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Love Many, trust a few, do harm to none. - William Shakespeare

Summary: The demon world tournament has passed Yusuke Urameshi married Keiko Yukimura while his allies Shuuichi Minamino formerly known as Yoko Kurama and Hiei were pardoned of their' crimes and instituted as full fledged spirit detectives. Kazuma Kuwabara retired from the spirit detective agency and went to the prep school that his sister wanted him to go to. Genkai is alive and to this day lives at her temple with the ice apparition Yukina, Hiei's twin sister. But if you think that their lives would end with a happy ending you're in for one rude awakening.


Not for the first time, Koenma supreme ruler of spirit world wanted to shrink into a corner and hide. Yusuke was very scary when he was angry. The fact that despite his youth, he was a powerful S-class demon that could probably kill him with a flick of a wrist could and destroy the majority of human world didn't help. But Koenma refused to show just how terrified he was. Yusuke was many things but he wasn't a murderer, and the young god highly doubted the former spirit detective would kill him in cold blood, even for this. Plus the prince of spirit world also knew that to give into fear was to invite further fury from the irate hanyou before him.

Said half-breed paced back and forth the length of the living room in Genkai's temple. So enraged was Raizen's heir, that his demon markings had appeared, and his eyes turned into a blood-spattered wine color. But as livid as he might be, and as powerful as he may have become, Yusuke still had a deep and abiding respect for his former teacher, and wouldn't dare let loose in the constraints of her home. And knowing this Koenma made sure the meeting was there, taking full advantage of his former employee's loyalty.

The sometimes little god-ling tried not to feel too disgusted with the slight manipulation on his part. What he had done was in no way in the league of what lows his father would sink to. Genkai sat at the low table sipping her tea acting as if nothing in the world could bother her. Yukina sat next to her looking at the former spirit detective worriedly. "Please calm down You-san, I know Keiko-chan has a good reason for not telling you." She turned to Koenma, "doesn't she Koenma-sama?"

The brown eyed deity couldn't help the flinch if he tried, and no one missed it. Now everyone's focus was on him, awaiting the answers that the prince really didn't want to give. Keiko's fate hadn't been a happily ever after. And to add to an already complicated situation, there were Yusuke's feelings to consider. Koenma knew that despite his carefree if punkish attitude, Yusuke loved his wife. "Whatever reason she had, Keiko took it to the grave," he replied as dryly as he dared. Abruptly Yusuke stopped pacing and snarled, "maybe not."

3 years after the demon world tournament


Yusuke Urameshi sighed. It had been three years since the demon world tournament, and two since he and his childhood friend Keiko had gotten married. The spirit detective thought he would actually be happily married to the brunette that was currently yelling her lungs out at him. He thought by giving up his birthright as king of one third, and potentially all of the Makai he was gaining something greater than any kingdom. Besides, the love of one woman, this woman, was greater than any riches or glory in this, or any other world.

As it turned out, the love of one Keiko Yukimura came with a hefty price, namely her control issues. 'I never thought I'd see the day that I regretted anything in my life.' Yusuke gazed down at his wife, his chosen life's companion, and couldn't help but think in all of their years both as friends, and as of two years ago, lovers, Keiko hadn't changed a bit. His feisty wife stood nose to chin before him, blue eyes lit with fury, fist balled at her sides, and ready to strike should she deem it necessary."Are you listening Yusuke? We're through I can't take it anymore."

Even if Yusuke was no longer a king of the Makai, or spirit detective for that matter he still occasionally went on cases for the prince of Reiki. The deal was mutually beneficial, as the mazoku finally got paid for his services, and Koenma had someone competent enough to clean up the spirit world's messes, without having his father breathing down his neck. To Yusuke it wasn't any big thing, as he knew that his demon instincts had to be satisfied somehow. And there was only two ways to do so, sex and blood. Screwing his wife to death wasn't an option. Neither was mass murder, and finding a fuck buddy was out of the question.

So the reticent young punk did what he did best, he adapted to the situation that he found himself in. Yusuke got a job as a bouncer at a local 'private club', and worked for Koenma part time behind the elder deity's back. And taking his teacher's one life lesson to heart, married his childhood sweet heart, finally fully committing himself in a worthwhile relationship. Keiko however had a very different outlook on their situation. All she understood was that her husband was constantly putting himself in danger and working at a dead end job.

He didn't have any plans for the future and no ambitions to speak of. This attitude never sat well with Keiko, but she thought if she waited long enough, and pushed him hard enough, Yusuke would eventually, 'get his act together.' Why couldn't her husband settle down, and get a (regular) job so that they could have children and move into a house instead of the small flat they owned now? Why couldn't he see that he didn't have to fight anymore? It had become the main topic of their arguments for the last ten months. Yusuke didn't mind the idea of having children just not so soon and the idea of changing his (job) was out of the question.

He ran a hand through his now almost ridiculously long black hair. The length due to transforming on a regular basis and having gotten frustrated with getting a hair cut before he returned home. His red/brown gaze lifted so that he was looking at his wife. "I can hear you perfectly fine Keiko no need to screech," he said softly. Simply put, Yusuke was tired of fighting and just wanted to relax without his wife getting even more worked up than usual. Keiko's face became stained with an angry red as she glared at the hanyou before her.

She'd expected her lover to fight to yell back to try to convince her to stay with her. It was like he didn't care anymore. And she was too blinded by her own angry expectations to see that she had pushed too hard, and now Yusuke already exhausted from his latest 'job' was in no mood to indulge her need for a temper tantrum. Was it too much to ask for a normal life? Couldn't he see that she needed reliability in her life? It was like Yusuke didn't care anymore. She furiously held back her tears, it was time to end this and she couldn't falter now. Get out Yusuke, get out of my house, get out of my life," she hissed

Yusuke stared at his petite spouse for a moment. He was tired, beaten up, and in need of some sleep, and now Keiko was being a petty self-centered bitch. She had wanted him to be like all the other guys that existed in her world. She thought that he'd grow out of being the delinquent she befriended years ago. But Yusuke was tired of people trying to fit him into the image that they had of him. If his own wife couldn't love him for whom he was, then there was no point in even staying. Without so much as a word he began to pack.

Keiko watched him from their bed. He didn't even glance at her as he threw his clothes into a couple of bags. He only took one picture, the picture himself and the other Reiki-tantei when they were all together at Genkai's temple. It was the one where he stood in the center pointing his spirit gun at the camera, with his arm around his former wife's shoulder. Raizen's heir smiled bitterly at the image before pocketing it and making his way to the door. "This was your decision Yukimura not mine, don't ever contact me," he said.

Yusuke slammed the door behind himself ignoring the sound of his former wife's sobs. He was too angry at both himself and Keiko to be able to deal with her. In no time the half-breed made his way to his former teacher's temple home. When she saw him Genkai didn't even ask what happened. The old psychic merely told him to keep his room clean and that she expected him to train with her in the morning.

The god sighed. Of course Yusuke would do something so stupid, and of course Keiko would over react. Genkai chose this moment to snort, "Again you show your stupidity dimwit." The elderly master was anything but sensitive and her student would get no sympathy from her. That was fine by Yusuke. He had never wanted anyone's pity. "Shut it you old hag, you're not helping" "Whoever said I wanted to help?" She retorted, discreetly drawing him away from his self doubts and violent reprimands.

He rounded on her, too blinded by the sudden rage to see anything else. "Then shut the fuck up!" Genkai stared into the garnet eyes of her successor with grim determination. "No you listen here Yusuke", the elderly martial arts master paused, her glare becoming even more powerful, "You are a father, have been for fifteen years even if it was unknowingly." Yusuke turned away from her grievous and half-healed hurts being torn open anew in front of their very eyes, "It takes more than blood to be a father."

The way he said it was bitten off, and bitter. The undertones of pain and loss were there as well. Yusuke Urameshi hated feeling weak and helpless, and at the moment he felt both. He never knew what it was like to have a father and Atsuko never told him who his father was. As for Yusuke he on no account really asked her. But this child, this child was his. And how could he let something he wouldn't wish happen to his worst enemy, happen to the child he never had the chance to love.

Keiko had not told him she was pregnant, or perhaps she hadn't known. The fact of the matter was that Yusuke was a father and he had been absent from his child's presence for far too long. Koenma made his way over to the former detective, making sure he was out of arms reach, not that it would have done much good. "Congratulations Mr. Urameshi," he said almost formally, "it's a girl." Yusuke nearly choked on the hysterical laughter wanted to consume him, before turning around, and calming down enough to return to his human form."What are you going to do now Yusuke" Genkai asked eyeing her former student for anymore signs of dangerous angst. "One thing at a time grandma, I don't even know her name." Yusuke shot Koenma a searching look.

"Kagome Higurashi"