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"Ginny Weasley! My God is that really you!"

Ginny whipped around to find the voice and stumbled into the person who had been calling her. She began laughing hysterically.

"M-M-Michael! How - are you?" she asked in between laughs.

"Pretty good and by the looks of it, you do too."

Ginny's face suddenly turned into a frown when she realized what she had done.

"Not quite. I've spilled my drink."

"Oh," Michael said. "Well I can fix that."

He turned around just as a tray was flying past them, grabbed a drink and handed it to Ginny. Her face immediately brightened.

"Thank you!" she squealed as she took a sip (gulp would be more appropriate).

"How many drinks have you had?" he asked with a laugh as he looked at her with amusement.

"Uhhh." Ginny's face scrunched up as she tried to remember. "Uhh, I think...uhhh-"

"That's alright! Don't hurt yourself!" Michael said with a laugh.

"Eight! This is my eigth one! I think..."

Michael looked surprised.

"You better take it easy."

"I can't. I'm playing a game."

"A game?"

"Yes, a game," Ginny repeated. "Me and Harry are playing a game called 'The Last One Standing.' It's quite fun. You should play with us sometime."

"Oh yeah, that's right. You and Harry are together now, eh?" Michael asked, looking a little less happy than he had a second ago.

"Yup. We're en-" Ginny stopped herself just then, mentally kicking herself for her mistake. "-volved," she substituted instead, hoping Michael wouldn't realize what she had been about to say.

"Involved would be the right word," he said with a chuckle.

"Are you still seeing Cho Chang?" Ginny asked as she took another sip.

Michaels face suddenly turned sullen.

"No. We split up about a year ago."

"Oh. How come?"

"I - well she...we weren't really right for each other," he concluded.

"You broke up with her?"


"I see." Ginny nodded her head, acting as though she knew what the hell he was talking about. "Are you seeing anyone else then?"

"Nope. Single and-"

"Loving it?" she supplied.

"Actually, I'm hating it. It's not very fun when you have no one to spend your days and nights with. Life's quite boring actually."

"Yeah. I couldn't imagine life without Harry."

Here Michael looked a little annoyed.

"Can I ask you something Ginny?"

"Fire away," she said right before gulping down half the glass.

"Not here. Somewhere...where we can actually talk."

"Alright. How about in my old room?" she suggested, not thinking anything of it.

"Great," he said as he smiled.

"So this is it," Ginny said when they were inside her old bedroom.

Michael shut the door.

"Let's sit."


"Ladies first," he said, pointing towards her lumpy bed.

Ginny sat down against the headboard so her feet were dangling off the side, Michael sitting next to her - a little closer than she would have liked.

"What did you want to talk about?" she asked as she took another sip.

"Are you in love with Harry?"

Ginny thought this question was a little weird since she had already stated that she couldn't picture life without him, but answered Michael nonetheless.

"Yes. Very much so."

"Oh." Michael's eyes fell to the quilt that dressed Ginny's bed.

"Is something wrong?" Ginny asked, feeling as if she had somehow made him sad.

"I just...Ginny, do you think - well what I mean to say is, if, you know, me and you hadn't split up, do you think we would be together right now?"

It was either because she was really drunk or really shocked by this question, but Ginny's mouth flew open and she stared wide-eyed at him for the longest time until he coughed out of discomfort.

"Oh, Michael, I'm sorry, it's just that...well I didn't expect that sort of question." Ginny shrugged her shoulders and gave him a worried smile.

"Yeah, it's no problem. I wasn't really planning on asking you, it just sort of...came up."

"Oh..." Ginny didn't know what to say.

"So, you don't know?"

"Excuse me?" she asked, staring at him as if he had five heads.

"You never answered me."

"Well I didn't think it was necessary. Me and Harry are together now. What difference would it make if I told you what I thought?" Ginny suddenly got this weird feeling in the pit of her stomach that told her to get out now, but she didn't move.

"It would make a big difference. You see, Cho - I sort of cheated on her and - well you get the picture." Michael looked down at his fingers.

"What does that have to do with me and you?" Ginny asked as she looked at him expectantly.

"Everything," he said suddenly, looking up at her. "I obviously cheated on her because I wasn't happy with her. I never felt like I needed to cheat on you, Ginny-"

"-Gee, thanks," she said, rolling her eyes.

"No, I'm serious. I always felt happy with you."

"So why'd you get all bitchy after I won against Cho?" Ginny asked heatedly, her schoolgirl disappointment rushing back to her. "Wouldn't you be happy because you're girlfriend won?"

"I - I don't know," Michael said, surprised at her anger. "I guess it's because I felt scared because I liked being with you so much. So I wanted out. Cho was there and I don't know. One thing led to another and we ended up staying together, but after so long I realized I wasn't happy. This wasn't what I wanted. And I've realized that I made a huge mistake Ginny. I should have never let you go. You and I are perfect for each other. We had so much fun and I want that back."

All at once Ginny began to feel like her room wasn't as big as she had once remembered...

"Who cares about Harry, Ginny? Come back to me..."

It must have been the alcohol because when Michael started coming closer to her face, she didn't do anything. The reaction was delayed because she was seeing about three of him, but as soon as she felt him push her down on the bed and his lips plastered to hers, her instincts kicked in right away.

Ginny violently shoved him off of her and stood up, her face burning up in fury.

"What the hell are you doing!" she yelled.

"I thought that you wanted to be with me again?" he said desperately.

"When did I ever give you that idea! I told you me and Harry are together! You knew!"

"Who cares about Harry," Michael waved off casually. "We can worry about him later..." he said mischievously as he stood up and walked slinkily towards her in a suggestive manner.

"I care about Harry!" she yelled as he tried to kiss her again. "Get off of me!" she screamed, but he wouldn't listen.

"Ginny I love you-"

"I DON'T LOVE YOU!" Ginny yelled in her final attempt to get him away from her.

Michael stared at her for the longest time and Ginny realized that Michael was drunk. She hadn't noticed it before because he had seemed so calm and collected, but when she looked at him again she knew he had had more than one drink this evening. Michael Corner would never act this way if he was thinking in his right state.

"Why not!" he suddenly yelled, his features getting sour. "Is it because I'm not the Boy-Who-Lived! Is it because I didn't save the world! Is it because I don't have a damn scar on my forehead!"

"No! It's because you're not Harry!" Now Ginny's voice dropped. "I love Harry Michael. I love him because of who he is, not who he is to the media and the people who don't know him. I love him for what everything he has done and been through made him. His anger, his guilt, his bravery, his stubbornness, his stupid ness, his -"

"NO!" Michael screamed and for the first time Ginny was scared of him. "HE STOLE YOU FROM ME! I HAD YOU FIRST!"

"Michael will you listen to yourself! You're drunk! Harry didn't steal me from you! We broke up!"

"I don't care!" he yelled just before he grabbed her shoulders and shoved her against her door. Ginny winced from the pain of her back hitting the knob. "I want you..."

"NO!" Ginny screamed as loud as she could, shoving him as hard she could.

Michael stumbled back and fell on her bed. Ginny saw her chance and took it.

Yanking open the door, she bolted down the hallway and stairs, faintly hearing, "Ginny come back! I'm sorry, I didn't mean-", but she couldn't hear the rest because she was already in the swarm of people. Her head was spinning as she tried to find Harry, but her vision was beginning to cloud over with tears. If she hadn't gotten out of her room, what would have happened?

Ginny shoved the thoughts out of her head, wanting nothing more than to be safe in Harry's arms. All she cared about was being with him, but as she searched frantically around the house and outside, she couldn't find him. Her vision wasn't blurry from tears anymore, but it was delayed from the alcohol. She ran up the stairs, feeling more lightheaded as she ran up each step. She swung doors open and finally when she opened Ron's, she saw it; Harry kissing another witch.

But it wasn't just any witch. It was…


The last thing Ginny remembered was watching them kiss as she just stood there, frozen, her vision being blurred until she couldn't see anymore.

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