A/N: Hey guys, thanks for reading my first fanfic and for reviewing (those of you who did.) This is the last chapter of the story, but I think I'm gonna write a sequel to it. With Stu and all them. So keep checking back if you're interested, cause I think I wanna do it. Enjoy the last chapter and let me know what you think!

"Hey guys wait up!" Dewey calls as he stops to catch his breath. Sidney and Randy don't hear him. Dewey begins to run again but something causes him to fall to the ground.

Stu, Randy, and Sidney stop in front of the auditorium to catch their breath. Randy taps Stu on the shoulder and points to the side of the building where Gale's news van is parked on the grass.

"I knew I'd end up here some how," Sidney says as the 3 make their way up the steps, each of them afraid for their lives.

The front doors are un locked. Stu turns to face Sidney and Randy.

"Once we get inside, we split up. The killer can't kill who he can't find," Stu demands. Randy shakes his head no.

"Haven't you watched any movies at all? Or perhaps an episode of Scooby Doo? That's the dumbest thing you do is split up!"

Stu ignores Randy.
"Sidney, you check the balcony, Randy you look in the projector room. I'll take back stage."

"Stu-" Randy begins to protest.

"Just do it!" Stu turns and goes into the building. Randy looks at Sidney.

"I can't believe we're doing this..." He says.

Sidney shrugs and follows Stu inside. Randy resists for a moment before grunting and following Sidney.

Stu walks down the steps of the stage room constantly looking around him. The only lights in the room are the ones lighting up the stage. The audience chairs are barely see-able.

"Her psycho psycho psycho," Stu calls out. Nothing.

Finally he arrives to the stage and turns around to look at the empty chairs. As far as he could tell, he was alone. He begins to talk to himself.

"I hope Sidney and Randy are okay," he turns around to see a card board maid standing there. He jumps and gasps then touches the face. "Gee... How life like." He chuckles nervously.

He turns the corner and goes behind a card-board brick wall with a fire place. "Back stage..." he whispers. "So... Dark..."

Momentary silence.
"Ssssssstttttuuuuuu" he hears somebody whisper his name from the other side of the card board. He wipes the sweat from his face.

"CeCe? Baby?" Stu moves a little closer to the card board.

"Ssssssssttttttuuuuu" the whisper comes again. It definatley sounds like CeCe to him.

"CeCe!" Stu calls and runs back on stage. He stops as he spots CeCe tied to a chair in the front row. Her mouth is duck taped and her face is cut up and bloody. Tears run down her cheeks as she yells, but her words muffled.

"RANDY! SIDNEY!" Stu yells at the top of his lungs. As he starts to move towards CeCe, something pulls on his shoulder causing him to spin around. Just then, he's punched in the face by the killer. Stu stumbles back.

Randy and Sidney run through the doors side by side. They see ghost face cornering Stu.

"HEY FUCKFACE!" Randy yells as he runs down the steps closely followed by Sidney. Finally they're on stage.

"Welcome," the killer's voice is no longer disguised.

There's a long, startelling silence.

"Mickey?" Randy finally speaks. The killer laughs and takes the ghost face mask off, indeed revealing Mickey sweating like a pig.

"I knew this whipped fucker would show... But you? I'm surprised, Randy. When something looks like a girl, screams like a girl, and smells like a girl... It usually acts like a girl..."

Randy stares at Mickey with a 'you gotta be shittin' me look on his face.
"That's the best you got?" He laughs. Stu slowly gets to his feet and walks to Randy, who is standing in front of Sidney ready to fight to his death.

"Well Mickey... I'd be lieing if I told you I wasn't curious... What's your motive?"

"Good question, Stu. What's my motive?" Mickey laughs. "The psychopathic killer that still burns in somewhere in you might be able to appreciate this one. I'm gonna blame the movies. It's pretty cool, huh? It's never been done before. And wait till the trial, cause these days, it's all about the trial," Mickey began to get excited. Stu laughs and rolls his eyes.

"What? Can't you see it Stu? The effects of cinema violence on Americans. I'll get Cochran or Dershovitz to represent me. Bob Dole on the witness stand in my defense. We'll hold a Christian coalition. It's air tight!"

Stu again shakes his head.
"Wait... But you were in class when Randy was stabbed..." Stu looks at Randy. "Wasn't he?"

Randy nods.

"Then I guess you outta meet my partner in crime, huh," Mickey gives the signal.

"Of course... The partner," Stu gawks. The left exit door opens and Dewey walks in. Stu, Sidney, and Randy's jaws drop.

Dewey shakes his head then is pushed through the door way and in walks...

"What?" Dewey looks at the smiling woman. "Billy's mom?"

"Billy's mom," Mickey repeats with pride in his voice.

"Holy shit!" Stu rubs his eyes.

"This is a lot of weight loss and a shit load of work done," Sidney says.

"But... What about Gale? Her-" Stu begins

"Oh.. Uh.. I saw her in the projectors room. She says she's going for help.." Randy whispers.

"You know, Sidney..." Mrs. Loomis begins walking slowly towards her. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a gun. "You know why I'm doing this. You stole my son. As a good mother, it's my duty to steal your life."

Mickey begins to laugh as Mrs. Loomis points the gun at Sidney and cocks the hammer. Randy and Sidney move backwards. Dewey, who is standing behind Mrs. Loomis, charges the trigger-happy woman and they both fall to the floor. The two roll around for a second before Dewey rips the gun from her hands.

Mickey walks over to them and yanks Dewey off the ground. Mrs. Loomis hands Mickey the knife and he drives it into Dewey's back over and over again. Blood gushes out of Dewey's mouth before Stu finally runs at them, throwing himself onto Mickey.

Mickey punches Stu before shoving the entire blade into Stu's right arm. Stu yells out in pain.

As Randy is busy tending to Dewey, Mrs. Loomis grabs Sidney by the neck and throws her into a pile of rubber bricks.

Randy looks up to see Mrs. Loomis pointing the gun at Sidney.

"Fuck," Randy says to himself as he gets up and runs. After tackelling Mrs. Loomis to the ground, Randy punches her in the face repeatidley until her nose finally spills out some blood.

Mickey climbs on top of Stu and knees him in the penis. Once again, Stu yells out in pain. Mickey grabs the gun, gets off of Stu, and points the gun at Sidney.

"NO!" Mrs. Loomis demands, pushing Randy off her and standing up. "Mickey... We had a deal! You get to kill anyone and everyone EXCEPT for Sidney," Mrs. Loomis turns to Sidney with fire burning in her eyes. "She's my own special project."

Randy, still on the ground, kicks Mrs. Loomis's legs out from under her and gets up, positioning himself right in front of Sidney. Mrs. Loomis curses as she gets to her feet, her and Mickey standing back to back. Mrs. Loomis has her gun aimed at Randy and Sidney, while Mickey points his gun at Stu, who is on the other side of the stage. Through the sudden silence, CeCe's cries are heard.

"Shut up bitch!" Mickey yells at CeCe. As Mickey is distracted, Stu punches his arm away from him, causing Mickey to accidently pull the trigger. The bullet barely misses CeCe. After firing a shot, the gun drops from Mickey's hands.

"Oh you-" Mickey began to threaten Stu, who punched him and shoved him out of the way.

"Give me this," Stu takes the knife out of Mickey's pocket before he could react. Without hesitation, Stu drives the knife into Mrs. Loomis's back.

"Fucker," Mickey gets to his feet with gun in hand, grabs Stu by the shirt coller, and punches him in the face so hard that Stu falls to the ground. Randy steps over Mrs. Loomis's body and jumps on Mickey. Both of the guys fall to the floor causing Stu to be pushed off of the stage, followed by Mickey's gun.

"Ouch! Shit," he hits the floor face first. Stu gets on his hands planning to crawl to CeCe when his hand hits something. He looks down to see the gun that Mickey dropped.

Trying to decide between CeCe and his friends, Stu looks up at his girlfriend who watches him. Stu looks from the gun to CeCe, who gives him a reassuring smile. Stu smiles back as he grabs the gun and gets to his feet.

Mickey pushes Randy into the back wall and throws him to the floor. "You aint shit, Randy! And sooner or later... Sidney woulda left your ass anyways!"

"Hey Mickey," Stu yells. Mickey looks at him. "Ya gotta stop talkin' shit dude!" With that, Stu pulls the trigger and shoots Mickey in the top of the head, some of his brains splattering all over Randy. "Well... At least he died like his idol..." Stu shrugs and looks at Mrs. Loomis.

"You miss Billy so much," Stu points the gun at her. "Then re-join his ass, you psycotic bitch!"

Stu readies himself to pull the trigger when all the sudden, somebody holding a knife in their hand reaches around Mrs. Loomis's neck and slits her throat. Mrs. Loomis's dead body falls to the stage floor as Gale drops the knife.

Breathing hard, Stu slowly walks towards CeCe as Sidney falls to the floor near Mrs. Loomis's body and Randy kneeled down beside her, holding her as she cried massive tears of joy.

CeCe gets to her feet and, arm in arm, her and Stu head for the exit followed by Randy, Sidney, and Gale.

"Geez Randy you stink like brains," Sidney joked.

"You girls... You always gotta be clean and smell like flowers," Stu says.

"This was a typical sequel," Randy laughs.

"How's that?" Stu aks as he opens the door for everybody. Randy turns around to face the dead bodies on the stage.

"IT SUCKED!" He yells. Sidney laughs and pushes him out the door.