Title: An Old Friend

Author: Jennyvre Moss

Rating: K+ (just in case, but may change in later chapters)

Setting: After season 7 (i havent watched much of season 7 or season 8 so if i get anything wrong just let me know)

Summary: The SGC receive intel from the Tokra about a new Goa'uld who is quickly gaining power. SG-1's plans to abolish this new threat fail. However, help comes in the form of an unexpected, old friend.

Other: italics indicates thoughts of various people

-also sorry for submitting this so many times, it just that it keeps changing when it submits. Hopefully this'll be the lasttime.

Chapter 1 – A New Goa'uld

Jack was having a lovely time trying to avoid the paperwork that was no doubt piled up on his desk. He had been to visit Daniel and Carter, both of whom had, patience wearing thin, kicked him out of their offices after he had nearly broke a couple of their 'toys'. He tried to visit Teal'c but he was kelnoreem-ing. After giving up he headed back to his office, took one look at his desk and slowly backed out. That's it. Jack thought I'm getting Carter to test it to see if it's alive. I swear it's breeding. (a/n that's probably not a word…but…well it is now.)

A sudden urge for cake set in and with a new goal in mind, Jack headed towards them commissary. However, the klaxons suddenly burst into life and that really annoying voice announced an 'Unscheduled incoming wormhole.'

Jack's brilliant plan now thwarted, he headed towards the control room. I'm definitely going to have to get a recording of someone announcing that.

"We're receiving Tokra IDC, sir." Walter announced.

Great. "Open the iris."

The iris now open, the only Tokra even remotely likeable walked through. Thank god.

Jack walked into the gate-room. "Jacob." He welcomed. "What brings you to this little corner of the universe? Finally going to see that hockey game with me?"

"Good to see you again Jack." Jacob replied, smiling. "But, unfortunately I'm here on Tokra business."

Bummer. "To the briefing room, then."

After greetings had been made all around, SG1, Jack and Jacob sat around the briefing room table.

"So, what does the Tokra want now?" Jack asked, in a slightly annoyed, whining voice.

Jacob subtly rolled his eyes before speaking. "The Tokra have received intel on a new Goa'uld that has been secretly raising troops and followers. He is quickly gaining power. However, the system lords don't know about him yet."

"What's this Goa'uld's name?" Daniel asked.


The others looked at Daniel expectantly. "The name rings a bell, but I'd have to research before I could tell you anything about it."

"Do you know any of the history behind him, Dad?"

"No, the Tokra have not heard of this Goa'uld before."

"Teal'c?" Jack asked.

"I have not heard this name before either O'Neill."

Jack turned back to Jacob. "I take it you want us to kick this Goa'uld's butt too?" Jack asked.

"In a manner of speaking." Jacob eyed glowed. "The Tokra high council, believe a more aggressive attack is needed on Sobek before he can gain too much power. We believe that your experience in this may help us."

"Well, we try. Anything else to add?"

Jacob's head lowered, indicating his control of his body once again. "We have plans of Sobek's ship and of his base." He said, laying them out on the table.

"Great." Jack replied. "Daniel, see what you can find out about this Goa'uld." Jack stood up and moved around the table to get a better look at the plans. The meeting obviously now ended Daniel headed towards his office, while Jack, Jacob, Sam and Teal'c poured over the plans looking for ways to sabotage Sobek's base and ship.

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