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Chapter 2- "Scares, screams and...peeping toms?"

Re-cap: "Yugi had just opened a manga called Yu Yu Hakusho and a light filled the room when it went away there was some guy lying in her lap and he appeared to be unconscious lets see how this turns out..."

Yugi sat there in shock for a few moments before her brain began functioning again, she stared at the man in her lap she gently lifted his head and set it on the couch before she sank to the floor. She began to study some of the features of the man. He had spikey raven hair with a strange white starburst, he was wearing a black tank top with black pants and four white belts, and black shoes.

"He looks like a goth..." Yugi said observing his dark clothes a groan from the man sent her shooting back to the wall on the opposite side of the room. "How the hell did he get here?" she cursed quietly. After regaining her confidence she crawled back over to the couch where the man layed. She began poking him in the temple with the pencil she always kept behind her ear "Oi! you alive?" she asked as she continued her poking.

"Will you quit fuckin' pokin' me!" the man shouted angrily as he shot upright Yugi shrieked in suprise. The man looked at her confused "where the hell am I?" he demanded.

"I think the question is where the hell did you come from?" Yugi shouted right back in the man's face. The man simply stared at her for a few seconds he was mezmerized by her lime green eyes he had never eyes like hers. He was brought back to reality when the girl began waving her hand in front of his face.

"Oi, oi, oi..." the girl continued this until he grabbed her hand to get her to stop.

"Cut it out..." he said calmly as he released her hand.

"My name is Hiei..." the man now known as Hiei said quietly Yugi nodded to show she understood.

"My name is Yugi...Yugi Hoshi" she said staring at him cautiously as if he was going to attack her Yugi was not the most trusting person on the planet she was always parinoid of new people once she got to know people she was more comfortable around them. Well that really only counted with Mrs. Mimori.

"So you don't know how I got here?" Hiei asked.

Now Yugi wanted to say yes but then she would have to explain about the book and then he would think that she was crazy and would most likely not believe her. However, Yugi had already said that she wanted to know where he came from so she couldn't take it back so she no choice but to tell him about what happened with the book.

"Well, you appeared here after I opened that book..." she said pointing at the manga on the floor she had thrown when Hiei had appeared in her lap. Hiei stood up off the couch and walked over to the book and gently picked it up flipping through the pages.

"Theres nothing in it...no words or pictures or anything..." Hiei said holding the book out to Yugi she grabbed and flipped through the pages he was right! There weren't any words in the book nor were there any pictures which was strange since that was what made up mangas as far as she knew she couldn't imagine that this was a new fad.

"Nani? even the weird introduction is gone!" Yugi shouted in suprise how could this be true it had been there a minute ago could ink just disappear into the paper.

"So, how do I get home? where ever that is..." Hiei asked sitting back down on the couch as he held his head in his hands in defeat. Yugi felt bad for him it was one thing to hate your family like she did but at least she knew who they were he didn't even know who or where they were. She sat down beside him and put her hand over his this was the most she could do to comfort someone since she didn't really touching people.

"If it helps any the book said if I turned the page it would send me a lover someone to help me...isn't that really weird?" Yugi laughed trying to cheer him up. His head snapped up at that comment.

"It said that?" he said in shock staring at her intensly.

"Y-yeah...weird,ne?" she stuttered feeling slightly nervous from him staring at her so intensly. It was then she noticed his eyes, they were the most beautiful wine red she's ever seen she was captivated by them. Now if she had been paying attention she would have noticed that their faces were inching closer and closer till their noses were touching. It was at that moment that the bell on the door downstairs rang telling them that there was a customer this caused Yugi to snap back to reality. "O-oh a-a custom-mer...I-I'd better go help them..." Yugi stuttered before running back downstairs if she had stayed a little longer she would have seen the disappointed look on Hiei's face.

Yugi arrived at the bottom of the stairs and just as she turned to face the customer she was hit in the face with a waterballoon. She spit out some of the liquid in her mouth at first she had thought she had been drenched with water from the balloon but in truth she was now covered with honey. She wiped some of the sticky goo from her face and glared at the person who had thrown it, it was the boy she had scared the life out of earlier that day and he was in a laughing fit. Hiei came down the stairs to see a honey covered Yugi and some boy rolling on the floor with laughter and if glares could kill well lets just say that with Yugi's glare the kid would be a lot deeper than that.

Hiei could tell that Yugi was upset and for some reason that made him upset too. Suddenly, before Hiei could blink Yugi had the boy pinned against the closed door. Yugi smirked at the boy in a way that made the boy's blood run cold.

"You really didn't think this through did you?...there is no one here to save you"

"There is the manager of the store..."

"Yer lookin' at 'er" Yugi sneered at that moment the boy's facade became one of total fear.

"What are you going to do?"

"Exactly what you did to my favorite book..." Yugi said taking a lighter out of her pocket and in one swift movement lit the boy's hair on fire opened the door and threw him out onto the side walk.

"Now leave me the fuck alone!" she shouted as she slammed the door shut she turned to face Hiei and quickly turned her gaze to the floor. "I look like an idiot don't I?" Yugi said forlornly.

"No." Yugi looked up at Hiei to see he was being serious and she couldn't help but smile and not a smirk smile or a fake smile a true smile.

"Well, thanks Hiei...well I'm gonna go take a bath" Yugi said as she ran back up the stairs and down in a second now holding a towel and some new clothes. She jogged to the back door and swung it open she quickly went down the stone path to the little bath house. Mrs. Mirmori had chose to get this instead of a bathtub why she did Yugi would never know but she really didn't care anyway. She ran inside and quickly removed her clothes and jumped into the large bathtub that was the size of a small pool. The hot water felt really good and helped so that it only took a few minutes to wash off all of the honey. After she was done washing she just decided to sit in the tub for a little bit.

Suddenly, she heard the floor boards creak from outside one of the walls.

With Hiei,

Hiei was peeking through a hole in the wall of the bath house he knew that this was wrong but he just couldn't stop himself. At that moment someone slammed him over the head with what felt like a bucket he looked up to see Yugi glaring down at him.

"See somethin' ya like in there Hiei?...YOU FUCKIN' PEEPING TOM!" Yugi shouted.

"Uh...h-hi Yu-Yugi I uh was uh well um hehehe...I'm dead aren't I?"

"yup, so start runnin'..." Yugi said with a smirk.

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