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Title: An Old Friend

Author: Jennyvre Moss

Rating: K+ (just in case, but may change in later chapters)

Setting: After season 7 (i havent watched much of season 7 or season 8 so if i get anything wrong just let me know)

Summary: The SGC receive intel from the Tokra about a new Goa'uld who is quickly gaining power. SG-1's plans to abolish this new threat fail. However, help comes in the form of an unexpected, old friend.

Other: italics indicates thoughts of various people

Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate SG-1 (however much I would like to)

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Previous chapter (A New Goa'uld)

The meeting obviously now ended Daniel headed towards his office, while Jack, Jacob, Sam and Teal'c poured over the plans looking for ways to sabotage Sobek's base and ship.

Chapter 2- A History Lesson

A few hours later, the same 5 people were, once again, hovering around the briefing table. Jack sat at the head of the table Teal's on his right and Jacob and Sam on his left. Daniel, remote in hand, was hovering around the screen which showed a photo of a carving of an ancient Eqyptian with a head of a crocodile.

"Sobek." Daniel began, "Also known as Sebek, Sebek-Ra, Sobk, Suchos, Sobki…" Daniel noticed Jack's 'on-the-edge-of-shouting-at-you' expression and quickly moved on. "He was the ancient Egyptian crocodile God. There are many myths surrounding him. He appeared to have been worshipped and respected for protecting the people from crocodiles. However it seemed he was also feared as he supposedly attacked the underworld. I'm guessing he actually just attacked the God of the underworld, who at various times were either, Anubis, Osiris or Apophis."

"Apophis?" Jack asked "We did actually kill him last time right?" The other occupants in the room smiled slightly. "He's not going to mysteriously turn up again is he?"

"He is indeed dead, O'Neill."

"Just checking." He turned back to Daniel indicating for him to continue.

Daniel moved to the next slide, showing another picture of Sobek with other gods surrounding him. "Sobek also appears to have been associated with many other gods we have 'met', for lack of a better word, including Ra, Horus, Seth and Isis. According to legends, Sobek was thought to have killed Isis and Osiris because Seth took on the form of a crocodile to hide. So I'm guessing that somehow Sobek played a part in banishing Osiris and Isis."

Daniel moved to another slide which obviously showed Sobek's defeat. "It appears that soon after banishing Osiris and Isis, Sobek took Osiris and Isis's power, which appears to have 'upset' Seth, who got the…well…support of Horus and together they defeated and killed Sobek." Daniel turned back to the others. "I can only guess that Sobek either faked his death or that that part of the myth was exaggerated."

"Right." Jack nodded, as Daniel sat down next to Teal'c. "Okay. During the next few days, Sobek's ship is going to be docked at his base. The plan is pretty much for us to sneak in pretending to be Sobek's guards and plant explosives in the engine and throne room on the ship and control room and throne room at the base. A Tok'ra operative will provide backup for us and then we hightail our arses out of there and blow the joint."

"Wait a minute, Jack…us, our?" Daniel asked.

"Yes Daniel, us. I'm coming with you."

"May I inquire into your reason, O'Neill."

"For old times sakes." Jack looked at the unconvinced faces around the table and rolled his eyes. "I'm bored, okay. We ship out at 0800, so I suggest you all get some rest. That means no pulling all-nighters in labs. Carter? Daniel?" he asked, an eyebrow raised, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

The reply came reluctantly.

"Yes Jack."

"Yes sir."

A look of triumph appeared on Jack's face. "Excellent. Jacob." He nodded his goodbye and headed into his office.

Daniel and Teal'c left for their quarters and Sam turned towards her father and saw the look of amusement on his face.

"Knows you two a little too well."

Sam rolled her eyes. "You're not staying?"

"Sorry kiddo, I can't. I'm needed back soon. See me out?"

"Of course, dad."

Jacob put his arm around Sam as they headed down to the control room.

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