Clark came home from the Torch and went into the barn to talk to Nisha. When he got up to the loft, he couldn't find her anywhere. He x-rayed the place to see if she was hiding anywhere, even though she would have scared him by now. He left the barn and walked into the house. His parents were in the kitchen talking.
"Hey Mom, Dad, have you seen Nisha?" Clark asked.
"No, son we haven't is there a reason she would be here when you're not?" his father, Jonathan Kent asked.

"I told her to be careful while Chloe and I decided to look up information on the serial killer, and she told me she'd go to the Kent Farm."
"Sorry honey we haven't seen her anywhere," his mother, Martha Kent said.
"Ok…thanks…I got to find her," Clark said.

"Son, I know you can't get killed but still be careful, it would be really bad if somebody saw you using your powers," his father cautioned. His father had said the same thing every time and every time he never got caught. Clark just nodded his head and sped of in search of his girlfriend.

"What do you want with me? I haven't done anything to you, I don't even know you." Nisha looked horrified, since she was in a abandoned shack with a serial killer. "Don't you watch murder movies? You're my hostage, and I ask for money or you die, of course I just killed Leia Pennington…"

"But, why did it have to be me? Theres a million girls in this town and it could have been anyone else." The man turned to look at Nisha and grabbed her arm and squeesed it real hard. Nisha had tears in her eyes and tried getting away.

"I've been watching you, you and Clark, you guys love each other so much… he would do anything for you. Plus you're very popular in town. A lot of people would give a lot of money to get you back."

He let go of her wrist and pushed to the ground. Nisha must have hit her self hard because she became unconscious.

Clark looked everywhere. He then realized he hadn't checked the old shack. He went into superspeed and ended up there in about 10 seconds.

The killer heard someone come in and grabbed Nisha and hid. Clark used his x-ray vision to look around and saw Nisha and the killer. The man picked up Nisha and ran out of the shack. Clark chased him but lost him. He had no idea how he had gotten out of the way. Clark was sure he would have seen them.

Clark sat on the ground thinking. He covered his face with his hands and then took his fist and pounded it on the ground. Clark ran back to the Kent Farm to think.