It's a Girl Musings
by Lerris Smith
Disclaimer: I don't own Ranma 1/2. This piece of work is purely for entertainment purposes.
Author's Notes: This story is titled Musings because these are little things I've worked on that I felt like posting, but are not long enough right now to warrant being a story in of themselves. I'm only posting the one now, but there may be more later. My likelihood of updating things here is probably somewhat lower. To be honest I shouldn't have started on something else, but well, I wasn't as inspired elsewhere.
A cry of complaint heralded the birth of Ranma Saotome into the world.

"Congratulations Mrs. Saotome, its a girl."

"A girl." Nodoka Saotome frowned. Genma would be very disappointed. "I wish..."

"You wish what Mrs. Saotome?" came from an oddly dressed nurse. She seemed to look more like some kind of odd priestess rather than the nurse she was impersonating.

"Oh, I just wish I had a son rather than a daughter. Genma had so looked forward into training his son."

"In gratitude for your families help in the past I grant you this. Until his sixteenth birthday you shall have a boy. A boy to train as his father wants him trained. Upon that day the magic used today will fade to nothing and you will have a daughter again."

"But, if it fades away then.."

"The wish made has been honored. The consequences are yours."

Nodoka sighed. Genma would be pleased, well at least as long as she didn't tell him the rest. She would have to be very careful to make sure that Ranma stayed manly. Kami-sama knows it would be hard with him being born a girl, but now he was a boy and honor demanded, what it demanded.

And so Ranma lived the life he had been destined to live, almost as if an invisible hand guided his fate. Things changed a little at Jusenkyo, but no one but the guide noticed and his thoughts went something like this:

"I could have sworn that the younger Mr. Customer became a woman before hitting the pool and wasn't that the spring of drowned boy? That flash of light when he hit the pool was very odd too." What the Jusenkyo guide said was, "Oh so sorry, Mr. Customer fall in spring of drowned girl. Young woman drown in that spring 1,500 years ago. The guide wondered for a minute why he said what he did, but suddenly forgot about it and went to heat the water.

Had anyone there known just what happened, they might have thought it odd, since Ranma changed to what was his true birth form with cold water instead of hot, yet who could explain how the different magics would interact?

Time passed and the story resumes in the wreckage of a very familiar structure where an attractive red head was lying in the remains of a white tuxedo. She was trying to make sense of her life. It seemed so much more important right now. Three beautiful women wanted her love and well one beautiful but insane woman who she would much rather forget about. The first, a tomboy with an indomitable spirit, potential as a martial artist if she ever got hold of her temper and decided to work at it, and the worst culinary skills since, well she thought Akane might have set a record there. The second, a drop dead gorgeous Chinese amazon with formidable skills, well formidable for her a couple years ago anyway. The third a brown haired beauty whose goal in life seemed to be fried food. The first did not trust her, and she didn't understand why. The second often tried to drug her or magic her, or simply seduce her. The third, well she liked okonomiyaki, she really did, but not enough to want to become a cooks assistant. 'Bleh, I'd be stuck baking and watching kids probably. It seems there are no good choices and just when did I start thinking of myself as a girl? The last thought frightened her, because as she examined it she felt it resonate as true realizations sometimes did, yet she was born a boy ...

She continued to sit in the wreckage of the dojo. It was not a total loss, just the ceiling had caved in above her as well as the wall behind her. A few other holes were scattered in the wall here and there, but all in all, considering the amount of explosives used it was amazing. Of course the sturdy construction of the dojo was not on the redheads mind, nor was much of anything else now. She laid there and waited for things to make more sense. There were a few tears sliding down the redhead's face, but not enough to notice, unless you were much closer, or in the case of the middle Tendo using a telephoto lens. She almost didn't take the pictures, but sometimes odd things sold, and sometimes there were things that shouldn't be forgotten. She tried not to think about which one this was. She quickly returned the camera to her room, stopping once on her way back to listen at her younger sister's door.

"I can't believe I almost got married today and to Ranma! Ukyo brought bombs. I thought she was my friend. Oh P-chan, just what the heck am I going to do? I'm 17 years old. I'm not ready to be married and just the thought of having Genma Saotome as a father..."

Nabiki walked away. It seemed today had been a wakeup call for Akane. I was worried that the cost of today would be too high, yet perhaps it was worth it. Akane was right. She was not ready to marry. Nabiki had seen her father and the panda leave to formulate a new plan earlier. It didn't matter, as long as she managed the books, the investments they had would cover their drinking and to be honest they cost less when they were too drunk to plan anything.

Nabiki paused for a few moments as Ranma came into view. Well girl, you were responsible, at least in part, for today, so its your responsibility. A part of her was disappointed that Akane had not come out. She had saw Akane looking out her window before, but she didn't come out. She moved some debris off of Ranma-chan and cleaned the area beside her. Ranma continued to be lost in her own thoughts or rather lack of them.

Nabiki hated having put herself in this position, but her conscience would not allow her actions to cause lasting damage. "Hey Saotome. You there?" There was no response. Nabiki continued to look at the profile of the woman in the moonlight. She was truly beautiful. It was almost as if Ranma's beauty was all the more precious with her surrounded in the torn and ragged white Tuxedo and the debris from the battle. Nabiki chastised herself for her admiration of her sister's fiancée . "Hey, come on wakeup. I didn't mean for it to get this out of hand." There was still no response. Suddenly a mischievous thought entered Nabiki's head and the temptation to act on it was irresistible. Nabiki glanced around to see if anyone else was around and didn't see anyone. The sun had nearly set now making it nearly impossible for Akane to see anything from her window through the hole in the roof she had looked through before.

Nabiki lifted the smaller woman and set her on her own lap causing Ranma to begin to stir. Before Nabiki's bought of bravery or insanity left her she wrapped her arms around the red head and gave her a toe curdling kiss. Ranma blinked and thoughts returned to her brain. "Nabiki! What the heck?"

"Was it that bad?"

Ranma shook her head briefly and said, "No, it was great!. But..." One of these days Ranma was going to learn to censor his words before he said them, but it was evidently not going to be today.

"Why thank you Saotome-kun or should I say chan?" Nabiki smirked. "Well I'll see you at breakfast."

Nabiki couldn't resist grinning for much of the night. Ranma looked so cute when she was flustered, and that was ever so much more fun than trying to do that shoulder to cry on thing.

After Nabiki left, Ranma touched the fingers of her right hand to her lips and giggled briefly. Having noticed the giggle she proceeded to firmly step on it. Guys didn't giggle after all. Ranma looked around at the destruction and noticed the extent of it. Since it seemed that sleep would elude her for awhile longer she stepped into the house and used a hot wet washrag to change back. He then quickly changed out of what was left of the tuxedo into his normal clothes and went outside to do a little Martial Arts Construction. He had gotten a lot of practice with it since he had moved into the Tendos. It took him till three in the morning, but the major damage to the dojo was repaired. Since that had exhausted all the spare building materials they had on hand, that would have to do for now. It certainly beat waiting to hear the whining about the mess being all his fault. He wondered if it was a bad sign that they were prepared to handle major reconstruction of parts of the house at a moments notice. Nahh..

With that done he sought his bed. What some would have considered odd, is he hadn't thought about Akane, the woman he had almost married, since Nabiki had kissed his female form, yet a few times he did think of Nabiki's strange kiss. It was nice, and felt right, yet he was a girl at the time. Shouldn't that be wrong? Ranma was too tired to consider the issue further. He barely got the cover around himself before dreams overtook him. In his dreams Nabiki would play hide and seek with him and occasionally she would surprise him or more often than not her with a kiss. They were good dreams.

Author's Notes: This idea sprung from a discussion about Notes from Juilliard, although my writing is not up to Deborah's quality so you should all go read hers now. It should be noted that while it took some inspiration from that story, this prologue, and any story that may or may not be made from it are completely unrelated, except in Ranma being born a girl. A link is on Rakhal's site. Of course Notes is technically not a Ranma story.