It happened very quickly…

A click, a snap, a difference in the time and space.

I had to hurry and save Yugi and his friends from their realm's destruction.

Using my magic, I summoned the power to move to that realm.

Hopefully, I wouldn't be too late…

Yami POV

He appeared quite suddenly, exhausted, and weakened. I could tell by the pain on his face that something was wrong. Struggling to his feet, he started muttering something.

"Yami. Must find Yami quick!"

Yugi released me into my body that this said man had given me so that I had my own body sometime ago… "I am here. What is the matter?"

"Someone messed with this realm! Time and space are off. The monsters are dead and the magic may be lost! Even the Millennium items!"

'What is going on?' Yugi asked me.

"'What is going on?' I will tell you, now listen here Yami!

1) The world will change.

2) You will be the only one to remember the true realm!

3) Find Neo Quickly!

4) Follow him to find yourself!"

I had forgotten that he could listen in on us but remembered what he said anyway.

Startlingly, His body gradually turned gray and cold. I poked him and he just faded away from existence.


"Yes aibou?"

"I'm scared"

"Me too…"

The next day…

"Why don't people listen?"

"Because your ideas are based upon magic and faeries that don't even exist?" the CEO spated. "'End of the world' nonsense that spews from your mouth couldn't be any more wrong now! 'The dimension is going to collapse! The Heart of the Cards is dead and we all will die' is that what you are saying?"

"Well, yes…"

"You are full of garbage"

"No, you are for not believing in me! Pegasus, Bakura, and Malik have already been taken by the void. We need to work together before …"

"I could care less!"

"Listen! Yugi has also been taken!"

"He has?" announced the arrival of Shadi.


"The Millennium Item wielders are dieing?"

"No, being taken by time itself"

"So the magic has been lost?"

"YES" said the impatient pharaoh.


"Why do you say that?"

"Look at my key," said the man. The key, which was being held up, was slowly turning to stone. "I already had this happen to the Millenium Scale." Said the man while it finished.

"This doesn't look good…" muttered Yami.

"No it doesn…..AHH"

"What is happening to him?" asked the CEO after remaining silent the entire time Shadi was here.

" I fear he is gone too…"

Slowly, sure enough, Shadi turned gray and lifeless while being torn out of time.

"This has happened many times so far but how to stop it, I still don't know…"

"Whatever" answered the CEO.

At dinnertime…

What to do…

Everyone else is gone.

I witnessed them all. Shadi, Pegasus, Malik, Joey, Mai, Seto, Tea… even Yugi. Alone I left to go to sleep to ponder this matter.

Drifting off to sleep, I wondered what my dear friend said what he said.



"Yes aibou?"

"Whatever happens, promise me you will find me."

"Of course aibou. Always" Next thing I knew, He was gone…

-End Flashback-

He knew what I would say but said that anyway. "Aibou, come back, I need you" were the last things he heard while still conscious.


"Great Pharaoh.."

"Great Pharaoh you must rise NOW!"

I bolted out of bed and found myself in…

"…Ancient Egypt?"

AN: First story. Go easy on it please:)