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Notes- Nathalie refers to Mario Lemieux's wife. In 1991(they were engaged then) she was very, very pregnant with their first child while the Pens were in the play-offs. And the joke around Pittsburgh was Mario 'told' her she couldn't have the baby on a game night! Also the reporters and stations mentioned are out of Pittsburgh. And the events surrounding the championship celebrations really happened in Pittsburgh.

Easter Evening, Qualla, NC

Craig was sitting on the front porch of Kylah's house, listening to the sounds of peacefulness. He could hear Kylah upstairs with her mother packing things for New York.

Kylah's dad walked out onto the porch and sat down across from Craig in a rocking chair.

"I've never seen Kylah so happy." Her dad said. "She really loves you. Despite everything you put her through."

"I know. I'm very lucky she forgave me. I'll never hurt her again." Craig said.

"See that you don't. She's the only child her mother and I have left. She means the world to us." Her dad said.

"I love her a lot. I had nearly given up on finding anyone when I met her." Craig said.

"She's going to have a baby. Is that the reason you're marrying her?" her dad asked.

"No, I asked her to marry me before I even knew she was pregnant." Craig said.

"My little girl is going to have a baby….I can't believe it." Mr. Jenkins said. "You're moving her far away from me and her mother."

"It's her decision." Craig said.

"I know it is. Just always make her happy. She's suffered enough in her life. When she lost Jake…we weren't sure she'd ever get over it. But since going away with the Olympic team and finding you, she shines she's so happy." Mr. Jenkins said.

"Take good care of her. And the baby." Mr. Jenkins said.

"I will." Craig said.

"You've done a lot in your hockey career. You've been in the NHL, been in the Olympics, you're a third generation hockey player. But none of that will matter when you see that baby." Kylah's dad said. "Nothing will compare to being a father."

4th of July, 1980

Detroit, MI

"How did you manage to get everyone together on such short notice?" Mom asked.

"Craig and I called the boys and said 'we're having a big 4th of July picnic and getting married.' And they all showed up. Even Patti dragged Herb and the kids out here." I smiled as mom put more daisies in my hair.

"I still wish you had worn a white gown." Mom said.

"Mom, I'm nearly five months pregnant…little late for the white gown." I chuckled.

I had opted to wear a pale yellow dress that had chiffon on it. It was short sleeved and simple for the small wedding we were having. I had a hard time finding a dress that would fit over the baby that was becoming more obvious everyday.

Craig and I had decided to have a small wedding in his backyard in Detroit. So we had called all the boys and let them know, called our parents and called a minister. It wasn't going to be fancy, but I was excited. I was marrying Craig and the boys would be there.

"Where are we all supposed to stand again?" Mom asked.

"Anywhere you want. Pretty much everyone is just standing around Craig and me while the minister does his thing. This way daddy still walks me from the house over to Craig. Patti knows how to play the piano so she made Herb lug a keyboard here so we'd have music." I explained.

"Are you nervous?" Mom asked.

"Not really. Although I am wondering what we'll do with all the extra food tonight. There is enough food to feed the US troops in the Middle East and the Eruzione family too." I laughed.

"I'm sure it's going to be a wonderful day." My mom smiled.

I smiled and stood up to look at myself in the mirror.

"Oh mom, watch yourself around Steve Janaszak." I giggled. "Stick tight to dad."

Mom looked confused.

"Just a thought." I laughed.

I looked out the window. I could see Craig standing in his dress pants and shirt among a group of the boys. I smiled.

"Kylah, are you almost ready? The minister is here." Dad poked his head in the room.

"Yeah, is everyone here?" I asked.

"Craig said the boys were all here. Patti is playing the keyboard. And a blonde boy is complaining that there are no bridesmaids." Dad said.

I chuckled. "That's Verchota. I guess this is it then."

"You're really getting married." Dad said.

"Yeah. Hard to believe but yeah." I took a deep breath. "How do I look?"

"Pregnant on your wedding day." Dad frowned.

"Daddy." I sighed.

"Oh quit grumbling dear. They're getting married. And it's not as if she slept with every man in town." Mom said to dad. "Besides, you remember graduation night."

"I don't need to hear this." I said.

"You look so beautiful." Dad said.

I smiled. "Thanks. I guess we should get down there."

"Our baby is getting married." Mom started crying.

"And here we go." I sighed. "Mom, its okay. I love Craig; he'll always be good to me. You don't have to cry."

"Seems like yesterday we were potty training her." Mom said.

"Not the potty training story. Mom, deep breath." I said and hugged her. "Go downstairs and find Craig have everyone get ready."

Mom wiped her eyes and went out of the room.

"You're really getting married?" Dad asked.

I smiled. "Yes daddy, I'm really getting married."

"I wish Jake could be here for this. He'd be so happy looking at you, glowing and ready to walk down the aisle." Dad said.

"Jake's here somewhere, I'm sure." I smiled.

"You'll still be my little girl." Dad said.

"Always." I kissed his cheek. "Ready?"

"We better get down there before your mom cries so much she puts out the fire in the grill." Dad smiled.

I picked up the small bouquet of daisies and walked with my dad down the stairs. I peeked through the sliding glass doors into the large backyard. I could see the boys gathered around and Craig was standing with the minister. Mom was up front near Craig. I could see Doc and Velta, Herb was standing with Kelly and Danny. Patti was sitting on the deck with her keyboard. I could see Craig's family.

"This is it?" Dad said. "You sure?"

"I'm very sure. Let's go." I smiled and took his arm.

Patti saw us and started playing the wedding march. Everyone turned to see us walk out onto the deck. I smiled and blinked so I wouldn't start crying already. I squeezed dad's arm and we started walking.

I smiled as I walked past the boys and our families. I was focused on Craig who was smiling. Finally we reached Craig and Patti stopped playing the keyboard.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the union of Craig and Kylah in holy matrimony…..


After the wedding, we had a makeshift receiving line going. Craig and I were greeting our guests. The party was getting underway and dad was firing up the grill.

"Craig, you didn't waste anytime in making Kylah a MILF." Verchota said.

Craig rolled his eyes. "Glad you haven't changed much."

I laughed. "Philly, I am so glad you're here. It just wouldn't be the same without you." I hugged him.

"Kylah, you're pregnant. There is a baby in there. What is it?" Janny said hugging me.

"We're not sure. We just know the baby is healthy." I said.

"A baby. Can I feel it?" Janny smiled.

"Sure, but it's not moving right now. The baby is more active in the evenings." I said.

Janny gently touched my tummy and smiled. "I can't believe you two are having a baby."

"Janaszak you big sap. I can't take you anywhere." Verchota sighed.

"Doesn't Kylah look beautiful? She's already got that motherhood glow going." Janny said.

"I hate it when you get sappy. And I knew with them getting married and her pregnant…..I'm surprised you didn't cry during the wedding." Verchota sighed.

"Oh it was a beautiful ceremony." Janny said.

"You big sap!" Verchota said.

Craig and I laughed as Verchota dragged Janny off. Who knew Janny could be so sappy?

"Craig still got game." Silky smirked as he hugged us.

"Yes, I guess I do." Craig sighed.

"Are you kidding? You got a younger woman, who is very hot by the way, to marry you. You're an inspiration." OC joked.

"Kylah, when is the baby due?" Silk asked.

"Late November." I said.

"November….that means…..OC you owe me fifty bucks. I told you they were doing it at the Olympics." Silk smiled.

"I don't even want to know." I said.

"Well before the Finland game….you had a little whisker burn on your neck." OC said.

"I did?" I said. "Must have been that shower…."

"Kylah!" Craig said.

"What? This is OC…..short of whips and chains, nothing will surprise him." I giggled.

"Craig, glad to see you came to your senses." Mac said to Craig.

Craig nodded, knowing Mac was still protective of me, despite that Craig and I had made up and were now married.

"She doesn't have an older brother here to say this, so I'm gonna…you ever hurt her and I'll be dealing with you." Mac said.

I smiled a little.

"I promise, I'll be good to her." Craig smiled.

Craig and I finished greeting our guests and walked over to where some of them were sitting, drinking a few beers. The grill was going and the party was in full swing.

"Coach, we didn't have you a bachelor party!" Verchota said.

"We'll take you out sometime. Every guy has to have a bachelor party." Silky said.

"That will give Ramsey a chance to recite the Gettysburg Address again." Verchota said.

"You jackass, why would we get Rammer a lap dance at Craig's bachelor party?" Janny asked.

"I'm surprised you're not all over Kylah…..I mean isn't MOMS your thing." OC said to Janny.

"But….you know I have a girlfriend now." Janny said.

"And surprisingly she wasn't alive when Roosevelt was president." Pavelich said.

"Now Craig, about the wedding night. I feel I should give you some advice." Phil said.

"Kylah's pregnant already. I think it's a sure sign he knows what to do." Jimmy Craig rolled his eyes at Phil.

"Can you have sex while pregnant?" Buzz asked.

"Yeah. It doesn't hurt the baby." I laughed.

"But do you really want the baby born with black eyes?" Verchota laughed.

"The baby can't get a black eye from…oh never mind." I sighed.

November 29, 1980, NYC

Memorial Hospital

Craig was pacing outside the delivery room. They had taken Kylah in an hour ago and he still hadn't heard anything.

"Coach?" Pavelich walked in.

"Mark, I'm glad you're here. How was the game?" Craig asked.

"We won. How's Kylah?" Pavelich asked.

"She went into labor earlier today. I called her parents; they're on their way from Qualla. Her contractions were close about an hour ago so they took her in." Craig said.

"When you missed the game we all knew Kylah was in labor. We've been expecting this for over a week now." Pavelich said.

"What is taking so long?" Craig asked.

"Babies come when they're ready. Calm down." Mark said.

"I can't….my wife is having a baby. Do you realize what this means?" Craig said.

"That you're acting like the typical father-to-be that is expecting his first child." Pavelich said.

"I am…."

"Don't you faint coach." Pavelich said.

"I won't but I need to sit." Craig said.

Pavelich and Craig sat down in two chairs outside the delivery room.

"What do you want? A girl or boy?" Pav asked.

"I don't care. As long as the baby and Kylah are both okay." Craig said.

Suddenly there was a loud scream from the delivery room. "I AM NEVER RIDING ANOTHER ELEVATOR AS LONG AS I LIVE!"

"What is she yelling about?" Pavelich was confused.

"Don't ask." Craig said but couldn't look at Pavelich.

"I called Mac and Rammer. They're gonna come in from Buffalo in the morning." Pavelich said.

Craig nodded and kept staring at the door to the delivery room.

"You can't make the baby come any faster." Mark said.

"I know…but Kylah is in a lot of pain." Craig said.

"That comes with child birth. She'll be fine. Like Verchota says 'women have been doing it since Adam and Eve'…..of course he means giving oral sex and not having babies….but it works anyway." Pavelich said.

Craig looked at Pavelich. "What?"

"Never mind Coach." Pav said.

"Mark word of advice….unless you're trying to have a baby, always wear a condom. Carry the damn things in your wallet like when you were in high school." Craig said.

"Coach….you're stressed out, just relax." Mark said.

Then they heard a baby crying. Craig jumped out of his seat. A few seconds later the doctor came out.

"Mr. Patrick, you have a son." The doctor said.

"Kylah?" Craig asked.

"Mother and baby are both just fine. We're cleaning them both up. You can see them soon." The doctor said.

Craig nodded as the doctor went back inside.

"Congratulations Coach. What are you gonna name him?" Pav asked.

Craig smiled. "Kylah has been throwing around a few names. I told her whatever she liked was fine with me."

"Are you okay?" Pav asked.

"I'm fine….I'm so excited. I can't wait to see her and the baby." Craig said. "I just can't believe I have a son."

"I hope he looks like his mother." Pav joked.

"Yeah, me too." Craig laughed.

"I wonder how big the baby is." Pavelich asked.

"I bet he's big. At Kylah's last check up the doctor said the baby would be big. Poor Kylah was so miserable the past week." Craig said.

"She get the nursery done?"

Pavelich asked. "I know she was working at it."

"Yeah, farm animals everywhere. She was so excited to do a farm nursery since she grew up on a farm." Craig smiled.

"She's gonna be such a great mom." Pavelich said.

"She is. I just can't believe it." Craig said. "And here I had a whole box of cigars that Jimmy mailed me and I left them at my office."

"You can pass them out later." Pavelich laughed.

The doctor reappeared. "Mr. Patrick, you can see your wife and son now. They've been moved to a recovery room."

"Go on coach. I'll see them when they're moved to a room." Pavelich said.

Craig nodded and followed the doctor through the doors and to a room off to the side. Craig looked in the window to see Kylah sitting up in bed, holding the baby, all wrapped in a blue blanket. She was crying and saying something to the baby. Craig thought she'd never looked more beautiful.

Craig slowly stepped into the room. "Hi mommy."

She looked up. "Craig he's perfect. 10 little fingers, 10 little toes, a tiny nose and mouth."

Craig walked over and looked down at his son for the first time. The baby had its eyes open. Craig smiled and gently touched the baby's head.

"Kylah, he's beautiful." Craig smiled. "What's his name?"

"Jake. Jake Nicholas Patrick." Kylah said.

"I think it's beautiful you named him for your brother." Craig said.

"I just can't believe it. He's here. We made him." Kylah wiped her eyes.

Craig leaned down and kissed her. "You did great. I love you so much."

"I love you too." She said.

"You know your dad was right. Everything else I've done, all the hockey, all the hockey honors and awards…none of that compares to this. My wife and my new son." Craig said.

Kylah smiled up at Craig.

May 25, 1991

Pittsburgh, PA

I sat at home with our three children watching game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals being played in Minnesota against the North Stars. Craig had become General Manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins in December of 1989. Now in his first full year as GM he had led them to the Stanley Cup finals. The children were anxiously watching the game.

Jake was 10 years old, and acted more like his namesake every day. Jake was sitting next to his little sister Lesley Lynn Patrick (named for Craig's Hall of Fame Uncle and father and Craig). Lesley was born in the spring of 1985 in New York while Craig was still with the Rangers. She looked so much like Craig that I often wondered if any of my genetics were involved in her conception!

Sitting next to me on the couch was our youngest son, Jesse Craig Patrick born in July of 1988. The family had stayed in Pittsburgh rather than travel to Minneapolis because I was due at any minute with our fourth child.

Meanwhile with my career, I had become the press agent of the Pittsburgh Penguins. I had stayed with the team through the play-offs and the first game of the Stanley Cup finals, but had to go on maternity leave the week before.

I smiled watching the Pens play in what was obviously going to be the clinching game. I knew that the city of Pittsburgh would take to the streets when they won their first Stanley Cup. The city had come alive behind the Pens the past few months. Everyone was excited about Mario Lemieux, Jamior Jagr, Ron Francis, Tom Barasso and the other players that were leading the team.

Neal Broten skated past on the screen. I smiled and shook my head. Who'd have thought that eleven years after Lake Placid Craig would be GM of the team playing against the team Broten played on for the Stanley Cup? Neal had been a good sport about the whole thing. He and Craig had talked often through the series; Neal had even been to our house for dinner when the series was in Pittsburgh.

The game was quickly winding down and Pittsburgh's lead was so great that Minnesota would never catch up. I could feel the tears coming on. So much pride and happiness for Craig who'd worked so hard with the Pens. He'd put together a great team and took a franchise that no one, not even in Pittsburgh paid much attention to and turned it around. He'd worked so hard in his career. First as a player in the NHL, then with the Olympics Team as their coach, then in the NHL as management…he'd worked so hard to earn this.

The clock was winding down and the kids were getting excited. I smiled and wished I could be with Craig right now. Craig would be the third generation of his family to have his name on the Stanley Cup. I saw the faces on the Pens players as they ignored the last few seconds on the clock and rushed to the ice. As Jake and Lesley started jumping around too, I cried and laughed watching the TV.

Jesse looked up at me. He always became alarmed when I cried. With pregnancy hormones the past several months, Jesse had taken to watching me closely and yelling for Craig whenever he saw me crying.

"Crying?" Jesse climbed up to look at me closer.

"It's okay. Happy tears." I smiled at him.

"Daddy?" Jesse asked.

"He's on TV." I pointed to the screen where they were showing the team celebration on the ice that Craig had joined.

I watched the TV as the Pens hugged and celebrated. Sure enough outside, I could hear the city of Pittsburgh coming alive. People were taking to the streets.

"When is daddy coming home?" Jake asked me.

"In the morning. There is planned a big welcome home champs celebration at the airport." I smiled at him.

"Can I miss school to go?" Jake asked.

I laughed. "Yes, you and Lesley can both miss school tomorrow and go to the airport with me and Jesse to greet daddy. He wants his whole family there."

Pittsburgh had planned a welcome home celebration in anticipation of the Pens clinching the Cup while away. I watched the TV a bit more, so happy for Craig. The phone rang.


"How does it feel to be the wife of a Stanley Cup Champion?" Ramsey was on the other end of the line.

"It's wonderful. I am so proud." I smiled. "How's the wife and kids?"

"Going nuts over here because their Uncle Craig won." Ramsey laughed. "You have that baby yet?"

"No, and I tried to stay as calm as possible tonight so the excitement didn't send me into labor." I said.

I heard Mike laugh. "I'll let you go. I am sure everyone you've ever met will be calling you tonight."

"Okay, and Rammer I am telling you we'll get you on the Pens yet!" I said and hung up.

Eleven years and we were still a family. All of us had formed a bond that couldn't be broken. The boys were married with children now, but we were all still close. And they still referred to Craig as 'Coach'. And every now and then Janny to be a smartass would joke about me being a MILF. But he'd married the translator from the Olympics. And irony of ironies, Verchota had all daughters and was dreading the day they started dating because he remembered what he was like when younger.

I watched members of the team were interviewed and the champagne was being sprayed around the locker room. The phone rang again.


"Kylah." It was Craig.

"Craig…I am so proud of you. I wish I could be there with you." I said.

"I wish you were here too. You still pregnant?" Craig asked.

"Yes, me and Nathalie both. It's a race to see which of us goes into labor first." I chuckled.

"You don't have that baby until I get home." Craig said.

"Yes, I'll just cross my legs and hold her in there." I laughed.

"I miss you. It's not the same without you here." Craig said.

"I'll be waiting for you at the airport tomorrow. The kids will be with me. We're so proud of you!" I said.

"I gotta go. I have a bunch of interviews to give and people to talk to. You know how it is." Craig said. "I love you."

"I love you too." I smiled and hung up.

Pittsburgh Penguins "Welcome Home Stanley Cup Champions" Celebration

Pittsburgh International Airport, May 26, 1991

The plane had just landed and the airport was crowded with people to welcome home the team. Media was everywhere. Fans had crowded in. Family members of the team were around us. The kids and I were up front near the gate. I was so happy for Craig and couldn't wait to see him and the other team members.

Finally the gate opened and team members began walking out. The crowd was cheering and going nuts. Every news station in a hundred mile radius was broadcasting live. Jagr walked out and the screaming intensified. Security pushed the crowd back.

Finally Craig walked out, Jake and Lesley took off running to him. Smiled and got down to hug them. I held Jesse's hand and we walked over to greet Craig.

"Welcome home champ." I smiled and kissed him.

"I'm so glad you're all here. Now it really feels real." Craig smiled.

"We're so proud of you." I said and started crying. "I know how long you've waited for a Stanley Cup championship."

"Mommy crying." Jesse said.

"Yes, mommy's crying." Craig smiled and picked up Jesse. "How's the baby?"

"In there." I laughed. "I talked to Nathalie earlier and we both feel like you could fly us over the Igloo with Goodyear painted on us."

About that time the media descended upon us. As other families joined their respective players to greet them.

"Craig, how does it feel to be home as champions?" John Fedko of WPXI asked.

"It's great. It's more special now that my family can be with me. My beautiful wife of ten years Kylah, and our children." Craig said.

"Kylah, you went on maternity leave just one week before the championship was won. Are you upset that you missed getting to cover the game?" John Stigerwald of KDKA asked.

"Not at all. We're a hockey family, but we decided a long time ago that family would come before hockey. I was unable to fly, and it's very close to time for the new baby. I am still very proud of Craig and the team. I covered them through their championship season and the play-offs. And I'll be back in about seven weeks to cover them preparing to defend their championship." I smiled.

"We saw Nathalie, how are you and your baby?" John Carter of WTOV asked.

"We're good. I'm very anxious to have the baby. But I'm glad that both Nathalie and I were able to wait until the games were over and everyone was home." I said.

Craig and I kept a tight hold on the kids and moved father through the crowd.

"You know a big celebration is being planned at the arena later this week." I told Craig.

"I know, I was told about it." Craig said.

"Tickets to it go on sale later today." I said. "They are planning on having the whole team there, showing high lights from the season and play-offs. Unveiling the Stanley Cup in Pittsburgh. A big night of things."

"I can't wait. You and the kids will be there with me…'ll be perfect." Craig said.

Chicago Stadium, Chicago IL

June 1, 1992

I gripped Craig's hand as the Pens took to the ice. They'd just won their second straight Stanley Cup championship, sweeping the Blackhawks in four straight games. I looked up in the stands to see the children sitting with Nathalie. Jake, Lesley, Jesse and baby Carolina Faith Patrick. (Born just a few days after the Pens won the Stanley Cup last year.)

"Two years in a row." I said.

"I can't believe it." Craig smiled.

"Bob is smiling down!" I started crying, tears of joy and sadness.

"I know he is, and he will not be forgotten at any celebrations. I'll make sure of it." Craig said.

"I won't either. I know none of the team will either." I said.

The Pens coach that had led them to the Stanley Cup last year, Bob Johnson, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in August. He underwent emergency surgery on August 29th. However, he wasn't able to coach as he should've and on October 1, 1991, Scottie Bowman was named head coach of the Pens on an interim basis. Sadly, on November 26, 1991, Bob Johnson passed away at home. Many in Pittsburgh considered it the saddest day in Pens history.

So many of the Pens had been close friends with Bob that the whole team had taken the loss hard. But Craig had kept the team together. Now he was GM of a Stanley Cup Championship team for the second year in a row.

"As soon as things calm down a bit, have the kids brought down here. A lot of the families will be joining the celebration." Craig said.

"I will." I said. "I'm so proud of you Craig."

"I'm glad you're here with me. Makes it so much more special." Craig gave me a quick kiss.

Craig went to join the players celebrating on the ice. I knew that when they left the ice, there'd be a million interviews to give. I knew it was going to be a long night, but I was so wired. I had talked to people in Pittsburgh earlier and celebrations were being planned. The team would be welcomes home at the airport again. A huge parade on Friday. And a big Championship celebration was being planned to be held in Three Rivers Stadium.

I looked at Craig hugging Ken Wregget, one of the Pens goalies. I thought back to the first time I met him.

"Media already…" Herb mumbled. "I have things to do, talk to Coach Patrick." Herb said and walked down the stairs without another word.

I stood a bit startled at his reaction as he walked away.

"What have I gotten myself…" I started.

"Sorry about Coach Brooks, he's a bit….well you'll get used to him. What can I do for you?" I heard behind me. I turned and saw a pleasant smiling face behind me.

"Umm, well I guess I need to find Coach Craig Patrick now." I said.

"That's me, come on in." he said and waved me into the press box.

"Thanks, I'm Kylah Jenkins." I said.

"I know, I heard you talking to Herb." He said but shook my hand anyway. "I knew you were coming."

Nearly 13 years later and he was still with me. Nearly 12 years of marriage and 4 children later, I couldn't imagine my life without him. He'd kept his promise and never hurt me again. We'd never been apart either; except for a few days here and there when he'd be traveling.

12 years after the miracle on ice, Craig and I had four miracles we lived with every day. Four miracles we read bedtime stories to, drove to school, changed diapers, tucked into bed and said bedtime prayers with. Four little miracles that I watched chase Smokey around the house. (He was still living but was old and cranky and four lively children didn't help.)

Craig had Jake, Lesley and Jesse on the ice since they could walk. Jake had an avid love for hockey like his dad, his grandfather, his great-grandfather and his great-uncle. We were a hockey family….and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I knew mom and dad would be expecting us to bring the children down for a visit when school let out for the summer. They still lived on the farm, although dad wasn't able to get around like he used to. And mom was chairperson of every function our church in Qualla had.

I looked across the ice again and saw Jake my brother. He was standing among the crowd. I hadn't seen him since Craig and I got married, but I had felt him many times over the years. I stared a minute before he winked at me. I blinked and he was gone, but I could feel his presence very strong.

I started crying again. I knew now why I couldn't be with Jake right now, but I would be someday. I called for security to bring me the children. Jake my son was yelling and jumping up and down. Lesley was holding Jesse's hand helping him walk across the ice. I took Carolina in my arms and with the children, walked across the ice to be with Craig.