Chapter Two: Nobody's Fool

"Dupree! Dupree!" Draco called after Latin, who ran up the stairs to the
Astronomy Tower, "Latin!" he finally called, getting her attention. She turned
around and smiled with a glint in her eye

"Yes?" she smiled sweetly

"Why won't you answer me?" Draco asked her, seeing her smile fade and her
eyes starting to narrow

"You really are deaf, aren't you?" Latin snorted as she continued making her
way up the stairs, "Don't you remember what I said last night? I don't answer
people who call me by my last name. And don't worry, it doesn't peeve me."
Though it really did peeve her, Latin refused to let anyone know her smallest
weaknesses, which will obviously make her an easy catch for others such as
this arrogant jerk following her up the stairs

As soon as they both got to the top of the stairs, Latin stopped and turned
around, taking Draco aback

"Would you please go on?" He said as he caught the second to the last step,
unfortunately not falling off the whole way down in Latin's case

"I just wanted to know, Mr. Head Boy," Latin started, "Why WERE you calling
after me anyway? Was there something you needed to talk about?" she
raised an eyebrow as Draco panted because of all the steps

"We can talk about that later, right now, we better get inside before we get a
detention." Draco walked in and left Latin standing there, peeved

Oh my god. Latin didn't have the last word. No guy has ever really done that
to her before and Draco won't be the first.

Latin stormed in, throwing the huge sanctuary door open and hastily making
her way to her an empty seat beside Harry

During class, obviously, no one was listening. So, during the seat work, the
professor assigned, Harry tapped Latin on the shoulder

"You're Latin, right?" Harry asked

"I see you've already heard about me. I'm not surprised." Latin said not
looking up from her textbook

"Of course I have. I mean, I LOVED what you did to Malfoy yesterday." Harry
grinned as Latin looked up and smirked

"And I suppose, that that's his name?" Harry nodded and received a laugh
from Latin, who accidentally dropped her text book

She bent over to pick it up as she saw Draco looking at her. She gave him a
death glare and he smugly looked away.

"So, what's next? Are you gonna hex Malfoy's belongings? Or better yet, are
you gonna hex him?" Harry asked excitedly

"Boy, you're pretty excited about me trying to hurt Malfoy again. What's up
with that? Is he evil or something?" she laughed

"You have no idea..."Harry trailed off as he got back to his work

"Really..." Latin trailed off, seeing Harry nod

"In first year, he tried making me one of them," Harry shuddered in disgust,
"In second year, he called my best friend, Hermione, a mudblood. In third
year, Hermione slapped him...thank god by the way. In fourth year, our DADA
teacher turned him into a ferret. In our fifth year, well, I forgot about that.
And last year, yeah, I also forgot about that."

"Doesn't sound too evil to me." Latin said

"But if you were with us, man, he was an evil ferret." Harry said

"Evil ferret. That's a good name, since I don't know his whole name yet,
might as well call him that for the time being." Latin said closing her book
and standing up to leave five seconds before the professor dismissed the

"Bye, Latin," Harry grinned as she turned and smiled back

"What was that?" Draco asked from behind

"None of your business, Oprah." Latin answered back

"Who's Oprah?" Draco asked

"She's more famous than you," Latin said sarcastically

"But I don't know her." Draco replied

"Well, you don't watch TV." Latin responded

"What's TV?" Draco asked

"You're stupid." Latin muttered, receiving a death glare from Pansy, "What are
you looking at?" Latin retorted. Pansy looked away and Draco spoke up again

"Why were you talking to Potter?" Draco asked

"Why don't you call people by their first names?" Latin asked right back

"You're changing the topic." Draco said

"Oh, so you CAN answer back, I never thought it was in you." Latin put on a
fake smile as Draco rolled his eyes, "Keep rolling your eyes like that and
someday it won't roll back."

"Haha, very funny. Now, why were you talking to him?" Draco asked

"Why do you care?" Latin replied, tucking some strands of hair behind her ear

"I don't." Draco said

"There you go. Problem solved."

"So?" Draco waited for an answer

"So, what?" Latin said in the same tone he did

"Why were you talking to Potter?" Draco asked

"You just said you didn't care. Do you have short term memory loss or

Draco rolled his eyes and sighed, "You're being difficult, Latin." he said as
they entered the Great Hall

"Wonder why it took you so long to find out..." Latin trailed off

"Haha...I'm laughing so hard, I'm dying."

"Oh ok, go ahead, die, not like anyone would miss you anyway." Latin
snorted to herself

"I beg your pardon?" he didn't seem to catch her statement

"You're deaf." she said simply, "Anyway, you said you wanted to talk to me
about something."

"Oh, that, uh...Well, Dumbledore wants me to tutor you." Draco said as he
searched for something in his backpack

"Oh, I'm stunned," she said in monotone, "What's there to tutor me about
when clearly, I should be the one tutoring you."

"He just wants you to catch up on some details we learned in our past years.
And these 'details' will be asked in the upcoming finals." Draco said, ignoring
her last comment

"Oh, I know that already." Latin grinned

"You do?" Draco asked surprised

"Yeah. You were slapped by a girl in your third year, you were turned into a
ferret in your fourth-" she said this and was soon cut off by Draco

"Potter...I told you he was trouble..."Draco muttered

"First of all, you didn't tell me anything about him. Second, I cannot believe
that you called a girl a mudblood... that is just out of the question. Just goes
to show how disrespectful you can be. And to think, you still have the
nerve to roam the school halls with your head held up high. You should at
least feel some sort of guilt. But from what I hear, you don't have a heart, and
that is hardly, in anyway, appealing. I feel sorry for you." Latin retorted as
she made her way to the Slytherin table

Draco opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. He just followed
her to the table, with Latin not talking to him the whole time.

What Latin did next kind of shocked some students. I mean, seeing a
Slytherin go up to the Gryffindor table to sit there, was out of the question,
seeing as they were the worst of rivals.

"Hi Harry." Latin smiled as she sat beside him and threw back her auburn hair
with caramel highlights.

Ron on the other hand, was there with his jaws hanging over.

"Close your mouth Ron, it's not polite." Hermione reminded him as he closed
his mouth

"Hi, I'm Ginny." Ginny introduced herself as she kicked Ron in the shin to do
the same

"And I'm-" Ron paused and received an odd glance from Harry, "What's my
name again?"

"Hi Ron." Latin smiled

"But how did you-" Then Hermione interrupted

"I'm Hermione, pleasure meeting you, Latin." she said politely

"Hi Hermione, and Ginny." Latin smiled at them both as Harry decided to

"So, I saw you and Malfoy arguing, what happened?" Harry asked

"I made him eat his words..." Latin said as she helped herself to a piece of
toast in the middle of the table

"Not to mention that spell you put on him yesterday." Hermione smiled

"Oh, no. Don't worry, it wasn't a throwback spell, I just disarmed him.
Nothing's going to happen to him...yet. It was wandless magic, so it was not
as harmless as a wand handled throwback. But when it comes to more
powerful spells, like the Avada, if it's done wandless, it kills the target and it
can hurt anyone within a twenty foot radius." Latin said as Ron's jaw began
to hang again

Ginny cleared her throat and he took that as a sign that he should close his

"Wow, until now, I've never been so interested in the Dark Arts. Tell me
more!" Hermione said excitedly as she and Latin got up to take a walk on the
school grounds

"Girls..." Harry trailed off, as Ron was now staring at the door that Latin had
just exited from

"She's hot." Ron said, receiving another kick to the shin from Ginny, "What?
She's not here!"

Ginny just laughed and got back to her food.

It was already 1 am and all the students were already asleep. With that, Latin
walked over to the balcony and sat there, thinking to herself. All these
questions ran through her head in a split second and she could not answer
just one of them.

What happens if someone finds out? Am I being too obvious? What if
someone already knows? Where is he? Why isn't he showing himself? Is this
some kind of sick joke? Is this the biggest mistake I've ever made?

Latin sat there as she started to cry. With the tears slowly streaming down
her face and a cold gush of wind brushed passed her face, Latin heard a
voice whispering what seemed like Spanish.

Somo de misma sangre.

Latin got up quickly and feared to know who owned that voice.

Somo de misma sangre.

"It's not true..." Latin muttered to herself with more tears starting to form
her eyes

Somo de misma sangre.

"It's not true..." she repeated, slightly louder than the latter

Somo de misma sangre.

"No quiero mas. NO QUIERO MAS!" with this, Latin rushed out of the Slytherin
tower and went to Dumbledore, who was the only one who ever knew and
who'd ever understand.

End of Chapter Two