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"Meg! Meg, you got a letter!" Little Jammes voice peeped out immediately after the corps de ballet entered their dormitories. All the girls' exhausted expression switching immediately when they heard the news of Meg's letter."Meg, come look!" Gasps and chatting could be heard as the girls crowded around the letter. The last one to approache was Meg herself. Timidly, she stepped forward and with a slight shaking hand, took the letter.

The envelope was sealed with red wax bearing the image of a skull. A frown creased the girl's forehead as she timidly opened the sort of weighted envelope.

Mademoiselle Giry,

I suggest you keep a better hold of your belongings before they fall into the wrong hands.


With a small shake, a silver, glittering chain tumbled out onto the girl's bed, the dormitories erupting in screams and squeals. It was difficult to tell if the ballerinas were fearful or excited.

"Meg! The Phantom! He gave you a necklace!" One of the youngest of the girls gasped.

"No, no... You see, I lost this. He was only returning it to me." Meg protested.

"None the less!" An overly excited squeal interrupted, "The Opera Ghost! He must've been here!" That statement alone caused many wide eyes to scan the room quickly, hoping to catch a glipse.

"Perhaps, the Phantom has fallen for Marguerite!" An older girl taunted, bursting into a nasally laugh as she nudged her friend. The thought made Meg shake her head wildly and sent a shiver down her spine. "Imagine! Love with a ghost!"

"Can he even-..." A burnette girl started curiously, not needing to finish because she already sent all the girls into little fits of giggles. All except Meg.

"Michelle!" Meg gasped, trying to hush her friend, her cheeks now a bright pink colour.

"No, really! I mean, if he's a ghost..." Michelle began again.

"Well, he sounds like a man!" A younger girl chimed in.

"Yes, he sounds like it! But does he-..."

"Michelle, enough!" All the talk made poor Meg curl onto her bed in embaressment. "The Phantom does not love me, he's simply polite and wished to return my necklace. That's all!" Ignoring the rest of the gossiping and chatting, she reached back and clasped the delicate chain back around her neck with a defiant pout.

Talk like that continued for quite a while. Talk of Meg and the Opera Ghost's secret relationship. The ballet rats couldn't seem to drop the idea of the two together. Darkness meets innocence, they'd say. They would follow her, making sure she did not sneak off with her precious Phantom. This lasted for nearly a week before they finally came to a decision; let Meg and the Opera Ghost spent some alone time together. Of course, their idea of alone time between the two was locked poor Meg into Box Five.

The girls kept silent about their plan all day. This seem to strike Meg as something a little odd, but because they did not mention her 'darling Phantom', she decided to ignore it. It wasn't untill later when she realized something was very off. Two of the older girls led a blindfolded Meg up the stairs towards the infamous Box Five.

"So, what do you need to show me?" Meg's soft voice rang out, breaking the silence. Quickly, she felt an index finger push against her lips to silence her.

"Shh," The girl hushed, "It's a surprise." Her voice was a whisper, only out of fear of that Phantom finding and getting upset at them. "But, you must stay quiet." Meg gave a simple nod, staying silence as the girls led her further up the stairs. Finally, they came to a stop.

"Allright," The other girl said, whispering as well, "Just open the door and take off the blindfold." She instructed, bringing Meg's small hand to the doorknob. "Your surprise is inside."

Silently, the blonde dancer turned the knob and stepped inside with the delicate grace of a swan. The door gave an almost familiar sounding creak. A shiver shot down her spine. Something felt odd about this place. Behind her, the door slammed shut, causing the girl to jump and lightly gasp. She could hear faint giggles and the sound of a key turning and locking the door. Immediately, her hands shot up and ripped away the blindfold, her body whipping around to face the shut door.

"Have fun, Marguerite!" She heard a voice say from behind the door.

"Yes, tell the Phantom we said hello!" Another voice said before Meg could hear their footsteps quickly pitter pattering away.

After a few useless attempts to wiggle open the doorknob, a wide-eyed Meg whipped back around and looked around her surroundings. It didn't take long for the young dancer to recognize the deep crimson curtain, the high position at which she could see the stage. Her pale blue eyes went even wider, her mouth falling open stupidly, looking like a fish out of water. Memories from when she was just a child, following her mother around the Opera House flooded back to her. Her mother was the only one to take care of this certain box. The box the ballet rats did not dare near.

Box Five.

If the pit would have been practicing, dramatic music probably would have cued to match the frightened girl's expression. Another icy chill ran down her back, causing her to shake helplessly.

Oh, what have I gotten myself into? Mother would be so furious if she found out where I was! The forbidden box!

So, with nowhere else to go, young Meg Giry slowly stepped forward, peering around the seemingly empty Box Five. Without a sound, the frightened dancer sat herself in one of the cushioned seats and looked around as the awkward silence rang in her ears. The silence was quickly broken.

"Mademoiselle Giry..." A smooth, yet masculine voice behind her began calmly, "You, of all people, should know not to be in this box."

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