'He was the only one that cared…..' Hisoka knew for the first time ever, ever in his lifetime that he was crying for someone who cared for him. The only person who cared. Tsuzuki looked up at the boy who was crying for either happiness, or depression. He stared into his emerald eyes to find the answer. 'This kid has hopes for something….I wonder what…..' Tsuzuki seemed really puzzled at the moment. He tried to look for that 'something' but couldn't find it. He gave up and went to go get Ujiri Green Tea. His favorite! Hisoka wiped the tears off of his face and went back to his/Tsuzuki's office.


Muraki was planning a nefarious plot again. "Well, well. Now, what shall I do with him? I need my desires, and I can't keep on waiting, so minus well that I just go and kill him." Muraki was so impatient. He couldn't wait to get his perverted hands on Tsuzuki's beautiful body. 'Just wait, Mr. Tsuzuki. I'll get what is mine, and mine alone. I'll be planning on what to do with you….' Muraki cackled at the thought. (DIRTY MINDED BASTARD! He doesn't even think about his girlfriend! Jeeze!"


Hisoka just got finished with his work when there was a knock on the door. "Come in." Hisoka stated when he was putting away the documents. Tatsumi came in and gave him tea. (He's too young for coffee!) "Arigato, Tatsumi-san." Tatsumi just nodded and sat down. "Where's your partner?" Tatsumi raised a brow. "I dunno. Last I saw him was in the hallway grabbing some pastries to eat from Wakaba. Tatsumi knew it. "That guy always finds the chief trouble." Tatsumi sighed. "Well, that is the Tsuzuki we all know, right?" Hisoka smiled. Tatsumi nodded. "And we like him just the way he is." Hisoka smiled to say he was pleased with the thought. Then, there was another pushing the door in without knocking. (Hisoka had a previous one from Watari.) It was Tsuzuki, having a handful of sweets. He set them down on the table and named them all out for the two. "OK! Here we have, apple pie, caramel candy, chocolate, pumpkin pie, strawberry candy, pineapple candy, caramel apple cake, champagne, strawberry tart….." He dragged on and on. Tatsumi and Hisoka twitched. "WHAT or actually, WHY DID YOU GET ALL OF THAT WITHOUT ASKING!" Tatsumi and Hisoka yelled at Tsuzuki. "Why!" Tsuzuki was in puppy form. He had little eyes that were about to burst into tears. Tatsumi and Hisoka were taken aback, but regained normal form. "I'll leave this to you, Kurosaki-kun." Tatsumi took the cups and left the room. "Well, there you go again, Tsuzuki!" Hisoka scolded him. He was still in his puppy form, but this time, he turned angry. "Why are you yelling at me for?" Then, Tsuzuki cried. Hisoka hated it when he was crying. Hisoka was so frustrated that he had to give in. "Stop, Tsuzuki." Tsuzuki didn't stop. Hisoka was really mad this time. He couldn't suppress it. He took the apple pie and shoved it in his mouth. Tsuzuki was so shocked that he choked it down his mouth.


Watari was almost finished with his experiment when Tatsumi came in. "Hey Tatsumi! Wanna be-…" Tatsumi interrupted. "I didn't come here to be your guinea pig! I came here to see if you are done with you current experiment." Tatsumi said. "Oh, almost. I just need a little bit more of a chemical mixture and I shall be done!" Watari was so giddy. "Well, what kind is it now?" Tatsumi asked. "It is a one of a kind! No one ever thought of this but, it really is for only for living people that are greedy. I was in a moment or two back then…." Watari laughed. "Well, then, spit it out!" Tatsumi was eager to find out. "It is what everyone hoped for, a second chance of living!" Watari laughed once more. Tatsumi only raised a brow. "That isn't very interesting….." Watari stopped his laughing and stared at Tatsumi. He scrunched his face a bit, and found a way to get back at him. "HA! That is why I said this is for living people! They don't wanna die! They want to continue living! Humans are such greedy creatures never meant to be understood!" Watari stumped Tatsumi for the first time. "Cat got your tongue, Tatsumi?" Watari laughed at him. This was it. It was the last straw. Tatsumi couldn't take it any longer. "TAKE THAT BACK, YOU BASTARD!" He pounded Watari and ect.


Hisoka was feeling a bit sick. "Nh…." Hisoka collapsed on the floor of the hallway. 'Suffer, my puppet…..' Hisoka couldn't get that voice off of his mind. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" Hisoka screamed. The people that heard him ran out to him. "Kid! Are you okay?" Watari asked. Hisoka was throwing up on the floor. The last thing he saw was Tsuzuki and Tatsumi running out to him, calling his name before he blacked out.

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