The Return of Rocky A/N: Yes, Rocky returns in the sequel of the best fanfic ever made The End of the Aquateens? But, now Rocky is better than ever because he has a whole new cast of characters from other famous shows, you might have heard of them.

Dad Guy

Watch as, (weird guy that is on the set of a t.v. show even though this is not a t.v. show says "Um, Author they are not going to be watching anything, this is a book.) OOPS, I have just been informed that this indeed is a book, O.K. then listen as, oh, its a book, fine then read as a whole new cast of characters races to find the secret weapon, I'll give you a hint it rhymes with Rocky. Ok, I will stop typing now so you can read this messed up fanfic and of course I do not own Aqua Teen Hunger Force or any of the above mentioned shows, all I own are the talk show hosts Bob and Diane and of course Rocky.
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"Hi, we are back on Shut Up When I am Talking and with us today is a great hero and friend Master Shake." Diane said as the studio audience applauded. Shake got up from his seat in the studio audience and went up on the stage and sat down by Bob and Diane.

"Hello, Shake we are so pleased to have you here an-" Bob started to say but Shake cut him off.

"And I am glad to be here." Shake said.

"Please, Shake, shut up when I am talking." Bob said with the fakest smile ever glued to his face. "So, Shake, I heard you tried to take over the world, why?" Bob asked.

"Maybe, a world takeover would be good for this government, we would get rid of them." Diane said and started laughing.

"Oh, real original Diane, making fun of the federal government on daytime t.v. oh that is rich." Bob said and stared at Diane. After a fierce staring contest Diane finally blinked. "HA! You lose! Oh, anyway how did it feel when you lost Rocky?" Bob asked.

"It felt terrible, Bob." Shake said trying to hold back fake tears. "He was like a brother to me."

"What are your roommates doing about this disaster?" Diane asked.

"Well, Meatwad is trying his best to help me in my time of need but he lacks the one thing it takes, a brain. But Frylock..."

"What about Frylock?" Diane asked.

"He just laughs at me and makes fun of me when I have nightmares about losing Rocky."

"Wow, he sounds like a real jackass." Bob said. "Maybe we can get Frylock on the show and beat the crap out of him, but for now we are out of time. Diane and I are here to say..."

"Shut up when I am talking, goodbye." Diane and Bob said in unison.

In OuterSpace:
"Are you watching this?" Emory said as he shut off the t.v.

"Does it look like I have been friggin' watching it?" Oglethorpe said as he entered the room.

"Um, no." Emory said.

"Then, shut up. What was it?" Oglethorpe asked.

"It was that weird Shake guy." Emory said

"What about him?" Oglethorpe asked.

"He was on that one show, Shut Up When I am Talking talking about Rocky." Emory answered

"Oh, Rocky didn't he try to take over the world, where is he?" Oglethorpe asked.

"That is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about, Shake lost him." Emory said.

"We must find him, he is a war machine. We must head toward Earth!" Oglethorpe said.

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