Summary: Three friends are kidnapped and secrets are revealed. What happens when one friend's secret may destroy them all?

Warning: YAOI IN LATER CHAPPIES! MWHAHAHA! Oh, and character bashing, rape, cursing, you know, the usual in action/angst and if there were more theme selectors, romance/comedy at some points

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Chapter 1


Aurora rolls her crystal blue and moss green eyes as the blonde in front of her bounces around like a maniac. Though, most of the time, she's exactly like her blonde friend who is currently on a sugar rush. Yep, she, Aurora, admits to being hyper. Supposedly serious and responsible beyond her years, yeah right! Aurora grins as the blonde runs around trying to fly or something. Aurora is really only loud and hyper when she is with her friends or on sugar, otherwise, she is quiet and shy. She actually hates being quiet and shy because guys at her pervert school seem to like the quiet virgin girls. She cringes at how many times a guy has tried to get down her pants or up her skirt. She kicks the pop can in front of her as she imagines it as one of the pervert guys heads.

"Ow! Tails that hurt!" Aurora looks up to see her blonde friend rubbing his head. She covers a giggle with her hand as he tries to glare at her.

"Max, just face it, you and I can't glare at all." Aurora grins as blonde, Max, sticks out his tongue.

"Oh and how do you know that?" Max retorts as he brushes his blonde bangs out of his ocean blue eyes.

"We've been friends for ten years Maxie. We know everything about each other." A boy with navy hair grins as he comes up to them. Max scowls at the boy and Aurora as they smile together.

"Yeah, we even have nicknames from when we were five! Face it Maxie, we all know each other inside and out." Aurora grins as she wraps an arm around Max's shoulder. He gives in and smiles too.

"Yeah, I guess your right Tails." Max pulls on Aurora's right pigtail as Tyson pulls on her right.

"Ow! Stop it Ty and Maxie!" Aurora scowls as they laugh and run off before she can hurt them, "Dumb best friends, always pulling on my pigtails." She grumbles as she runs after them into the school building.

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