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"Daddy, Daddy," five year old Elizabeth cried, running through the large mansion doors, her white shoes sounding off the marble floors as she ran straight into the arms of Sirius.

"Hello Munchkin," Sirius said, smiling at his daughter, "Did you bring everything?"

Elizabeth held up her toy wolf and nodded.

Sirius chuckled, "Good girl." He praised as Hermione came into the entrance of Malfoy Manor with three year old Alexander in her arms. Like his older sister, Alexander had sparkling blue eyes though had yet to learn the mischievousness that was often in Elizabeths. His hair however, though straight like Elizabeth's was a deep chocolate brown.

Sirius beamed, "Welcome home."

Hermione returned Sirius' smile. After four years living and teaching at Hogwarts they had both decided that Elizabeth and Alexander needed space away from the school. Passing on their teaching duties to an eager Tonks and Graham, the pair had packed their belongings and began to shift into the centuries old Manor.

Draco had spent a year after graduating Hogwarts restoring his family home. Gone was much of the unnecessary space, the blond having settled on a home with two living wings, a library and a formal entertaining area. The long corridors that Sirius and Hermione had remembered following when they rescued her from the Time Trap were gone along with the trap land had been cleared of dark magic, and evidence of the old manor had begun to be reclaimed by the woods over the last four years.

Hermione turned as Harry and Ginny walked in. Harry was carrying numerous boxes as Ginny watched him amusedly. The redhead was a few weeks pregnant with the couples first child and Harry had insisted she not lift a finger while they shifted into the second wing of the mansion.

"You sure this place is safe to live in?" Harry asked Sirius and Hermione as he placed the boxes against the wall.

Hermione nodded, refraining to remind Harry he was a wizard, "I don't think Draco left much of the original mansion standing, and Sirius and I have checked and re-checked. He did a good job."

Harry grinned, "Brilliant"


Sirius looked at Elizabeth in his arms, "Yes, sweetheart?"

"Is Uncle Remus coming to live with us too?"

"No, he and your Auntie are staying at Hogwarts with Amaris. Don't worry Munchkin," he added as Elizabeth frowned. "They'll visit all the time. Would you like that?"

Elizabeth nodded and hugged her wolf close to her chest.

"Bloody hell!"

The group turned to Fred as he walked in, staring at the large front doors before taking in the entrance hall, boxes and furniture ready for a new home piled against the walls.

"This place is huge! The burrow would fit in this room alone three times!"

"Language Fred," Hermione admonished, as she moved to the left towards the wing her and Sirius were living in. "You should have seen the size of it before Draco began work," she added as the others followed.

Scooting up to his baby sister Fred bent down to her stomach as the walked along. "Hello little one, how's my favourite God-baby?"

Ginny shoved her brother playfully aside. "We may have asked you to be Godfather, but please don't start teaching him mischief before he's born."

Fred's eyes brightened, "So you're having a boy then?"

Harry chuckled and shook his head, "We don't know yet. It could be a girl." He argued, staring pointedly at his wife.

Sirius and Hermione exchanged an amused glance.

"It could always be twins." Sirius said, chuckling as Harry's face paled.



Twelve years later

Sitting alone in the train carriage, seventeen year old Elizabeth Black smiled and waited. She'd spent the extra few minutes thinking before she was bombarded with the younger members of her extended family on their way home for Christmas. Her father wasn't going to be happy. That she was sure of.

Her blue eyes sparkled as she pictured his face. He'd be standing at the station, a bunch of wild flowers in his hands he always had for her when she came home, waiting patiently for her to step off the train. She was always taller than when he'd last seen her a few months earlier. And even though she'd stopped growing and was at a comfortable height between her parents, he always made the same comment.

She loved her father but this Christmas she was brining home a surprise. One she'd discussed with her mother, but refrained from mentioning in her letters home to Sirius.

Elizabeth enjoyed the silence for a few minutes before her face lit up as said surprise entered the compartment, moments before the excited shouts of her younger brother and their cousins followed.

"Lizzie" fifth year Alexander exclaimed, as he spotted his sister, slipping into the seat beside her as the tall wizard that had sparked her eyes sat opposite with a smile on his face.

Her brother was the only one of two people she knew of that called her Lizzie. The other was her Uncle Draco. Her parents had sat her down before she left for her first year at Hogwarts and explained what had happened when she was one. Shortly after her mother had given her Draco's wand. Repaired meticulously by Ollivander. Previously she had been extremely excited about getting her own wand but was found speechless at the gift, a fact her father still teased the talkative witch about.

Her first year at Hogwarts was hard for the young witch. Not only did she miss her parents terribly, she was uncomfortable with the attention she received because of her name. That, coupled with reoccurring nightmares of memories long since lost, had caused the witch to turn to her father. Sirius had come to Hogwarts and spent a few weeks with Remus and Tonks while keeping a close eye on his daughter. He was there when she woke at night, using her uncles invisibility cloak to sneak down the long cold corridors, and he there to help her with her school work, though from those first few weeks Sirius could tell that studies were not going to be a problem for his daughter. In just a number of weeks the eleven year old was back to her playful self and Sirius let her settle into what would be her home for the next seven years.

Though she didn't like to admit it now, as the independent witch she'd become, she was eternally grateful for those few weeks.

"Does Dad know?" Alexander asked. Elizabeth glanced at her brother, though he was a couple of years younger, he was steadily catching up to her height and they were often mistaken for twins.

Elizabeth shook her head, eyes dancing as she grinned back, "Nope."

Alexander looked across at the dark haired wizard across from the pair that was happily talking to his closest friend, Amaris Lupin about a new book that was due out for Christmas. Her parents were somewhere on the train, leaving their daughter to spend time with her friends. They'd tried to keep a reasonable distance during her schooling but all three were grateful that they were close. Amaris was studious like her father, but had developed a playful streak each of their generation seemed to possess. The ability to change her appearance had helped on numerous pranks, but the young witch would stick to the soft ash blonde she'd inherited from her father for most of the year.

Beside them the second year Potter twins chatted and plotted between themselves. Their godfather had proudly taught the young pair mischief from an early age and, thanks to Fred, Nathan and Annalise were slowly making themselves known around the school. Nathan had inherited his mothers fiery red hair and hazel eyes but his fathers quiet disposition, while Annalise was a splitting image of her father and was often known to have a temper that was well known amongst woman with Weasley blood.

Alexander broke into a wide grin, "You know he's going to flip right?"

Elizabeth followed her brothers gaze, "Maybe not" she said, smiling as the wizard across from her made eye contact.

"Does Mum know?"

Elizabeth nodded.

"Good," he said "Mum and Uncle Harry can hold him back before he tries to kill Christian."

Elizabeth looked back at her brother and smiled, "He cant protect me forever."

Alexander scoffed, "This is Dad we're talking about."


Hermione smiled as she stood next to Harry and Ginny on platform nine and three quarters with a bunch of wildflowers Sirius had handed to her to look after. Sirius was busy chasing Madison, the youngest Potter and she giggled and weaved around waiting parents legs. The five year old held a special place in his heart. The youngest of the Potter brood, she had captured Hermione, Sirius and Remus right from the beginning. She was growing to look exactly like her grandmother, with deep red hair, pale skin and emerald eyes, and Sirius couldn't take enough photos of the young witch.

Not for the first time Hermione found herself glad that magical folk aged slower than muggles. Sirius didn't look a day older than the day of their wedding, a few added wrinkles around his eyes and mouth were the only indication any time had passed. She grinned to herself thinking that there may be more wrinkles, maybe even a grey hair or two by the end of the day.

She had wanted to tell Sirius about the young wizard Elizabeth was bringing home for Christmas, she didn't like keeping things from her husband. But her daughter, as eloquent as her mother with her words and as sly as her father, had convinced Hermione to keep quiet. Elizabeth wanted to tell her father in person, and though she was well aware of his likely reaction, had stubbornly stuck to her decision. Hermione hoped Elizabeth had at least warned Christian.

She watched as Sirius swooped and picked up Madison in his arms and smiled as he pointed the train out to her as it appeared in the distance.

Struggling down from Sirius arms Madison came running back to her parents.

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy," she chanted as she ran up in her green dress and black shoes and wrapped her arms around Harry's legs. "The Train! I found the Train!"

Harry smiled, leaned over and picked her up, "Where is it sweetheart?"

Madison spun in his arms, her green eyes bright, "There." She pointed to the train as Sirius came up and stood beside Hermione, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her close.

Hermione handed the flowers back to Sirius and he grinned down at her. Giving Elizabeth flowers had been his tradition since first greeting the small eleven year old on her first Christmas home from Hogwarts. Her brother had emphatically told both his parents not to embarrass him in such a manner a couple of years later as they sent him off to join his sister at school.

Hermione and Sirius watched as the train pulled in. The first off the train were Remus and Tonks. They watched as Tonks turned and helped her husband as he navigated the steep, narrow steps with his wooden leg. The werewolf had grown adept quickly at having an artificial leg and only small obstacles hindered him.

The pair made their way over as Nathan and Annalise bounded off the train, taking the quick route and leaping over the stairs completely.

Sirius grinned as Remus approached. "Maybe you should try that instead." He said with a grin, pointing at the leaping twins.

Remus rolled his eyes and smiled at his friend. "I'm too old for leaping off trains, Padfoot."

"You're not old Moony, I swear I haven't seen a new grey hair in years."

Remus smiled as Amaris walked down the steps. His only child brought a smile to his face whenever he saw her and had loved teaching and watching her learn over the last few years.

Behind her Alexander hopped down and Hermione slipped past Remus and made her way towards her son, careful not to break into a run and embarrass the teenager.

"You've grown." Hermione commented as she reached him and pulled him into a hug.

"Hey Mum," Alexander greeted, "Missed you." He said, so only she could hear.

Hermione pulled back and smiled, "I missed you too," she glanced behind him at the empty door as she felt Sirius step up behind her. Before letting Alexander greet his father she quietly asked "Where's your sister?"

Alexander grinned, "Coming," he whispered, as he stepped into Sirius' arms.

Hermione moved and stood next to Sirius as Elizabeth looked out of the door, her blue eyes searching out her parents. Finding Sirius her eyes lit up and she stepped off the train quickly. Walking fast she slipped first into Sirius' arms.

"You're taller." Sirius commented as he pulled back and handed Elizabeth her flowers.

Elizabeth fought the eye roll and accepted the flowers from her dad, "Thanks Dad," she said as she stepped over to her Mother.

Sirius smiled as he watched Hermione and Elizabeth, Alexander was joking with Amaris, and Remus and Tonks were quietly talking to Harry. He watched Harry cringe then laugh as he looked over and met Sirius' eyes.

Sirius frowned, confused as he turned back to Hermione.

Elizabeth was standing, holding her mothers hand as she looked expectantly up at her father, excitement and apprehension evident in her blue eyes.

"What?" Sirius asked, curious.

"Dad, there's someone I want you to meet."

Sirius' grey eyes narrowed in suspicion as a tall dark hair wizard approached with two bags, one the Animagus recognised as Elizabeth's.

Sirius watched as the young wizard stood next to his daughter and Elizabeth let go of Hermione's hand in exchange for the strangers next to her.

Sirius stared icily at the wizard before his eyes fell back to Elizabeth.

"Dad, this is Christian."

Christian stepped forward, his hand out to greet the older wizard.

Sirius looked down at Hermione who had moved beside him and slipped her hand in his, "Be nice." She whispered.

"You knew?" he murmured back, glancing at Elizabeth who was looking nervously between her parents.

"Yes, but I'm her mother, I know these things."

Sirius grunted, ignoring his daughter and the young wizards outstretched hand as he processed the new information.

"Sirius," Hermione admonished quietly, "Don't be rude."

Sirius glanced back at Christian who was looking slightly unsure of himself.

"Mister Black," he started, as Sirius reached out and shook the outstretched hand, "It's an honour to meet you."

Sirius nodded as he released Christians hand, unsure of what to do next.

Moving his gaze to Elizabeth, Sirius was shocked at the broad smile she was sending his way.

"I'm Hermione," Hermione said to Christian, offering him a reassuring smile and stepping up and taking the young wizards hand before leading him towards the others. "I'll introduce you to the rest of the family."

Christian smiled and with one last look at Elizabeth was led away by her mother.

Elizabeth stepped up to her father.

"Dad?" she asked quietly as Sirius watched his wife lead the wizard away.

Sirius looked down at Elizabeth and she slipped her hand into his as they moved to follow Hermione.

"He's really nice." She reasoned as she watched her father's grey eyes settle on Christian.

Sirius glanced back down at her, a small smile tugging at his lips, "I'm sure he is, but I only just met him."

Elizabeth rolled her eyes, "You didn't say a word."

"I was in shock."

"What's so shocking about a boy?"

"He's not just any boy is he? And a bit of warning would have been nice."

"I told Mum."

"Why did you tell your Mum and not me?" Sirius asked, slightly hurt.

Elizabeth smiled up at her father, "So she could hold you back."

Sirius scoffed

"And because Mum's Mum, I had to tell her"

Sirius glanced at Elizabeth then Hermione and allowed the corners of his lips to lift slightly.

"You'll give Christian a chance?" Elizabeth asked quietly.

Sirius nodded, "For you, I'd give anyone a chance."

Elizabeth grinned, and hugged Sirius's arm as they neared the group. "Thanks Dad." She paused and eyed her brother, "Besides, Alex is fawning over Miriam Zabini."

Sirius grinned as Hermione caught the tail end of the conversation and spun around to her son "What!"

Alexander blushed, then grinned, smiling at his father, "She's great dad, she's smart, has beautiful brown eyes, curly brown hair…"

"Has a temper to boot, and is a Slytherin" Amaris added, teasing her best friend, "She turned Alexander's hair purple last time he asked her out."

Harry and Ginny looked at each other and cracked up laughing. The twins stepped away, pulling Madison along with them, embarrassed by how un-cool their parents looked at that moment in time.

Alexander turned to his godparents, "What?"

Harry drew a deep breath and avoided Hermione's warning glare, "You just described your mother."

Alexander's face drained of colour, before he glanced between Sirius and Christian. The young wizard Elizabeth had taken a fancy to was broad shouldered, and had light blue eyes. His hair wasn't as long as Sirius', the ebony locks falling just over his ears, but he held himself confidently and proudly and Alexander picked up on the similarity.

He began pointing out the comparison as Elizabeth released Sirius' hand, handed her flowers back to her Dad, strode forward and started hitting her brother on the arm. "Don't you dare," she ordered as he laughed and moved away from her swatting hands.

"But…" Alexander said laughing as he reached out to restrain his sister. The rest of the group watched on amused.

"He doesn't look at all like Dad, shut up."

Sirius glanced at Christian and raised an eyebrow, apart from their black hair they didn't look at all alike.

"Yeah well," Alexander started, as he managed to grasp hold of Elizabeth's hands, "Miriam doesn't look like Mum, I said her hair was curly, not bushy."

"Hey!" Hermione said shocked

Sirius chuckled and pulled Hermione close. "You're hair isn't bushy love," he promised, running a hand over her long curls.

Hermione smiled up at him, "Thank you." She made to turn to glare at her children when Sirius suddenly dipped her and claimed her lips with his own.

"EW!" came two simultaneous cries of horror.

"We're in a public place," Sirius heard Alexander exclaim, as he grinned into the kiss, "Do you mind?!"

Harry chuckled as Sirius pulled Hermione up and the group began to make its way to the floo station. Sirius and Hermione walked hand in hand behind, smiling and talking quietly as their children walked together with Christian following quietly behind the pair. He could hear them discussing appropriate parental behaviour and ground rules they were going to be setting.

Harry glanced back at the overly affectionate pair as Sirius lent down and nuzzled Hermione's neck while they walked. He turned back around and grinned. Some things never change.