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When All Your Dreams Come True

A Sequel to If Only

Chapter 1

The night air was chilly, yet it didn't rain, though it was well-expected according to the weathermen's forecasts. Everything seemed to be standing still, waiting for something to happen. That night was about to produce another proof of the victory of good upon evil, as Glinda the Good once stated. Something good was about to happen before the night was over, everyone felt sure about that. Good was the only thing the Emerald City had known since the return of who was once known as the Wicked Witch of the West. When the citizens were convinced that Elphaba wasn't at all wicked, as they were lead to believe, she became their loved and much respected Wizard of Oz. People and Animals from all over Oz came to the Emerald City to consult her and ask her advice as for this problem or the other, and working side by side with Glinda, they were finally making good. The city thrived and its citizens were happier than ever.

In the enormous castle at the heart of the Emerald City, none the residents felt the chill. None of them felt like sleeping, either, though the hour was late. Fiyero sat in the hall, nervous and exhausted. Boq sat there beside him, feeling quite the same. Once in a while the door would open and a maid would come out with an empty bucket and come back moments later with the same bucket, full of steaming water. Both men flinched whenever they heard Elphaba scream from the other side of the heavy wooden door. Whether she was screaming as a result of the water making contact with her skin or from unbearable pain, they couldn't quite tell.

Glinda was persistent as for not letting Fiyero into the room, yet she couldn't prevent him from waiting outside. His first child to be born. He was excited, and tired, and absolutely terrified at the same time. Hearing Elphaba scream and wail in a hopeless sort of way that was so unlike her didn't help much to his already shaken nerves. She sounded like a hopeless animal (or an Animal, probably) in a terrible pain… well, she was in a terrible pain. For hours. He looked desperately at the closed door and then at Boq, who smiled tiredly at him.

"She'll be alright, Fiyero. They all are, eventually," he said in an attempt to comfort his friend.

As far as Fiyero was concerned, it didn't quite do that. "Her mother wasn't," he reminded Boq, somewhat bitterly.

Boq shook his head. Of course, he knew that. Elphaba lost her mother when she was nearly a baby herself. Melena died while giving birth to Nessarose. He scorned himself for not thinking about it before. Now he was sorry he even brought it up. Fiyero didn't need to think about such things when Elphaba was in there. "It won't happen to Elphaba," he said finally, unsure which one of them he was trying to convince. Fiyero? Himself? "She is the strongest person I know, she'll make it," he added, then smiled as something occurred to him. "Even Glinda did."

Fiyero laughed softly at that. He remembered that sleepless night almost three years before, that night when little Dyre was born. It didn't last that long back then, or so he thought. Maybe it didn't seem like a long night then because it wasn't Fae giving birth. The most important thing was, that Glinda was perfectly fine the next morning, and so was Dyre. He was an adorable baby in everyone's opinion. He brought so much joy to the life of all of them. He looked a lot like Glinda with his soft golden hair and blue eyes, a perfect little angel. Fiyero knew that Boq and Glinda couldn't be happier.

The door opened once more, and out went Glinda. Her hair was a mass of golden curls. She looked uncharacteristically sweaty and exhausted.

Fiyero got up the moment he saw her. "Well?" he asked anxiously.

She shook her head. "Sit down, Fiyero. It might take a while," she said. Her voice was weak but soothing.

"Is she alright?"

"She is in a lot of pain. We have to use water so it's a bit more difficult than usually, in her case. She'll be fine in several hours. She'll get over it, you know she will," she said softly and touched his arm. Then she stood up. "Well, I'm going to check on Dyre."

"Oh, we'll do it, Linney, don't worry about him," said Boq. Fiyero was too excited to notice the unmistakably worried expression on Glinda's face, but Boq detected it instantly. Something was not going well. Boq hoped it wasn't as serious as losing the baby… or Elphie herself. He didn't think Glinda would bear it. He knew Fiyero wouldn't. Outside, at the castle's gates, the citizens of the Emerald City waited with flowers and gifts. They lit candles when the night fell upon the city and just sat there, for hours now, and prayed for the safety of the mother to be and her child.

"Fine. Then I'll stay with Elphie," Glinda said quietly. She and Boq exchanged a long, wistful look, which told him everything he knew but didn't dare thinking about.

From within the room, Elphaba screamed again.