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Chapter 12: Roses, Moonlight, and Mizumaru's moment to shine!

Kurama stood outside the door to the room where Yugi was still resting. He had decided that he would ask Mizumaru to come to dinner with him and maybe a walk in the park after that. However, he still wasn't quite sure how to ask her so he decided to use his only resource...Yugi. She may not be the brightest when it comes to romance but she was a girl and Mizumaru's best friend so she could probably give him some tips. After gaining his resolve he gently knocked on the door and waited for a few moments before Hiei opened up the door.

"Kurama?" Hiei said sounding a little suprised.

"Hello Hiei...could I talk to Yugi alone for a few minutes?" Kurama asked in his always polite tone.

"Sure..." Hiei said stepping out of the room and walking off to the living room probably to check on Zuo. Kurama walked into the room to see Yugi as usual sitting on the bed, she was listening to music from her blasting headphones and sketching on a sketch pad that Hiei had most likely retrieved for her. He quickly made his way to the chair that had pretty much been dubbed as Hiei's spot since he sat there almost the entire day everyday.

"Hey Yugi, I was wonderin' if you could...perhaps give me some advice on what to do on a date with Mizumaru..." After recieving no reply for several minutes he looked over at Yugi who apparently hadn't even heard him. She was still sketching away on her sketch pad and mouthing along to the lyrics of the song she was listening to. He wondered if she had even noticed him come in or Hiei leave. At that moment Kurama had to duck as Yugi swung her arm out singing to the lyrics.

"Haritsumeta PURESSHAA tonari awase de

dare yori daitan futeki ni warau

kitto dare ni totte mo onaji koto daro

I must fight against myself

kitto dare ni totte mo onaji koto daro

you must fight against yourself!" Yugi sang still swinging her hand around nearly socking Kurama endless times luckily he dodged them all. (A/N: In case anyone is wondering the song is Tightrope by Charcoal Filter the opening song to Saiyuki) Finally she stopped swinging her arms just as she stopped short of wacking Kurama in the nose. "Oh Kurama, when did you come in here? Where did Hi-chan go?" Yugi asked slipping off her headphones.

'I guess she didn't notice...' Kurama mentally sweatdropped as the chesnut-haired teen closed her sketchbook and smiled at him as if waiting for him to say something.

"So what do you want Kurama?" She asked.

" I was wondering if you could give me and advice for what to do with Mizumaru on a date..." Kurama repeated. Yugi just stared at him for a few seconds before she started to snicker at him.

"Hehehe...Kura-kun has a crush on Mizu-chan!" Yugi teased in a sing song tone. Kurama sighed he had been expecting this he knew Yugi wasn't mature enough to take him seriously. However, he couldn't go to Mizumaru because she was the problem, he wouldn't go to Zuo because he was already embarrassed for recieving advice from him before, and he wouldn't go to Hiei because he had gotten hooked up with Yugi from her getting shot and almost dying and he'd rather not try that method. It was scary enough to see Yugi almost die but if that happened to Mizumaru he didn't think he could take it. It was then he realized that Yugi was talking to him.

"What? I'm sorry...I was not listening." Kurama mummbled.

"I said this is unlike you Kurama...asking 'me' for help above all people...I'll admit I'm not the advice guru but I'll help ya! I think you and Mizu-chan would make a cute couple!" Yugi chirped happily giving Kurama her warmest smile. "Now to start off Mizu-chan really likes italian food! So I recommend this restuaraunt called Salvatoris she really likes that place. Also if you want to get her flowers or somethin' her fav flower is a rose and her fav candy is pocky! Same as me! Oh and at the dinner don't try to talk just about her she'll see right through that just talk about whatever you feel like k? Do ya understand?" Yugi asked.

"Yes...thank you for your help Yugi..." Kurama said politely.

"No prob' Kura-kun!" Yugi laughed patting Kurama on the back. Kurama couldn't help but laugh a little bit too. He then got up from the chair and headed out the door to finish making his plans. Yugi opened her sketchbook back up just as Hiei walked back in the door. "So Hi-chan, how long were you listening outside the door?" Yugi smirked her old badass smirk at him.

"What are you talking about?" Hiei asked playing the innocent role.

"I didn't take you for the jealous type Hi-chan." Yugi snickered but stopped when Hiei wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace.

"I'm not the jealous type...I'm the possessive type...after all you're MY Yu-chan and no one elses." Hiei smirked but Yugi couldn't see it. She just snickered and relaxed in his arms.

Later with Kurama...

Kurama had made the reservations at the restuaraunt for 7:00 and it was presently 6:30 so he decided to go ask Mizu-chan if she would accompany him on the date. He walked into the living room where said chocolate-haired teen and Zuo sat on the couch watching some anime program. He hesitantly made his way over to the couch he couldn't help but notice that Zuo was smirking at him obiviously knowing what he was doing sometimes Kurama thought that was boy was way too perceptive sometimes. Kurama hesitantly cleared his throat getting Mizumaru's attention.

"Mizumaru would you like to...go on a date with me?" Kurama asked remaining as calm as he could. Mizumaru stared at him for a few moments before smiling.

"Of course Kurama." She said warmly. Behind her Zuo secretly flashed two thumbs up for Kurama while mouthing 'YOSH!'(Alright!).

Kurama almost laughed but held it in expertly. "Just let me tell Yugi I'll be out for the night...and to tell her that if she tries to over exert herself while I'm gone I'll kill her." Mizumaru said her tone remaining cheerful through the whole sentence even the last part which made Kurama slightly nervous. As soon as Mizumaru left the room Zuo was again smirking at Kurama before he got up and patted him on the back.

"Good goin' Kurama! I knew ya could do it!" The young man said happily.

"Whatever happened to the shy little boy you were when you came here?" Kurama asked calmly though it sounded more like a sigh.

"I was just nervous cause I didn't know ya very well...but now I don't feel shy 'round you guys at all!" Zuo said before plopping back on the couch to finish watching his anime show. Kurama simply sighed personally he wished Zuo would revert back to being shy. Though in truth the young boy made the household just that much more interesting to live in.

"Excuse me, 'Kurama' was it? Could you help out in the store tonight? I have to go to pick our next shipment of books and won't be back for several hours..," Mrs. Mimori asked as entered the loft from the stairway to the store.

"I'm very sorry but I won't be able to I have plans tonight..," Kurama said with a deep bow.

"Hmmm, what kind of plans?" Mrs. Mimori asked curiously.

"He's got a date tonight!" Zuo chirped loudly from the couch.

"Oh! I'm sorry I had no idea then you enjoy yourself...so who is the young lady?"

"It's Mizumaru!" Zuo continued his little invasion into the conversation, though Kurama didn't mind since he was still a bit shy about admitting he was going on a date. He had always acted like he knew everything and that nothing surprised him, but right now he really wasn't sure what to do. He just had to hope that he wouldn't screw everything up. "Don't worry Mimori-san I'll watch the store for you!"

"Why thank you Zuo...well Kurama I hope you and Mizumaru-san have a pleasant night." She said before exiting the room.

Later in the night...

Kurama sat in the velvet lined booth of the italian restuaraunt observing the decor of the fancy establishment. The walls were a deep blue with white specks probably to imitate the star filled sky and make the place more romantic. The chairs and booths were all lined with red velvet and had polished oak tables with a vanilla candle in the center of each one. Though there were many people in the restauraunt they were all talking quietly enough that you could still hear the soft piano music playing in the background .This didn't make Kurama nervous ,but he was worried about being to loud and disturbing someone else. The walk there had been very uneventful they had left the bookstore at about 6:45 and had arrived at 6:59p.m. They had ordered their food and drinks, he had chosen to get manacoti and iced tea and Mizumaru had gotten a spagetti and a coke. The had made idle conversation until their food arrived and then had dropped the conversation completely in favor of eating. However, now they were finishing up their meal and were starting to chat again.

"You know...every time me and Yugi came here we ended up ordering the same thing." Mizumaru said laughing at the memories playing in her mind. (True by the way! Me and Mizu-chan friend not character always seem to order the same thing at restuaraunts! Salvatoris is real restuaraunt that Mizu-chan likes lol anywho back to the fic!).

"Well, you two seem to have a lot in common...though you seem more mature than she does..," Kurama chuckled and Mizumaru snickered at the comment. "If you don't mind me asking...how did you two become friends? Were you childhood friends?"

"No we became friends back in junior high...I've always been the nerd of the school since I have the highest grades in the city...so many people were either jealous or thought I was uncool...at first when Yugi came to our school I tried to avoid her I heard she would pick fights with anyone over stupid things," She paused," But I don't think I was afraid of her...I don't know why...I just remember expecting her to be a stuck up punk like the other bullies," She finished.

"But she wasn't?"

"No she was a very quiet person who actually seemed to avoid the fights...As weird as that sounds...I could tell just by looking at her that she had a real bad past...It wasn't just to intimidate people or to impress them, then one day she asked me what my name was...and somehow I knew that meant she wanted to be friends and we've been inseperable since then."

"Hmm, Yugi a quiet person...hard to picture..." Kurama said tapping his chin in thought. They both continued to talk for half an hour before they decided they better leave. So now they were walking through a small park full of rose bushes and sakura trees. They had spotted an old swing set and decided to sit down on it and stare at the stars. However, Kurama was staring at Mizumaru he was mezmerized by her deep emerald eyes almost the same color as his own. Her chocolate tresses swaying lightly in the night breeze, he also loved the cobalt blue tipped bangs and ends of her hair. He wasn't sure why but he supposed it just added to her already startling beauty. Her pale skin though not like Yugi's ghostly white complection, it was a creamy pale that suited her perfectly it wasn't too dark or too light it was just perfect. Then again Kurama thought that everything about her was perfect. He currently felt like he was trapped in a cheesy romance movie due to the nature of his thoughts. (Though it would mostly be my doing I watch way to many romance movies lol! Oops back to the lovebirds).

Kurama was then caught off guard when Mizumaru turned to face him staring straight at him. He blushed at being caught staring at her but kept his composure very well.

"Hey Kurama, can I ask you something?"

"Of course."

"What am I to you?" Mizumaru asked keeping her gaze on him.

"What do you mean?"

"What do you think of our relationship...are we just close friends or are we more...like what Yugi and Hiei have?" Mizumaru asked her voice trembling slightly with nervousness.

"I would like to be more than friends if that is alright with you...though not what Yugi and Hiei have..." Kurama could see the confusion in Mizumaru's eyes so he decided to elaborate, "I'd rather not have to shoot you to become closer to you." Mizumaru just stared at him for a few moments before she broke into a fit of giggles nearly knocking her off her swing.

"That was good Kurama!" Mizumaru said continuing her giggle fit and having Kurama join in too.

"Well, we better start heading home before Yugi decides to start coming to look for us." Mizumaru said standing up from the swing and heading for the exit of the park with Kurama in tow. Then just as they were about to pass throught the gate she felt a hand on her shouldar she turned to have a white rose tucked into the hair behind her left ear and a kiss planted on the left corner of her lips. She was frozen to that spot as Kurama continued walking a confident smile on his lips and after finally coming out of her shock Mizumaru began to chase after him all the way back to the house.

Though upon entering the house they decided chasing each other was not such a good option. For after all that running they were breathing heavily and their clothes had become a little rustled and this could give off a false appearence.

"I'm guessing you two had a good time?" Zuo snickered from the kitchen doorway. However, both teens just blew him off, Kurama went to the bathroom to take a shower and Mizumaru went to the bedroom to check on Yugi. Upon arriving there though she discovered the chesnut haired teen was not there and neither was the raven haired one.

"Ok where is she?!" Mizumaru demanded as Zuo walked past the doorway.

"She's downstairs," He said non-chalantly as he headed back into the living room for his precious cartoons.

"She is SO dead!" Mizumaru said stomping down the steps she had told Yugi to stay in bed though in didn't surprise her that the rebel didn't listen. She walked among the shelves finding no one until she reached the couch, but once she saw Yugi and Hiei she didn't have the heart to yell at the two. After all it was such a heart warming scene, Hiei was lying on the couch with Yugi laying on his chest one of his hands entangled in her chesnut hair and the other had it's fingers laced with Yugi's. "Ooooh, there just too cute together...I can't yell at them right now...but tomorrow!...Yugi is gonna get an ear full!" Mizumaru snickered as she draped a blanket over the pair and headed back up the stairs to bed.

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