"What the hell? What happened Watari?" Tsuzuki demanded. He was holding the kid in his arms. "What happened!" Tsuzuki wanted an answer. "I don't know. Hmm…..nani?" Watari was confused. The mark that Hisoka had started appearing, in a dark shade too. "Hisoka! Kid! Wake up!" Tsuzuki was shaking Hisoka like crazy. He couldn't stop. Tatsumi put a hand on Tsuzuki's shoulder to calm him down. "Don't do that. He just needs a little rest."

'Tatsumi doesn't know anything! It's the curse! Muraki wants me!' Tsuzuki drove into tears. It hit Hisoka's face, but he didn't move. Watari spoke up. "Before he collapsed, he vomited not only the tea and….yeah….but also blood…..a lot." Watari fixed his glasses a bit. "What the….?" Tsuzuki was confused. "He vomited blood? A lot of it?" Tsuzuki asked. "Yeah, it was pretty bad. Just let him rest for a while." Watari stated. Tsuzuki didn't know what to do. He picked Hisoka up, and carried him back to his house. By the time Tsuzuki got there, Hisoka woke up. "Nh….where…am I?" He asked himself. "At your house." Tsuzuki sighed. "Eh? Tsuzuki? Why am I here?" Hisoka asked him. "Because, you blacked out, remember?" Tsuzuki was concerned. Couldn't Hisoka remember that he vomited and all that crap? He was worried. "No, I can't really recall any of it…." Hisoka looked at Tsuzuki, thinking that he was tricking him or something. "Are you serious?" Tsuzuki inched a bit closer to Kurosaki's face. "Nani? Did I do something?" Hisoka backed away and blushed. "No, but your acting strange. Do you not remember that you vomited all over the hallway? And Watari came to help you? Me and Tatsumi? Don't you remember any of that?" Hisoka shook his head. 'Muraki! You are messing with Hisoka's mind, aren't you? Well, you'll regret it!' Tsuzuki was fed up. He did not want Hisoka to get hurt, but he was getting it worse than the kid.


"Damn it! I was so close in getting that kid's mind to stop completely!" Muraki cursed. 'Well, Mr. Tsuzuki, you won't give in so easily, huh? I'll make sure your mine!' Muraki thought as he sipped down some sake. "When the time comes, you'll beg for his willingness to live, Tsuzuki! I will get what I want, and when I want!" He said, as he broke the glass.


Tsuzuki was lost. 'Damn you Muraki! Why do you have to make Hisoka suffer like this? Why make me worry….why make me confess now?' Tsuzuki wondered. He clutched his wrists together to suppress his anger toward the dirty little slut. (Matsushita's adjective!)

Hisoka, however, wasn't very interested on finding out what happened earlier. He simply said, "It's all in the past. Let the future decide." Tsuzuki was really pissed then. He was ready to blow any second. Just then, the phone rang. Tsuzuki snapped out of his anger and went to pick up the phone. "Tsuzuki speaking." He answered. "Tsuzuki! It's Watari! How's Hisoka? Did he wake up?" Watari asked hurriedly. "Yeah, about a while ago. Why?" Tsuzuki asked. "Well, does he remember anything? Is the mark still there?" Watari asked again. "He doesn't remember anything, and yes, the mark is there." Tsuzuki answered. "Okay. This is my theory. Muraki had something to do with this, if I must say. He is somehow controlling Hisoka's memory, so you better watch out! Your partner that you hoped to save, might become your worst enemy!" Watari simplified. "Okay. I get it. Yeah. Uh huh. Ja ne." Tsuzuki hung up the phone, and Hisoka was rising up. "You shouldn't get up, Hisoka. You need to rest." Tsuzuki urged. "Nah, that's okay. I can heal 10 times as fast, remember?" Hisoka said. "Oh, yeah. I forgot." Tsuzuki rubbed his head. Hisoka blinked at the guy. 'He looks, really cute when he blushes…..Wait! I can't say that! He and I are guys….we can't have forbidden love…though I wish we could…' Hisoka just pouted and shook his head to get his mind off of it. "Something wrong, Hisoka?" Tsuzuki looked at the boy, who was shaking his head like crazy. "Huh? Oh, nothing. I'm just having a hard time remembering, that's all. Well, let's just go back. We have stuff to do." Hisoka got up, and went to the door. Tsuzuki pulled his arm back. "What now?" Kurosaki looked at the man, who apparently, was in puppy form. "Can we go to the bakery first?" Tsuzuki whined. "Fine. Then we go BACK!" Hisoka took Tsuzuki to the nearest bakery for him to get pie.

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