Chapter 32

The river water sparkled in the afternoon's sun that started its slow descent into the west. Glinda watched it dreamily. She had always loved watching the sunset. Her head rested on Boq's knees. He ran his fingers through her golden hair absentmindedly. He was watching the sunset too.

Elphaba watched the two of them with a mixture of amusement and satisfaction. Who would have thought the two of them would end up like that, back then at Shiz? She could remember everything so clearly, as if it had happened just several days ago. Glinda, who was still Galinda at the time, tried to set Boq up with Nessarose so that she could go to the Ozdust ballroom with Fiyero, the new mysterious student. Later that night she declared she would marry him, remembered Elphaba. How did it turn out that eventually none of all that happened? Yes, Boq was with Nessa for a while, but his heart was always Glinda's, no matter what, and Fiyero? His heart was always Elphaba's, apparently.

She looked lovingly at her husband, who was a small figure in the distance. He sat by the river bank with Dawn and Dyre and told them a story, a secret story, he said, that none of the grown-ups could either hear or understand.

Her gaze wandered back to Boq and Glinda, who looked so peaceful and at ease with one another. They deserved each other, she realized. She was glad that Glinda had realized that too. She watched her best friend, whose arms were crossed above her still flat abdomen. A small smile appeared on Elphaba's face. She knew that Boq and Glinda wanted to have a girl this time. Above all the other benefits of having a girl, it would give Glinda a chance to pinkify the nursery. She laughed softly as that thought crossed her mind. Her sudden laughter caused Glinda to remove her gaze from the setting sun.

"What?" she asked sleepily. She was very tired lately as a result of her pregnancy. She fell asleep everywhere possible. Elphaba used to tease her about it constantly. She was so excited for both of them.

"Nothing, I was just… thinking," she said eventually. Glinda pouted, but didn't ask anything further.

Dyre and Dawn were racing in their direction. Fiyero was on their rear, in a hopeless attempt to catch at least any one of them. The three of them fell breathless and laughing on the soft grass, making Glinda open her eyes again.

"Hey you," Elphaba smiled as she pulled Dawn into her arms. "How was daddy's story?"

"Good story!" said Dawn, beaming at her mother. "The scarecrow and the witch lived happily ever after!" she informed Elphaba seriously.

Dyre nodded his agreement and started telling his parents all about Fiyero's story. They laughed so hard that he stopped talking at once, clearly confused. He couldn't understand what was so funny. Yet, Uncle Fiyero gave them his warning. Grown-ups couldn't hear that story; they wouldn't understand it. Maybe that was why.

Elphaba shot Fiyero a murderous glare. He shrugged. "What, it was only a story. They know there is no such thing as witches… or talking scarecrows… or tin men, for that matter," he added, patting on Boq's back.

"I loved the story about the tin man, daddy!" Dyre called as Fiyero mentioned it. "He married the beautiful fairy queen!"

"Oh, did he, really?" asked Glinda and flashed a grateful smile at Fiyero. Elphaba shot her a glare as well. "What? It is better than being the witch, Elphie," she said sweetly.

Elphaba sighed. "Yes, okay, whatever!"

Her thoughts wandered far away from the field they were at. In the many months that had passed since his departure, she couldn't stop thinking of her father. She was surprised to realize that she did miss him, though she had never thought she would. She knew he was all right; she could see him every once in a while in her new crystal ball, a birthday present from Glinda. The Grimmerie had several charms relating to it, and she tried to learn them all. It was a slow learning, obviously, but she was able to see glimpses of her father's life here and there, which made her happy. He seemed to be getting along back in his old world, with his new wife and their son.

Someone touched her arm gently and she opened her eyes. She couldn't remember even closing them. Fiyero was hovering above her. He smiled when she opened her eyes. "Hey, sleepy witch," he murmured and helped her up.

She looked around her, disoriented. The sun had nearly disappeared by now. The sky was a magnificent palette of pink and orange.

"Ready to go home now?"

She nodded slowly. "Where are Boq and Glinda? And the children?"

"They're along the path already. I told them we'd catch them."

She looked at him for a moment, then got closer and kissed him gently.

"What was that for?" he asked quietly once their lips parted.

She smiled. "No reason. Just… to remind you… that I love you."

"I love you too, Fae."

"Even though I'm a witch?" she asked, amused, as they started walking along the path.

Fiyero laughed. "Especially because of that," he said and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Come on."

Soon they reached Boq, Glinda and the children, and they walked back to the Emerald City together. Elphaba looked at the darkening sky, and smiled. She could finally agree with Glinda. Happy is what happens when all your dreams come true.

The End