Setting: 5 years after the 5th season of Smallville. Lex is in Metropolis, and has fully embraced his dark destiny. Clark has become Superman, and is working at the Daily Planet.

Clark walked into the newsroom one day, and eyed the paper in front of him.


Clark sighed. Now was his chance. The one that he'd been dreading, and dreaming of, for years. The one chance to make things right, the one chance he had to fix the only thing that ever really matterd to him. Well, one of only two things, but that second thing really couldn't be fixed.

That night, he donned his suit, and flew to where he knew Lex would be. Years of survelience had prepared him for this. Lex would be on his way home from Luthorcorp. Lex liked tempting fate by walking home. He knew no one, not even Superman, usually, would have the sheer bravado to try and confront Lex. However, tonight, Superman did have the bravado, but once he intercepted Lex, he didn't know what to do. He hadn't planned on Lex actually listening to him.

"What do you want, alien?" Lex snarled. He didn't have any kryptonite on him, or he would've shown Superman how much of a bad idea this was. Lex had had a good day, and this was the last thing he needed. A lecture on morality from the Blue Boy.

"To talk, Luthor. Just talk." Superman said, authoratatively.

"I have nothing to say to you! Get out of my way." Lex said, trying to walk past him.

"L. . .Lex, please. Just give me 10 minutes." Superman all but begged.

"Lex? I don't recall giving you permission to call me that."

"Can it hurt to listen to me for 10 minutes?"

"Yes." Clark thought for a while. 'What would Lex want?'

"I'll arrange for Felix Ramses to be released from prison, LEX, in exchange for 10 minutes." Superman said.

"He tried to kill you, alien. He knows how to. Can what you have to say be that important?"

"Yes." It was Lex's turn to think. 'Maybe I can use whatever he tells me against him.'

"OK, Superman. You have 10 minutes."

"Not here, Lex. In my apartment." Superman said.

"Really. I get to see the famous Superman's decore? Let me guess, it's all red, yellow and blue in there."

"You'd be surprised."

"How do I know this isn't a trap?" Lex thought out loud. Superman produced a lead box from his cape.

"You're not stupid, Lex. I know you know how to kill me. This box contains 100 pure kryptonite. If this is a trap, you open it, and make your escape. If it's not, you give that back to me. Call it collatoral." Superman said, handing Lex, and possibly his life, over. 'This HAS to work, it HAS to.'

Lex was stunned. 'This must be something HUGE.' Little did he know how huge, or what it would eventually mean for himself.