that had fallen out of my purse.

"Uhhh, here's the last of your stuff." Buzz said looking rather uncomfortable.

"Sorry bout that….but ummm thanks." I said, shoving the tampon in my purse and blushing so bad my face was burning.

"Don't about it…..I'd laugh if it happened to one of my team mates." He smiled.

"It is kinda funny. I'm so glad you have a sense of humor." I told him.

"So what is your involvement with try-outs?" Buzz asked as we stood up.

"I'm the PR agent for the team." I told him.

"But you're….."

"A woman?" I filled in.

"Actually I was gonna say 'young'." Buzz finished.

"Ah, well yes I know I am a bit young. I actually found out about this job opening when I was doing my internship in Charlotte. I never thought I'd ever get it having practically no experience and fresh out of college. When the phone call came that I had been hired…why am I rambling on, you probably have a million things to do." I said.

"It's okay. It was nice meeting you. I guess we'll be seeing each other this week." Buzz said.

"Yeah, I'll be around. Good luck." I said and hurried on down the hall.

I found a catering area, with coffee, doughnuts and other brunch type food. Herb Brooks wasn't there. I noticed an older gentleman getting coffee.

"Excuse me. Sorry to bother you, but do you know where Herb Brooks is?" I asked.

"Craig Patrick just went to find him…said he was in the press box watching the boys practice." The man said in an accent I guessed was European. "Can I help you?"

"I'm Kylah Jenkins, the PR agent for the team. I just wanted to meet with Herb and get some things squared away." I said.

"Oh yes, we have been expecting you. I'm George Nagobads, but you can call me Doc, everyone else does." He said.

"Thanks, it was nice meeting you but I do need to find Herb. I'll see you later." I said and walked towards the stairs leading to the press box.

Once I got to the top of the stairs Herb Brooks walked towards me. I recognized him as the coach of the National Championship hockey team.

"Hi Coach Brooks." I said stopping him on the stairs. He looked at me as if I was in his way. "I'm Kylah Jenkins the…."

"Yeah the Public Relations agent…..Walter told me about you." Herb said with a sigh.

"I just wanted to get acquainted and see if there was anything that needed immediate attention." I said.

"Media already…" Herb mumbled. "I have things to do, talk to Coach Patrick." Herb said and walked down the stairs without another word.

I stood a bit startled at his reaction as he walked away.

"What have I gotten myself…" I started.

"Sorry about Coach Brooks, he's a bit….well you'll get used to him. What can I do for you?" I heard behind me. I turned and saw a pleasant smiling face behind me.

"Umm, well I guess I need to find Coach Craig Patrick now." I said.

"That's me, come on in." he said and waved me into the press box.

"Thanks, I'm Kylah Jenkins." I said.

"I know, I heard you talking to Herb." He said but shook my hand anyway. "I knew you were coming."

"I imagine that there won't be much to deal with this week, until a final roster has been devised." I said as Craig gestured for me to have a seat.

"Well, here is the final roster. Herb has already chosen his team." Craig said handing me a list of names.

I stared at the paper, very confused. "But we're here all week. I mean, if Herb has chosen his team….what do we do the rest of the week?" I asked.

"Go home; get ready to move to Minneapolis. I have a bunch of stuff I need to be packing for the move. Where you from?" Craig asked.

"Qualla, North Carolina." I said.

"That explains the twang." He said with a smile.

"Oh, I've been trained to hide it. I'm sorry, it's just a lot has come at me at once." I said.

Craig waved his hand. "Talk any way you like. We're not that particular around here. Just relax, we've got a long road ahead of us."

"Thanks, I'm looking forward to it….I will start on my press release announcing the roster. And when we get to Minneapolis and get settled in, I want to interview all the boys and coaching staff." I said standing up.

"Well anything you need, just let me know." Craig said, standing with me.

"Thank you so much. I was just gonna go grab a quick snack, would you like to join me?" I asked.

"I'd love to, we're done up here anyway!" Craig said.

We started walking down the stairs towards the catering area. Which now was empty.

"So what exactly will you be doing as our PR agent?" Craig asked me.

"Well, I make press releases about the team, especially if there is big news like an injured player, a cut player, etc. I handle press conferences before and after games, help prep you and coach Brooks for media interviews, stuff like that." I explained.

"What made a sweet, pretty lady like you want to travel around with a bunch of hockey players?" Craig asked, getting some coffee.

"I always wanted to be a sports journalist. It's been a bit hard being taken seriously because I'm a woman. Despite everything, sports journalism is still a man's world." I said.

Craig laughed. "Ought to be interesting watching a bunch of college boys react to you. I mean, you may be their PR agent, but you're still a girl their age."

"I met a few which seemed surprised, but pleasant enough." I said.

"That's good…..not what I meant but good to know." Craig said. I was confused but Craig said nothing more.

"Where you from? You said you had a lot to pack." I asked, changing the subject to something I could follow.

"Detroit. Not a lot to pack, just deciding what do I bring and what do I buy once in Minneapolis." Craig said.

"Moving back and forth to college, I am an expert at packing up and moving. I just have too many shoes. I guess that's my one woman flaw." I laughed. "And it's too cold on ice level to wear skirts, so I'll have to find some pant suits before the move."


I stood by Craig, listening to the roster being called. The boys looked stunned that the roster had been chosen after one day. I was surprised myself. As those who had been cut filed out, I watched those who made the roster congratulate each other. I looked at them realizing I would be spending the next seven months with them. I was happy to see Buzz Schneider and Dave Silk that I had met earlier among those who had made the team.

Suddenly Herb appeared and started talking to the boys. I listened as he gave a speech that I termed 'Welcome to Hell, Enjoy Your Stay'. I wasn't alone in my thoughts if the looks on the boys faces was any indication.

I was broke from my thoughts by Craig dismissing the boys. He and Doc were passing out something.

"What are those?" I asked Craig.

"Psychology tests." He answered.

"What on earth for?" I asked taking one and looking through it.

"Herb has his….own way of doing things." Doc answered.

I shrugged, still looking at the test. "

"Hey, what do you say to being my date as we all go celebrate?" One of the boys said as he swung an arm around my neck and dragged me along with his group.

"Well uh," I started.

"Philly, leave the poor girl alone." Another of the boys said.

"Whatta say babe, come out with us tonight?" the boy with me said.

"I wouldn't mind hanging with you and your friends. But my name is Kylah not 'babe'." I said and pushed his arm off my shoulder.

"Verchota, you've been on the team three minutes and you're already hitting on the PR agent." Buzz said. "You'll have to excuse him Kylah. Verchota thinks he's God's gift to women."

Several of the boys walking in the small group snickered.

"We are going out tonight if you'd like to join us." The same guy who's earlier told Verchota to leave me alone said.

"Sure, where are we going?" I asked.

"Janny said something about a bar nearby." Buzz said pointing to the man who had just been defending me.

"Janny?" I asked thinking that would be a girly name for a boy.

"It's short for Janaszak." Janny explained.

"Ah, it'll take me a few days to learn everyone's names. I know Buzz already, I met him earlier. And you must be Verchota!" I said to the boy who had flirted with me.

"I'm Bah Harrington." Another of the boys said. I looked at him. He was very tall and had an impish smile.

"Bah? Not to be rude but what kind of name is that?" I asked. I knew he was too young to have been born at Woodstock.

"It's a nickname, long story." He said.

"That's Mark Pavelich." Verchota said, pointing to the quiet young man who hadn't said much.

"Nice meeting all of you." I said as Pavelich smiled at me.

"So you coming out with us tonight?" Verchota asked.

"Sure, I would love to get out of the hotel, hang out tonight, get to know the team a bit." I said.

"You at the same hotel as the rest of us?" Buzz asked.

"Yeah, I saw a few of you running around the lobby this morning." I said.

"Great, we'll pick you up around 8:00. Is that good?" Janaszak asked.

"That's fine by me." I said, stopping at my rental car. "See you then!"

"See ya around." Harrington said.

I watched them walk away, and started to get in my car. I heard someone yelling for Herb. I looked up and saw Walter trying to catch Herb who was also leaving the arena. I thought of staying and eavesdropping on what would be said. Walter obviously wasn't happy with Herb.

Instead, I decided to get to the hotel. I wanted to get my press release finished and then get ready to hang out with the boys. I slid into the driver's seat and pulled out of the parking lot, looking for a country radio station.

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