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Chapter 3


Aurora grins as Tyson, Max, and her all lounge on the couch while watching Psycho (AN: Old scary movie that will get these teens worrying) Aurora watches as the man starts jabbing the knife into the screaming lady and cringes her freckled nose as blood gushes out.

'Gross! How can guys watch this?' Aurora glances at Max and Tyson and notices that they are noticeably paler. Aurora grins and nudges Max's side.

"Okay Maxie? We can watch another movie if you want." Aurora stands and moves over to the DVD player, "How about Hitch?" (AN: love that movie) Max and Tyson nod grimly as Aurora switches off Psycho. Suddenly Aurora can't help but feel like jumping onto the couch, in between Max and Tyson, and snuggling deep into the cushions (AN: As in she's afraid and wants to be comforted by having her friends near her! (1)This is platonic love between them not love love!) Aurora brushes off the feeling and bends down to pick up the DVD box holding Hitch. Max lets out a blood curdling scream. Aurora feels arms wrap around her waist. She screams too and starts to flay, trying to escape from whoever is holding her. She freezes as someone licks her neck and she whimpers. She looks behind her slowly and piercing blue eyes meet her's.


Kind of Max's Pov but in third person…

Max snuggles into the green couch as Aurora stares ahead of her with cloudy eyes. She shakes her head and her eyes clear. She bends over to pick up the DVD box when Max's eyes are covered from behind and feels a hot breathing on his pale exposed neck. Max screams and hears Aurora and Tyson's screams join his.

'Great, now we'll be kidnapped and raped! What else could go wrong?' Max whimpers as someone pinches his neck and he whimpers even more.

Same as before but in Tyson's Pov

Tyson yawns as he stares at the blank TV screen.

'Boring…' Tyson yawns again. Max screams next to him, but before Tyson can turn his head, someone suckles his right ear.

"You taste good." The voice snickers and Tyson aims a punch at the figure.

Normal Pov

A bright light fills the room and three shrieks are heard until they fade away. Aurora falls to her knees as tears stream down her face. Max just gapes as Tyson blinks.

"Their….gone…."Max manages out as he looks around the room. Aurora weakly nods as she weakly sit beside Max and snuggle closer into his side.

"But for how long?" She whispers.

Outside the house

"We were so close and their god damn guardians just had to interfere!" A figure curses as they kick a tree and wince as pain shoots through their foot. Another figure snickers and the first figure glares at them.

"Don't worry; you'll have your little whore back soon enough." The obvious leader grins a toothy smile, "We just need to take care of some unfinished business with their guardians first…."

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