Title: The Mountain Dew Thief

Authors Note: Lets just pretend that CoR didn't end that way. We'll just say the Kyra/Jack never died and was rescued by Riddick and they left on the ship. And we'll just pretend that all the Necros spontaneously combusted and they all died.

Summary: Kyra is addicted to Mt. Dew and she can't find her stash!

Disclaimer: I don't own Kyra, Riddick or Mt. Dew. But I do believe that I am the first to use Mt. Dew in a Cor/PB story. If I'm wrong please let me know. I don't even really own the ship because it's a generic type with no name or anything of substance. Please don't sue!

words are thoughts.

"RIDDICK! Where in the hell is my Dew? I swear to high heaven if you took my case again I will beat the living daylights out of you!" Kyra shouted while walking down the ships hallway. Their ship was fairly nice as far as stolen merc ships go. Two bedrooms, living room/dinning room, big bathroom and a decent sized kitchen. The walls were all painted grey and you could find small rusted parts in the corners. But over all it suited their purposes. They had to re-do the entire hard-drive, updating all the security systems and upgrading the speed of travel.

"Don't yell. I have excellent hearing Kyra. I didn't touch your Dew either." Riddick responded, in a curt voice. He was dressed in his customary black wife beater and off gray cargo pants. "Did you check in cabinets?"

"Twice. By the way, I'll yell if I feel like it. What are you going to do about it?" she asked stopping to turn and face him.

"You probably don't want to know," he replied walking down the hall to his room.

If I was a Mountain Dew case where would I hide?

Fuck It! I give up. Stupid Mt. Dew addiction!

And with that last thought Kyra sulked off to her room to shower and take a nap.

Three days later, still no Mt. Dew!

"Riddick!" Kyra wined, "We NEED to stop for so Dew. I can't stand this any longer. Either you find my case of Dew or we're stopping at the nearest port to pick some up!" she demanded sighing as she sat on their worn-out pea green couch.

"Kyra we can't stop yet, too close to a merc station. Did you look in the mini fridge in the living room?" Riddick semi-shouted from the cockpit.

Standing up and lazily walking over to the mini fridge she opened the door and peaked inside. "Did you put the cases in here? Because I sure-as-shit didn't. You know how I feel about sharing, so I keep them in my room!"

Grinning slightly Riddick answered, "Remember about a week ago… we made a bet…. that you wouldn't remember placing your Dew in the mini fridge…. you said you would, I said you wouldn't. Any of this ringing a bell?"

"Damn you Riddick, why do you make these bets when you know I can't win?" Kyra wined.

"Pay up, woman."

With that said, Kyra walked back to her bedroom and prepared to pay off the bet.

The End

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