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-Chapter Two: Listening Closely

"Mademoiselle Giry..." A smooth, yet masculine voice behind her began calmly, "You, of all people, should know not to be in this box.

The sudden voice caused the young dancer to literally jump out of the red, velvet seat. When Meg went to turn her small shoulders to face the voice, a force pushed down on her shoulders, not allowing her to turn and pushing her back into the she lowered her head to see what was holding her down, she saw a hand on each shoulder. Both hands covered with black, leather gloves. The leather felt very cold against her already goosebumps arms. After a moment, the cold hands finally slid off her shoulders with an odd feeling of gentleness.

It did not take another word from the voice to make the little ballerina's mind to process what was going on. This was his box. Only he was to sit in this seat.

"A-.. are you.." The stammering girl did not need to continue, he knew exactly what she was going to ask. Yet, he also knew that she already knew the answer.

"Yes." The silky voice stated, sounding as if he was whispering straight into her ear, though he wasn't. The voice held an odd smooth sound of a professional singer, yet also a seductively rough sound at the same time.

"Y-.. you're the-.. O-o-.." Meg's words processed perfectly in her mind, but when she tried to get them out she sounded like a frightened child. Which is what she truely was.

"Opera Ghost?" The voice helped. If the ballerina could see his face, she was sure there would be an amused smirk painted across his face.

Without another attempt of small talk or even an answer, Meg leaped from her seat and whipped around with an odd sense of courage to face the Ghost. However, when she turned, nothing was there. Though not a soul was there, the voice could still be heard.

"Mademoiselle Giry... Who locked you in here?"

"Lisette and Amelie, Monsieur... One's red-headed and the other-.."

"I've seen them.. I see most everything in my Opera House."

"Why did you want to know?" The dancer said timidly, her eyes lowering to the floor.

"Curiousity's sake. Surely, you'd understand that, Little Meg." The voice was almost playful in it's tone. "Why did they lock you here?"

"Well, they believe I am with the Phantom of the Opera..." Meg's voice still held such a tone of disbelief, even after quite some time.

"Really now, you make it seem like such a dreadful thing." The hushed voice whispered to her, causing the girl to shiver slightly. Not out of fear but due to the breath tingling her neck.

"I'm sorry, Monsieur, I-.."

"Mademoiselle." It said shortly, cutting off the girl's speech.

"Yes, Monsieur..?"

"Go back to the other Ballet Rats."

"But-." She brought her hands towards her chest with a slight pout. While it seemed queer, the dancer wished to stay. She wished to see the thing behind the voice. Even if that thing could possibly be her biggest fear. But, that voice.. so calming and beautiful. It couldn't possibly be that of which belonged to anything frightening.

"Leave." It once again

While Meg did not need to be told once more, however, she stayed there. "I am locked in, monsi-.." Before she could finish the sentence, the door slowly creaked it's way open.

"Go and do not speak of what this." While the demands were rather calm ones, it sent the young girl quickly pitter pattering out. The second she was fully out of the Phantom's box, the door slammed to a shut.

Yet, this would not be the last time little Meg Giry was to come in such close contact with the Phantom of the Opera.

At the dormitories

"Oh! Was he hideous?"

"I told you I could not see his face!"

Questions and stories of Meg's adventure in Box Five floated around the ballet dormitories. Meg sat on her bed with an upset look while the girls crowded around her. Nearly all the girls seemed to be chatting around Meg's bed. Aside from two specific young ladies.

"Did he threaten you?" One of the younger ballerinas asked fearfully, her eyes wide in fear.

"No, Robyn, he just told me to leave..." Meg reassured the younger girl with a small smile and she seemed to calm a little.

"You did not see his face, hm? How do you know it was the Opera Ghost? Perhaps somebody had played a trick on you?"

"It must've been him! Who else would dare go near Box Five?" The blonde dancer said with slight disbelief in her own voice.

"Was he even upset?" Michelle asked sheepishly, her green eyes still wide at the thought of speaking so directly to the Ghost.

"Not really, he-.." The sound of the dormitory door bursted open interrupted Meg's speaking. In rushed the two girls who Meg recognized immediately. Amelie and Lisette. The girls who had locked her into Box Five. Before Meg could say a word, they immediately burst into speech, both in tears.

"The Phantom, we saw him!" They both cried, clinging to each other. Both of them had skin as white as parchment.

"You saw the Ghost too?" Robyn's eyes went even wider. The girl rambled about how they had not only been threatened by the Opera Ghost, but had seen him as well. Meg's story now hardly seemed believable to most of the girls. She had barely spoken to and had not even seen him.

"Oh, Lisette, he told us not to tell!" Amelie cried, clutching her friend's arm fearfully.

"Amelie, he will not know." Lisette said, in hopes of reassuring her frantic friend.

"He will know, though." A voice finally piped up. The voice of meek little Meg Giry.

"Oh, you hush, Marguerite!" Lisette hissed angrily at the blonde.

"No, truely. He hears everything. He'll know you told." Meg's soft voice now came out as threatening as it's quietness allowed. "The Opera Ghost does not like when we speak of him like this!"

"But, Meg!" Little Jammes began, her voice shaking fearfully. "You, as well speak of him!"

"Yes, perhaps more than anyone!" Michelle added, nodding to the other chorus girls.

Truthfully enough, the blonde Ballet Rat could not deny it. The Phantom told her not to speak of what had happened and she did. She told the whole dormitory of his cold hands and chilling voice. Surely, he would not be to upset. Besides, he probably hadn't heard anyway.

However, Little Meg Giry did not seem to realize that the Opera Ghost did indeed have his ways.

She could not notice the ear pressed against the opposite side of the corps de ballet dormitory wall, listening intently to each word that spilled out of each little ballerina's lips.

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