Power of Three Sequel

Gair sat on his windowsill staring at the city below him. Now that the Otmounders had left Garholt and the cursed collar had been destroyed, everything was beginning to get back to normal. But Gair couldn't seem to shake off the feeling that something was missing, or still there. The first time he had gone to Gerald's house he could feel the pulsing of the collar. Now that it was destroyed he shouldn't have been able to feel that anymore, but he still did.

'That means the collar hasn't been destroyed yet,' Gair thought. 'We all watched it get destroyed, I must be imagining it.' He'd soon figure out how wrong he was.

When the dorig had attacked their village many of their houses had either been knocked or burned down. Everyone, or almost everyone was pitching in to rebuild the town. The doirg, who should have been helping them, were pumping water out of the halls of the kings so they would have more space to live.

As Gair thought to himself he saw Ayna come running up from somewhere in the city. She called up to him.

"Gair come down here at once, you must see what I've found." He hesitated for a second and then climbed down the looms underneath his window.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Come and see, I found it while me and the others were clearing out some rubble near a house." She said. Gair followed her up to one of the houses remains. Ayna moved aside some rubble to reveal a golden collar shining in the midday sun. Gair could feel the pulsing getting stronger. "It's not the same one, is it Gair?" Ayna asked him. It looked the same as the other collar, it had an owl head at either end of it and the same beautiful design across the front. "Well, what do you think?"

"It must be the same one," Gair said. "But I wonder how it got here."

"I bet one of those awful doirg planted it here." Ayna said angrily.

"But we watched it get destroyed."

"Hathil wanted revenge on Uncle Orban for killing his brother. He knew the Otmounders were staying here, while you and Gerald were locked up he probably switched it with a fake and planted it here." Gair snatched the collar away from her.

"I'm going to get rid of it once and for all, I'm tired of this stupid curse."

"What are you going to do with it?" He ignored Ayna's question and went back to his windowsill. Gair climbed onto the roof and threw the collar as far as he possibly could out of Garholt.

"That isn't going to get rid of the curse," Ayna told him.

"I know that!" He exclaimed. "But it gets it away from here. Besides who could it possibly harm when it's out in a field somewhere?"

Out in the field, a giant in raggedy clothing was walking along when he tripped on something lying in the grass. He picked up the golden collar and smiled.

"This ought to be worth quite a bit." He said to himself. He walked to a small city, a while up the road and up to a shop. When he came out he had a fistful of money and the golden collar now lay in the window of a store waiting for its next prey.

The End