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Summary: Kon's still pissed at Ichigo and curiousity gets the best of him as he decides to follow Kurosaki home to see if anyone has realized his dissapearence yet.
Story so Far: Kon found Three fairies from a lamp in the dumpster. They each granted him a wish. Now Kon has his own body and the fairies have disappeared. But it isn't their disappearance that is bothering Kon, it's that Ichigo and his one-time friends don't even seem to miss him yet. Of course, it's only been a day since he left, but that hasn't stopped him, yet.

Hello, took me long enough huh? Well, anyways, im gonna procrastinate getting to the other two wishes. Now's just a little time for fun, well actually it was supposed to start out fun, but now I think it's been getting a little more serious.

Also the chapters are probably going to be a lot shorter form now on, that way I can update quicker, and Kon may turn out to be a little OC.

Enjoy! if you can.

Kon stalked out of the school grounds.

"Hey You!" he heard a voice call out after him. He turned around to see a kid wearing a fashionable green hoody and black cargos running towards him. The kid was pointing at him with an accusing finger.

"You- You're the guy who jumped me and stole my clothes!" he screamed. The public around them began to stare.

The boy blushed, "I-I mean, my school uniform!" he tried to explain. Kon walked slowly up the boys and set a brotherly hand on his shoulder.

"It's ok," he soothed, unusually calm, "I'll give them back."


"Yeah," Kon raised his fist, "Right, now"


The boy slumped over. Everyone who was staring earlier, very slowly back away.

Ten minutes later, Kon walked out of an alleyway wearing his new clothes.

"Thanks again kid!" he cackled back to the moaning body behind him.

Now, he grinned, for Kurosaki.

Kon hung around the edge of the school property until the final bell rung for the day. He quickly spotted the orange head leaving the premises, along with Rukia.

Hood covering his head, he quietly stalked after them. He made sure to stay away far enough so they wouldn't notice his presence.

Soon, the reached Ichigo's house. Apparently there were no hollow attacks today. That was good, for Kon.

He waited for at least twently minutes after Ichigo entered his hiome before climbing onto the roof of the house with his agile body. He lowered him self to peek through the window, black hair falling around around his face.

Good, he thought nobody was inside the room at the moment.

As quietly as possible, he opened the window and snuck through. Downstairs he could hear Ichigo bickering with his family.

Weird, the room seemed to be a lot smaller now….

Suddenly he heard footsteps running up the stairs. Thinking quickly, Kon slid himself into the closet. Small feet walked across the carpet. Through the small opening of the closet door Kon could see that it was Ichigo's little sister, searching his room for something.

"ICHIGO!" she screamed so loudly that Kon had to cover his ears.

"What! Jeez, don't yell!" Ichigo entered the room.

"Where is it?" she cried from frustration.

"Where is what?" he asked nonchalantly.

"Where's that cute teddy bear you used to have? Where'd you put it? You didn't throw it away did you?"

Ichigo rolled his eyes, "What makes you think that I did anything?"

His little sister glared at him with her hands on her hips, "Well it couldn't have just gotten up and walked away now could it?"

Kon smirked, Yes I could. He saw Ichigo smirking as well.

"I told you already, I didn't do anything to it."

Kon's smirk faded away, Yeah you did, you threw me out of the freaking window! His anger was beginning to boil up inside him now.

"Well, then when was the last time you saw it?" she asked desperately. Man, she must really want to dress me up, he thought. Well, too bad, sucks for her.

Ichigio brought a hand up to his chin, "Ummm, yesterday morning I think, he might have just gone out for a walk, I'm sure he'll be back soon." He tried to comfort her.

Unfortunately it didn't work. "Why do you always have be so mean!" she shouted as she ran out of the room.

"Hey! Hey wait! I didn't mean it like that!" He called out, about to run after his sister when-

"Ichigo!" called out a commanding voice. Ichigo jumped, then slowly turned around.

Rukia's head peeked over the window "Is the coast clear!" she whispered.

Ichigo growled, "Dammit Rukia! Don't scare me like that!" he scolded and ran out the room to where he could hear his sister crying.

Rukia shrugged, closed the and walked towards the closet.

Oh shit! If she finds me here I am so screwed!

Slowly, she reached for the door.

Acting out of pure instinct, Kon pushed the door opened and kicked out at Rukia.

She easily dogged it, but it allowed Kon enough time to cover his face and jump out through the window. The closed window.


Glass flew everywhere as Ichigo ran into the room, "What the hell!"

Kon landed on the ground below and darted forward, pleased to realize how quick his new body actually was.