A/N: Whew! Had to take a break from OtES, and I've gone for something completely different. As promised, here's "Passing the Holidays." Enjoy.

Title: Passing the Holidays

Genre: General/Romance

Rating: R (for a sex scene in chapter two)

Pairing: Tim/Dally

Summary: A short collection of Tim/Dally one-shots as they pass the holidays.

They sit together on the roof, watching the ghosts and vampires and princesses and fairies run from one house to the other. The porch-light is off at the Shepards' house, and it must be odd for the children to see two dark silhouettes sitting together on the roof, smoking cigarettes and drinking beer.

There's a sniff beside Dallas, and it makes him jump. "I don't understand this holiday," Tim rasps. "Alicia always loved it. I mean, fucking loved it." Tim sniffs again, and grabs a tissue to stop his running nose.

Dallygrins sympathetically. Poor Tim had gotten hit particularly hard this cold season. It was a wonder they're even outside. Actually, they're outside because Angela is inside with her new boyfriend, doing, what Dally imagined was the nasty. Alicia and Curly were out, wreaking havoc, most likely. "C'mon, Tim, kids love free candy." Dally laughs, as he lights a cigarette.

Tim laughs thickly, "but what if it's poisoned or something? Kids don't love poisoned candy. And they don't know if the next house they're going to is an escaped murderer's house." Then he sighs, not at Dallas, but just to get air because he can't breathe through his nose.

His friend reaches up and strokes Tim's black, curly hair. "Who would poison candy anyway and then give it to little kids?" Tim opens his mouth, but Dally speaks first. "I mean, besides you or your brother or sisters."

Tim closes his mouth.

Dally pulls on one of Tim's curls, and Tim laughs, but the laugh ends in a rasp, then a cough. He grabs another tissue and blows his nose, stuffs it in an empty beer bottle and throws it, aiming to miss at the trick-or-treaters. They all scream, and one yells, "they're bombing us!" which really causes Tim to laugh. Dally laughs, too, and continues to tug Tim's hair, lovingly. Then he wraps his arms around Tim and pulls close.

Tim pushes away. "Stoppit, you'll get sick too."

Dally doesn't mind. He kisses Tim's neck and snuggles closer. "I don't care," he whispers. His breath tickles Tim's ear, and the olderone laughs, and they're happy just sitting her, holding each other.

A/N:(Blinks) I haven't written real honest-to-God fluff in a while. It feels all... different. Please tell me if I should continue!