"I do own beyblade! Yes I -!Eep! " Mimi faints and a little dart is attached to her neck
" Dart guns come in handy with delirious authors" Noel drags a unconscious Mimi away, "Enjoy the fic that Mimi doesn't own-!"

Warning: Maybe some Mariah bashing and Yaoi
"This might contain Yaoi and hopefully bashing the loathed pink son of a bitch Mariah If you hate what it might be, then don't freakin read! Duh!" Mimi faints from those god damn darts again.
Noel winks and drags Mimi off stage.

Chapter 5


Mariah glares at me as Ray stands protectively in front of me. She growls in frustration and tries to shove Ray out of the way.
"You! You took Ray away from me!" She claws at me and finally gets past Ray. She tackles me and is about to scratch me with her sharp claws.
"Go ahead. I know how you feel to loss Ray." I softly say and wait to be in pain again. She pauses and tears fill her eyes. She sits me up and sits in my lap as she cries in my shoulder. Ray smiles gently at me as I comfort her.
"Nobody loves me." She whimpers into my shoulder.
"That's not true, Lee loves you." I quietly tell her. She looks up with her wide pink eyes. She suddenly smiles and gives me a hug and gets off my lap and runs off to the hotel her team and her were staying. I smile as Ray helps me up. He embraces me and I snuggle into his shoulder. If the smell of woods and water and mountains can be described, that's how Ray smells to me. My Ray. My Guardian Angel Ray...

The End

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