wow, my second fanfic ever. im so happy. -;
Anyways this firstchapter is mostly from rangiku's pov. Pairings i'm really not sure but the entire thing will take place mostly around hinamori, hitsugaya, matsumoto, and kira
NOTE: there are spoilers! for up through chapter 184 in the manga. so if your just keeping up with the anime and forsaking the manga i suggest you dont read this.

so yeah, hope you enjoy!


It was raining again, as it had been almost constantly for the past two weeks since the three traitorous captains had left Soul Society: Tousen-taichou, Ichimaru-taichou, and most surprisingly, Aizen-taichou. Captain Aizen was a gentle, honest and wise captain, or so it seemed to all of the shinigami. To those who knew him, it was almost impossible to accept that their friend would commit crimes as horrible as wiping out the central 46 chamber members, attempting murder on his own lieutenant and the captain of 10th squadron, and openly battle with lieutenant Renji and the orange-haired drifter in order to obtain a hougyouku from Kuchiki Rukia's body. Tousen and Ichimaru's obedience to his will was almost just as shocking (not as much as Ichimaru as Touzen obviously).

One person in particular, Hinamori Momo, had extreme difficulty adjusting to these changes. Her body became ill and weak after being removed from critical condition a few days ago. The Healers of 4th squad said that it was probably due to mental stress over the past couple of weeks. The shock of discovering her beloved captain's body after having just spent the night in his company, the pain, frustration, and grief of not knowing who had committed the horrid deed, just to discover that he was not only alive, but quite well indeed. The momentary hope and relief she felt…she walked into his embrace, finally believing that everything was going to be alright because Aizen-taichou was there, and then…it was a sad wonder if the girl would ever be the same again.

On that particular rainy night, however, she was oblivious to all these things as she laid in an almost peaceful slumber, unaware of a figure that faithfully watched over her.

"Aizen-sama," she whispered in her sleep.

Gin…where have you gone?

Her mind was slowly brought out of a thoughtful slumber at the sound of footsteps entering the office.

"Are you awake yet?" inquired the voice belonging to those footsteps.

"Hmph," one light-blue eye peeked out lazily under a heavy lid, the beautiful blonde smirked, "Welcome back taichou."

The boy captain grunted and sat at his desk.

"How was she?" Rangiku asked while rubbing her eyes of sleep.

"The same." Hitsugaya paused, then nonchalantly pulled out a small stack of papers from his desk. Frowning, he took out his pen and began to write.

Silence ensued.

"Well then," his lieutenant stood up and stretched, "Anymore documents you'd like me to do captain?"

"These are the last ones," he grumbled, "for now."

Matsumoto glanced at her captain. He looked very tired, small bags had formed under his eyes. Unfortunately that didn't trouble her as much as the other thing, "You mean you finished them all by yourself?" she asked, rather annoyed.

"Whatever," he scoffed, "don't you have anything else you could do? Besides sleep that is…"

"Don't you have anything else you could do? Besides check on Hinamori-san of course," she retorted back.

"Yeah, documents. Speaking of which, I'd like to finish them in peace without your snoring in here. So why don't you go make some rounds or something."

"I don't sno-"

"Go on now, you don't want to be late" he interrupted, shooing his lieutenant away with his hand.

Matsumoto sighed, "Late for what?" she muttered under her breath as she left the office.

Once outside she began to meander her way, almost automatically, towards the 3rd squad division area.

It wasn't the first time she'd been shooed away by her captain. Histugaya-taichou had been in a rather foul mood lately, though one probably wouldn't be able to tell from the bored-like scowl he always wore on his face.

'Hmm…a constant scowl, kinda like that orange-haired kid Kuchiki-san is so fond of,' she smiled at the thought of those two trouble-makers.

After she walked around 3rd division for awhile, Rangiku found a secluded corner and laid her head up back against the wall and tried to rest her eyes for a moment.

"Oi! Matsumoto-san! What are you doing here?"

"Ohayou Kira." Matsumoto replied without opening her eyes.

"Ohayou? Matsumoto-san it's already afternoon." The blond-haired man laughed.

The woman tilted her head to look at the sun, "Oh, so it is."

"Anyways, I happen to have just finished my duties for today, and well, since you don't seem to have anything to do…" Kira held up a bottle of sake and grinned.

Rangiku sighed dramatically, "I guess."

They made their way over to a nearby railing. Kira pulled out two small cups and began to pour in the sake.

"But seriously Matsumoto-san, what are you doing out here at this time of day?" He asked, offering her a cup.

The female lieutenant thanked him and accepted it, "Oh no reason, just thought I'd take a midday stroll in the park."

"Glad to hear you have it so easy, we've been piled with repairs and reports in our division."

"Hm? I thought you said you were finished with all your work today."

"Actually I'm just on a small break, I have more I need to do later tonight."

"You just wanted an excuse to get drunk again is that it?"

Kira let out a small laugh, "I really am glad that we ran in to each other today, I've meaning to talk to you for a while now."

"Is that so?" Probably about Hinamori-san, Matsumoto figured as she sipped her sake.

"Do you think …" Kira started, "that Hinamori-kun will be alright?"

Matsumoto grinned in her head. "I don't know. She seemed to be a pretty strong girl, until the whole Aizen incident. Makes me wonder how she became lieutenant in the first place."

"Don't say that!" Kira scolded, "You know it's not her fault she acted the way she did. She was just a pawn in Aizen's scheme."

Matsumoto shrugged, "Hey, I was just sayin'."

"No I understand. Gin was involved and you didn't overreact that way." Kira stared into his cup of sake.

"Neither did you. Then again…"

"Just what are you trying to say?"

"Absolutely nothing," Rangiku laughed and patted him on the back.

"Ya think they'll come back any time soon?" Kira asked. He was starting to get a little red in the face as he poured himself his fourth cup.

"Who?" Matsumoto eyed the sake jug warily.

"Gin. Aizen. Tousen. Any of those bastards."

"Hmph, probably, one day. Hey share some o'that will ya?"

"You know, Aizen seemed to be pretty interested in those weird drifters." Kira noted, handing over the jug.

"Hey! You drank all of it!" Rangiku complained as she held the bottle upside down, trying to get every last drop in her cup.

"I have a lot more at my place."

"As do mine." She finally gave up and set the empty bottle down on the railing.

"Your place or mine?"

"Yours, it's closer. So what were you saying about the ryoka?" she leaned back on the railing, Kira followed suit but leaned forward instead.

"Nah I was just thinking, what if Aizen showed up in the living world first? I mean, we'd be in a lot of trouble then if you think about it."

"Who cares, If they did we'd just go over and beat the shit outta Gin over there."

"I said Aizen."

"Whatever." The female began to stretch but stopped as her elbow hit the sake jug.

"Oops," she said as it shattered.

"Don't worry, I'll have that Yamada kid from fourth squad clean it up. Anyhow, what do you say we get ourselves utterly drunk again tonight eh?"

"Fine by me. Do you mind if we invite Nanao? She needs a distraction from that captain of hers."

"Sure, but only if we find her along the way"

As it turned out they did run into Nanao, but she, unfortunately, refused to go drinking with the two other lieutenants. But they made up for her absence by inviting every other person they happened to see on the way back to Kira's quarters. There they all joined in on several drinking games and mindless drunk chitchat. It probably would have lasted all night if not for a couple of shinigami from the fourth squad coming down and telling them to shut up because people were dying and the racket they were making wasn't helping them.

So little by little the drunken shinigami dispersed. Kira offered to walk Matsumoto back to her quarters in the 10th squad division, however, considering he was completely wasted at the moment, she didn't think that he'd be able to make the trip there and back.

When she neared her division she found that hers and Kira's group weren't the only ones up partying that night. She saw two of her men that seemed to be about as intoxicated as she was. When they caught sight of their lieutenant heading towards them they both dropped to their knees and sluggishly apologized for their misbehavior.

Rangiku was too drunk to care at the moment, though a little curious as to what other squadron was holding a midnight bash that night. One half-aware man replied that they came from the 9th squad division and that they were having one hell of a party down there, while the other man pondered if it could really be called a party since they weren't exactly celebrating anything. The first man went on to explain that he began to get a little worried about alcohol poisoning (since he normally didn't drink that much) and asked this pain in the ass guy to escort him home and make sure he didn't drop down dead on the way there. The 'pain in ass' then stated his doubts that it was even possible for a shinigami to get alcohol poisoning and so on.

Their lieutenant quickly tired of these two bickering and told them both to shut up and get out of her sight before she becomes sober. After a few moments of struggling to their feet the two drunks speedily complied.

By now Rangiku was in a stupor. She feared she had gotten lost and wouldn't be able to find her way back to her quarters. Wait, wait, she recognized that post, oh yeah, it was this way wasn't it?

As she stumbled her way to room Rangiku abruptly noticed how clear the stars were that night.

She stopped walking and supported herself on a railing as she stared up into the sky. There were just so many of them. So many little white dots up in the big black sky. Rangiku laughed as she suddenly wondered how the sky would look if all the stars traveled in one big circle. In her mind's eye she began to see them all twirl around and around and around and-

"What are you doing Matsumoto?"

Rangiku nearly jumped out of her gi "Eh!" she spun around to see her short captain standing with his arms crossed, staring at with disapprovingly.

"Captain! Don't do that!" she rebuked.

Her captain quirked an eyebrow, "Do what?"

"Nevermind," the lieutenant breathed.

"So are you going to tell me what you're doing up in the middle of the night outside the office giggling like an idiot or not?"

"I'm …uh, looking for my room?" She laughed nervously.


"Um, Which way was it again?"

Histugaya pointed in the opposite direction of which she was heading. "That way," he said.

"Oh, hehe. Arigato taichou-san" she waved sheepishly.

"Oyasumina-saahhh! Owwcch!" Rangiku found herself on the wooden floor seeing that she had managed to trip over nothing as a result of her inebriated condition.

"…" Hitsugaya continued to stare, internally debating whether or not he should actually help his pathetically wasted lieutenant.

Rangiku's head was pounding, she knew she was going to regret drinking so much in the morning.

"Ita-ai!" she whined.

The white haired boy finally sighed in defeat and slung the blonde over his shoulder.

"How troublesome." he growled, "I'm not even going to bother to carry you all the way back to your quarters."

He balanced on one foot and slid open the door to the office with his other, "So why don't you sleep on that couch your so found of for tonight," he stated as he dumped her on the sofa.

Rangiku tried to say something witty in response, but only managed to mutter a few incoherent phrases as she drifted off to la-la land

Her captain just frowned and proceeded to look for a blanket of some sort to keep his lieutenant from catching cold.

The boy captain was about to turn in himself, however he quickly thought better of it knowing that he probably wouldn't get any sleep if he did. So instead he busied himself with the new batch of paperwork that he received, ironically, not twenty minutes after he told Matsumoto to take a hike. Figuring it was useless to send for her to come back so soon he decided to once again tackle that nasty pile by himself. Before the boy knew it, it was nearly dusk and no sign of his lieutenant returning anytime soon.

Almost regretting sending her away in the first place he had continued to work ceaselessly until he heard that special maniacal laugh that one gets only when one is completely wasted. He should have known that she would go off and get herself drunk somewhere, probably with Kira joining her.

Now for the third time that day he found himself staring at those evil piles of paper, waiting to be filled out with reports and what other nonsense that needed to be made up for the three uncompleted divisions. While he knew that the other squads and their captains were working hard as well, he had that bitter feeling that he got the steep side of all the document assignments. He sincerely hoped that no one thought that the 10th squad captain actually enjoyed this work, if so that person was sorely mistaken.

Unfortunately, the best way to deal with any impending problem was to get rid of it as fast as possible. So for the nth time that day he picked up his pen, and began to write.