"Say hello to your mother," Billy raised his arm into the air and, just before he whipped the knife into Sidney, Stu launghed at him with gun in hand. Without hesitation, Stu pulled the trigger. Billy took a last look at Sidney and fell onto his back eyes wide open. Dead.

"Sidney, baby are you okay?" Stu drops the gun and helps the sobbing mess of a girl up off the floor. Sidney struggles and finally breaks free from Stu. She turns and runs towards the door. Stu instantly runs after her.

Right as Sidney gets the door open, Stu grabs her by the shoulders and, despite the fact that she's elbowing him like crazy, he brings her back into the house and locks the door.

"Relax," Stu said in a calm voice. Once again, Sidney tries to break past Stu but she fails. "I'm not going to kill you, Sidney!"

"Yeah," she sobbed, "God knows you've never tried that before!"

"Don't abuse sarcasm, Sidney! I can explain. I can explain everything." Sidney shakes her head in pure disbelief, but she's silent. "All this... It has a name. Counterblow," he began. "Billy told me what he planned on doing years ago, and he told me that since I knew his story, I either had to join alliances with him or he kills my family and me. It was blackmail! I was cornered!" Stu paused. "And when I saw Tatum's body... I lost it. I knew all along that Billy planned to kill her, but I never knew I'd fall in love with her."

Stu felt himself being to cry. He never expected Sidney to believe him, but he was desperate for her forgivness.

"That's when I started to develop a new plan. Something I should have thought of before all this happened. I wanted Billy dead, and saw the perfect opportunity. I did this for Tatum... And for you..."

Sidney doesn't reply, but the look on her face says 'bullshit'.

"What can I do to make it up to you"
After a long pause, Sidney answers the retoricle question.

"You can die," Her voice had a deep haterid in it. Stu reluctantly nodded his head as he bent down to the floor for the gun.

"I'm sorry! I can prove it," he was now gcrying just as hard as Sid. "I mean I'd like to prove it. To you.. To Tatum.. To everybody! So here," he went over to Sidney and handed the gun then got on his knees in front of her. "You're right," he took the gun barrel and pointed it at his head. "If you honestly don't believe me, then blow my fucking brains out! Paybacks a bitch, but revenge feels good!"

Sidney's heart stopped as Stu attempted to gain control of his emotions. It was no use. Tears were flowing out faster then he could wipe them away.

"Why are you doing this?" Sidney asked, still holding the gun to his head.

"Amends," Stu answered. Sidney looked as if she were concidering Stu's story. Finally, the gun dropped to the floor. An amazing wave of relief swept over Stu as Sidney pulled him up from the floor. The two stood in silence, neither of them seeming tempted to break the silence.

Police sirens finally sounded outside the house. It was nearly light out, and the end of the worst night in history (in their opinions, anyways).

Sheriff Burke bursts through the door, holding his hand gun in front of him. He quickly signalled for his back up officers. One of them checked Randy's pulse.

"We got a live one here," the officer said. Sidney turned to see 2 police officers helping Randy up. He was just coming to.

"Oh my god," She ran to him. "Randy, I thought you were dead!"

"I probabally should be. I never thought I'd be so happy to be a virgin," Randy rubbed his eyes trying to clear his blurred vision. Stu and Sidney carefully walked outside to wait for the ambulance. Finally, this nightmare was over and, despite the fact that life would never, ever be the same again, the healing process was soon to begin.

2 YEARS LATER It's now the 2nd year of collage for Stu, Sidney, and Randy. They're attending Woodsboro Community Collage. Obviously, Randy is majoring in buisness in film as well as Stu. Sidney was origionally going to be a marine biologist, but the lies that were published in Gale's book inspired her to go into journalism so she could tell the people the truth and nothing but the truth.


"TNT! I'm dynomite," Stu sang along with his discman, completley missing the knock at the door. It came again, and Stu still didn't hear. Finally, the door opened and Randy and Sidney, hand in hand, walked in.

: Flash Back- 6 months ago :
"Guess what," Sidney squealed, approaching the table in which Stu and Randy sat eating their lunch in silence like a couple of mindless zombies. The guys look at her and don't reply. Sidney continues. "I was just offered the chance to continue my journalism studies at... Are you anxious," She asked. Stu shrugged and Randy started munching on another french fry. "Ugh. University of Southern California!" She smiled happily and clapped her hands together.

This came as a surprise to the boys. Their school year had just began and Sidney was taking off? Randy stood up out of the booth and put the fry down.

"But... That's in L.A.!" He said, shaking his head. Sidney nodded. "You can't do-"

"I'm going to go call my daddy," Sidney smiled at the boys one last time then ran off. Randy sat down in devistation and shock.

"But... We're supposed to be like a confederacy!" Randy was clearly confused.

"What bugs you the most," Stu dipped his curly fry into the katchup. "The fact that Sidney's leaving, or the fact that you're completley taken by her?" He asked sucking down the fry like a vacuum. Randy didn't answer. "You know what you gotta do, man..." Stu nodded his head, feeling incredibully brilliant with himself. "You gotta tell her."

"Tell her?" Randy repeated. No way was he telling Sidney his feelings.

"Tell her that you're in love with her," Stu changed his voice into a Sidney-immitation. "Be still my heart, Liberache!"

Randy squinted his eyebrows. "I don't know, it just popped out," Stu laughed.

LATER Randy knocked on Sidney's door. He was feeling really jittery and he felt like he was going to vomit. Sidney answered the door. She invited Randy in and, despite the fact that he was incredibully aprehensive about it, he entered.
"Listen... Sidney," He cleared his throat. "What I'm trying to say is that, uh. Well, we've been friends since like 10th grade, right?" Sidney nodded. "Right. And... Well... Do ya get what I'm saying?"

Sidney shrugged. "Might help if you'd say an actual word or two," she took a seat on her bed and patted the area next to her. Randy sat down too. He rubbed his hands together and looked for the right words.

"We went through alot together in our senior year. Jesus, I think the whole town knows that. And, I've always felt closer to you in a completley different way then I felt with, say... Stu?" He began.

"What are you saying?" Sidney asked, though she was pretty certain she knew. Randy decided to just come right out and say it.

"I'm in love with you," he finally spat it out. "I have been for the last 3 years of my life!"

Sidney moved away from Randy. On some level, she always knew it, but hearing him say it for the first time made her feel both abashed and flattered.

"I probabally shouldn't have, since you're going away. I just didn't want you to leave without me telling you how I felt." Randy looked at Sidney. He was sure he blew it when she scooted away. Sidney shook her head and moved in. The two shared their first of many passionate kisses.

: End Flashback :

"Ever heard of knocking," Stu asked taking the headphones off his head.

"We did. Ever heard of being an asshole and almost getting your ass kicked by your girlfriend because you left her hangin' at Johnny Jay's?" Randy wrapped his arms around Sidney. Stu thought for a second.

"Oh shit! CeCe!" Stu grabbed his bookbag that was on the edge of the bed and ran. "Don't screw on my bed," he demanded as he shut the door.

: Flash back- 2 1/2 months ago :
"I don't know, she's pretty cute," Randy said walking next to Stu.

"CeCe Cooper? Never heard of her."

"Yes you have! She's about yey tall, short blonde hair... Used to sit in front of Mickey in film..." He reminded Stu. "Knows her movie-shit!" This girl had a major crush on Stu and he didn't even know who she was. Poor CeCe!

"Oh! With the big ass... Lungs?" Stu was starting to remember. Randy laughed and nodded.

"And this girl likes me?" The two boys came to their film class. CeCe smiled at him from the back of the classroom. Stu smiled back and did the 'whats up' motion with his head. Randy whispered for him to go talk to her and Stu did so. He took the empty seat next to CeCe.

"CeCe, right?" Stu flashed his most charming smile. CeCe blushed a little then nodded. All through the period, Stu and CeCe whispered back and forth to eachother. No more then 2 days later, the two were making out in the school courtyard. Funny how things work out, don't ya think?

: End flashback :

Stu ran through the doors of Johnny Jay's 70's style diner and looked for CeCe. He found her sitting right next to the old style juke box sipping on a strawberry milkshake.

"Hey," he gave his girlfriend a small kiss and took a seat in the booth across the table.

"Stu, is it? Gee... You can't be my boyfriend. He wouldn't stand me up!" CeCe teased, offering Stu some of her beverage. Stu accepted the offer.

"I know I'm sorry I was-"

"Caught up in the moment of ACDC?" CeCe laughed. "It's okay."

"Are we still on for tomorrow night?" Stu asked, giving CeCe back her drink.

"Why do we gotta see Stab?"

"Baby, it based on my life story! Don't you wanna know what really happened?"

"I thought the book was, and I quote, a nonsensical hardback lie, unquote?"

Stu thought for a minte... "Yeah that's true."

Later that night RING RING RING

Grunting, Neil Prescott sat up in his bed and switched the lamp on. Yawning, he reached for the phone.

"Hello," he answered, rubbing his burning eyes.

"Hello, Neil," it was the voice. The very same voice that had been concuming he and his daughter's nightmares for years now. The dark, distant, raspy voice of the killer.

"Who is this," Neil knew it was an absurd question to ask, but it was just like instinct.

"You really wanna know?" the voice replied.

"What do you want?"

The killer saw this as an opportunity to quote his inspiration. "To see what your insides look like!" The killer snapped then clicked the phone off. Neil looked around attentively. The doorbell downstairs rang. Neil tried to swallow the lump in his throat. The only thing he could think about was Sidney. What would she say when she heard his lifeless body was found? She hasn't been by to visit in well over a week. All he wanted was to see his kid one last time. The phone rang again. Neil picked up the reciever, but never said hello.

"Aren't you gonna let me in," the killer asked innocently. Neil began crying. "Okay," the killer said after Neil didn't reply. "I'll let myself in!" The bedroom door opened and a father of death mask flew into the room, holding a razor sharp knife in his gloved hand. Neil screamed and jumped out of his bed. The killer moved too fast and by time Neil caught his balance, the killer already had his hands around Neil's neck.

The knife appeared before Neil's eyes and in a split second, it was scraping the bones from his groin to his sternum. All was black. Neil was dead. The killer ripped the mask off and continued with his plan.