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Chapter 8: Don't Forget Who's In Charge

Rest. Something that was just too hard to grab onto right now. Tea had been up all night. Why? How could she sleep when a lot was going on right now? She had to play into Yami's little plan, find out what Serenity was up to, get Seto back, all at the same time while pretending she temporarily lost a part of her memory. How the hell was she going to pull this off? All the time she had to think and she still was second guessing herself. She was definitely nervous. She had every right to be, even though a part from her ability to perform in the singing and dancing industry, she was always told she was a good actor. Let's just hope good enough.

Tea's head lifted from her pillow as a knock came to the door. 'Hmm…' She looked at the clock on the hospital nightstand. 'Visiting hours just started and I'm already getting company.'

"…Yes?" Tea called out sounding unsure, not forgetting that unless it's Mokuba, she had to act like she had amnesia.

"Tea, it's Seto." The masculine voice sounded through the door

Tea's eyes widened. 'If Mokie told me right, Seto is supposed to be no where near me…considering that Serenity might do something.'

"Seto…" She repeated his name. "Come in."

The door opened and Seto walked through with a smirk on his face. He closed the door and Tea didn't say a word.

"Good morning, sweetheart." Seto said giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Close your eyes."

Tea looked at him confused until she realized that he indeed did have something behind his back. She obeyed.

She felt something being placed on her lap.

"Open your eyes." Seto said. She obeyed and her eyes shot straight down. Her eyes widened. She wanted to squeal and jump into Seto's arms and just smother him with kisses, but of course she had to act slow…

"What's this?" Real slow…

"They're you're favorite, both white and red roses." Seto said softly holding her hand.

'Tea really wanted to cry. Seto hadn't forgotten. I still remember that day.' Seto then said the same thing he said on their honeymoon as he handed her the same combination of flowers.

"May we always be together as one."

Tea knew when you deliver white and red roses together to someone; it is a symbol of unification and unity.

"Thank you Seto…" She hesitated, but her hand lifted to gently touch Seto's face. "Things are still shady to me, but it's nice to know that I have people like you."

Seto kissed her hand. "I still have one more thing to give you…"

Tea tilted her head to side. 'What could it possibly be?' Then Tea gasped and tears dared to form in her eyes.

It was her wedding ring. She forgot that she threw to the floor in the Kaiba mansion. Seto took her left hand and put the wedding ring back on her finger. "Tea you're still my wife. And I'm here for you in sickness and in health."

Tea delivered him a blank look. "We are married?"

He smiled. "Yes. I love you more than anything, if you only you could remember the good days."

"How long have we been married?"

"This is our third year. Though the last year has been horrible…" Seto said not making eye contact

"What? Why?" She asked even though she already knew the answer.

"Serenity…She's tearing us apart."

Tea's lowered. She had so much to tell him. Like how Yami lied about them two…but she knows that he'd overreact.

"Oh..." That's all she could say.

Seto never looked up. "But I hurt you, Tea. I didn't mean to nor did I want to."

"What…did you do?" Tea asked trying to sound as clueless as possible.

"I…" Seto then looked at her with sorrow in his eyes. "I would rather you hate me for a while, than for me not to have you at all."

'Oh…that done it!' Tears started to roll down her face and they wouldn't stop.

Tea placed her hands on top of his. "Seto…I may not remember everything from my past and even from our marriage…but I know I can't resist this feeling in my heart. I…love you…"

Seto then pulled her into a passionate kiss.

Outside the Room

"So you think you can just disobey me like that and assume everything will be alright? Think again…Seto you're mine and no one else's." Serenity whispered as she smoothly walked away from Tea's room door not making a sound, almost being cat-like.

She smirked as she realized how easy this was going to be. Calling up Yami, she explained to him the new plan.

"I need you to wait until my dear Seto has left the hospital…Tea's checkout is later. You'll need to get there before Seto returns. I don't care where you take her just make sure it's far…"

The Kaiba Mansion-The Arcade Room

"Oh yeah! High Score!" Mokuba yelled excitedly. Seto told his brother to stay home while he went to check on Tea. He said he just wanted some alone time with her and maybe help jog her memory. Of course he didn't mind, he just hoped that they don't get caught.

The door slightly opened. Mokuba used his peripheral vision to see a slim figure slowly opening the door. He never fully turned his head so he assumed it was his big brother trying to sneak up on him.

"I see you tryin to be slick." He used some Brooklyn terms he learned from a close friend. He then laughed realizing how crazy he sounded. "How was Tea, Se-" Then he turned his head. His eyes widened. This figure certainly wasn't that of his brother.

"Why do you look so surprised, Mokuba?" Serenity said sinisterly.

"What are you doing here? What do you want?" Mokuba slowly rose to his feet and began to back away.

Serenity let out a nasty laugh, and slowly trapped Mokuba in the corner of the room. "You know why I'm here…Seto has failed to follow simple instructions, so I'm going to make him suffer…"

Seto and Tea

"Bye…" Tea said disappointingly.

Seto laughed. "Don't worry; remember, you checkout today. I'll be back later to pick you up." As he closed the door his cell phone began to ring.



"Mokuba, what's wrong." Seto answered

"Umm…nothing…I was just wondering if…I could go to Jake's house…" Mokuba sounded nervous. "He just got this new video game and he invited me over…"

"Sure kid. Just make sure your home before 7."

"Okay…thanks." He had stressed his last word. The phone conversation had ended and Mokuba's head was held low…He wished his big brother had been a father and said no. He really didn't want to be forced somewhere he didn't want to go.

"Don't forget who's in charge…" Serenity said with venom in her voice. She had him captive now and he needed to figure a way to escape.

But there isn't that much you can do with a gun to your head.

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