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A soft gasp escapes her lips, and she cries out. Sylvia throws her head back, as she begins to pant. "Oh, God, do that again, again-" Dallas cuts her off by putting his mouth against hers.

To be honest, he doesn't really like kissing or fucking Sylvia. She wears too much lipstick and it gets everywhere. Kissing Tim is nicer, because he has smooth, lipstick-free lips, and Dally likes it when Tim presses his bare lips against his own. It feels better. And while Sylvia was a great lay, she was weak and submissive. Besides, she was too fucking vocal. Tim didn't scream or yell like she did. He made soft, guttural moans that made Dally horny.

Sylvia lifts the hem of her shirt and begins to pull it off. Her long, deep blonde hair cascades over her narrow shoulders, and he might have found her attractive, if he wasn't imagining Tim in her place. She wraps her arms around his neck and sits in his lap and then wraps her legs around his waist. Pressing his face into her soft hair, he inhales and instead of smelling her flowery shampoo, he smells pine and smoke and leather. Like Tim.

Fortunately, he's saved from going any farther with her, because the phone rings. Dally leaps to his feet and runs to the kitchen to answer it, even with his jeans unbuttoned and hanging half-off. "Dally," Sylvia whines.

"Sorry, babe, gotta get it," he says, and nearly rips the phone off the wall to answer. "Hello?"

"Hey man, how are ya?" It was Tim. Dally breathes out. "Is Sylvia there?"


"Okay, act like it's an emergency. Tell her Curly smoked some bad grass, and that you've gotta get over here."

Dally tries not to laugh. "What?" he says, trying to sound anxious. "Right, I'll be there as soon as I can. Tell Curly not to panic." Before he hangs up, he can hear Tim laughing on the other line. Then he turns to Sylvia. "Sorry, Sylvia, I have to go," he explains in a hurry, and he buttons his jeans and runs back to his room to grab a shirt.


"Tim's brother, Curly, he smoked some bad grass. Tim needs me to help him get Curly to the hospital," he says, breathlessly.

"Why can't Tim's sisters help?" Sylvia asks, arching an eyebrow.

Dally laughs. "Do you really think Alicia or Angela would help Curly? They'd rather have him dead." Then he pulls on his shirt and grabs Sylvia's arm. "C'mon, I'll take you home."

Driving about twenty miles over the speed limit, he nearly throws Sylvia out of the car to get to Tim's. Running his hand through his hair, he dashes up to Tim's front door and rings the doorbell. The door swings open, and he comes face-to-face with Curly. The younger Shepard's eyelids are drooping as he yawns and mumbles, "Tim's in the shower, he'll be out in a few minutes." Then he stumbles back to the worn armchair and sits down, falling asleep almost instantly.

Sitting on the couch are Angela and Alicia. Angela's telling her sister something about a kid named Jeff dumping her. She's not upset, just a bit pissed off. Alicia nods sympathetically, and pats her sister's hand, speaking to her in Spanish. Briefly, Dally wonders who this kid is and considers giving him a prize. After all, no one rejects Angela Shepard, the best-looking girl in Tulsa. Hell, if he weren't with Tim, even he'd go out with her.

Alicia looks up and notices him. She raises her eyebrows at him, then stands. "Are you here for Tim?" she asks, even though she knows the answer. "He's in the shower." When Dally doesn't answer, she raises her eyebrows again. Then she sighs. "Come on." She leads him down the hall to the bathroom.

Poking her head in the door, Dally can hear her saying something about Dallas being here. Then he hears Tim respond, but he can't make it out. Alicia turns back to Dally. "Tim says for you to wait in his room. He'll be out in a minute." With that, she turns and walks away, leaving Dally standing in the hall, feeling very foolish.

After a moment of standing stupidly, he begins to slowly make his way up to Tim's room. So far, his birthday sucked. He'd met up with Sylvia at the Dingo, and she insisted that she give him a 'birthday present.' Normally, he would have said no, but Tim was doing community service with Curly, so it wasn't like he had anything productive to do.

He falls onto Tim's bed and rests his head on Tim's pillow, inhaling the scent. It smells like smoke and leather and grass and summer. He likes Tim's smell.

"Hey." Dally looks up. Tim's standing in the doorway. A towel is wrapped around his waist, and his hair is wet. Little droplets of water glisten on his skin, and he smells like soap. Tim runs a hand through his damp curls and looks up. His face breaks into a smile and his sits down next to Dally. Actually, he's not so much next to Dally as he is on top of him.

Tim's arms are around him and his mouth on his and Dally can't help grinning, even with Tim's tongue in his mouth. He loves the feeling of Tim's bare skin on his, and he loves hearing Tim's low, rough voice whisper his name. Tim bites down on Dally's shoulder. It will leave a mark, but Dally doesn't care.

He licks a warm, wet trail from Tim's jaw up to his ear, and feels Tim shudder. He licks around Tim's earlobe and kisses him. Tim kisses him back, harder, and Dally smiles. Even if his birthday started out horrible, Tim is on the way to making it better.

He softly as Tim yanks off his shirt, nearly tearing his head off in the process. Dally tugs at Tim's towel, and it falls from his waist, gracefully. Downstairs, they can hear Alicia and Angela singing along to some song on the radio, but they don't pay attention. All Dally can pay attention to is Tim, standing before him, totally naked and looking better than he could have imagined. Tim sits down on Dally's lap and wraps his long, slender legs around Dally's waist and kisses him, deeply. And Dally just lets himself become lost in the moment and he kisses Tim back. And he loves the feeling of Tim's bare lips.

They lie together later, and Dally rests his head on Tim's shoulder. Tim sighs and kisses Dally's forehead, softly. Dally feels all warm and tired and the part of his forehead where Tim kissed it burns. They kiss again, gently, spent after having sex. Tim's fingers curl around Dally's, and he kisses the younger boy's ear. "Happy birthday," he whispers, and Dally smiles.

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