Here's is my interpetation of the ABC's of Tokyo Mew Mew (things TMM could have said during the battles, day, ect. using the alphebats))

Disclaimer: If I owned TMM, then it would be, I dunno, way better and different? WAY more Kish scenes, that for sure.

A: Alone in Ryou's room, he decides to decorate it pink carpeting with bright lime green walls and tons of fluffy furniture

B: Battling Deep Blue, Ichigo tells him to take a chill pill and calm down so they can talk about taking over her boyfriend's body for domination

C: Crying when Deep Blue killed himself, Ichigo decides that she'll go for Ryou instead now that Masaya was dead

D: Daring that Tart asks Pudding out on a date (Kish got bored on the spaceship one day)

E: Enjoying a sunset, Kish comes up behind Ichigo and says that he just told her he loved her just to cover up the fact that he's really gay

F: Fighting a kirema anima, Lettuce screws the battle and tries to glomp over Pai

G: Good bussniess at the Cafe Mew Mew(CMM), all three aliens come to try out Keiichiro's special 'Brownie Bottom Pie', whic, of course, Pai didn't really enjoy

H: Healing after battling the Blue Knight, Kish forgets Ichigo and tries to persuade Pudding

I: Ichigo goes and kills Kish one day, only realizing that Masaya brakes up with her and Ryou died when he fell off a random cliff

J: Joy comes everytime Tart sees Pudding doing a trick at some random place, so eventually he takes her to a circus to make better money

K: Kish starts to read porno after the 100,000,001 time Ichigo rejected him

L: Lettuce starts a new record without breaking a plate: 1 hour

M: Mint one day gets implants to look like Zakuro

N: Neglecting the fact Ryou wants Ichigo to work overtime for being late, again, Ichigo decides to move into the cafe so she could never be late

O: Obsessed about Ichigo so much, Kish finally goes to see a therapist to fix his problem

P: Pudding stops doing tricks one day, acted more matture and read a book about...well, she read a book

Q: Quitting on the day of the final battle, Ichigo no longer is a mew mew and the whole world dies thanks to her

R: Ryou actually gives Ichigo 15 brakes in one day

S: "Should I get a life?" asks Pai

T: Tart finally realizes that his name backwards on 4Kidstv (tarb) is 'brat', only making Kish laugh at him until Tart tells Kish his name (Dren) is 'nerd' backwards...points and laughs at Kish, points and laughs...

U: Under a blanket in hte middle of the CMM floor during the middle of the day, Ryou decides to get karoke and starts singing "Behind These Hazel Eyes" by Kelly Clarkson

V: Very cold-hearted Deep Blue decides to kiss and hug everyone who wants to save the Earth

W: Wanting to learn more about Michael Jackson, Kish checks out a book about M.J.'s move, trying them out on Ichigo

X: is where the mew mew's have their secret identities hidden...

Y: Yarn is used by Ichigo to play with

Z: Zis is how bad I am at writting the ABC's with the mew mew's plots... and since this site isn't letting too many peeps add on the lil' punctuations like 'shift''6', I can't make faces, luckily for you guys...p.q

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