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Chapter 9: Something Isn't Right

Serenity held the gun to Mokuba's head firmly as she snatched the cell phone out of his hand and threw it across the room. She wanted to make sure that he had no way to contact his brother, or anyone else for that matter, while he was with her. She needed everything to go smoothly if she were to get away with this. Mokuba was scared out of his mind; I mean he has a gun to his head. What could he do? He wasn't going to fight back, he had no weapon, nor was he going to run. She would just shoot him. He wished he could just call out for help.

'This situation is unrealistic! Where is Roland? Where are the maids?' Mokuba thought.

Serenity snatched his vest off because she was well aware of the KC intercom on his collar that always connected him with Seto.

'No! My vest! Now I'll never be able to tell Seto who has me and what's going on!'

Serenity began to drag a groaning Mokuba to the front door. She opened it. "Yell to Roland that you're going to Jakes house."

Mokuba sighed. He wished someone would just see what Serenity was doing and stopped her…but of course, luck wasn't on his side today.

"Roland! I'm going to Jakes house!" Mokuba yelled at the top of his lungs. But just as he finished yelling, Serenity immediately shut the door and ran to her car. It was right in front of the bushes that grew against the gate so either way you looked out the window of the mansion, you couldn't see it.

With no one in sight, Serenity easily threw Mokuba in the trunk of her car. She also knew he would fight back so she turned the gun around and knocked him out with the handle. She smiled evilly and closed the trunk and made sure it was locked even though she knew that he would be knocked out for a while. But like she said, everything had to be perfect.

She got inside the car and started it while she pulled out her cell phone. The phone only rang twice before the person picked up.


"Mokuba is in my possession. Time for you to go to the hospital before my dear Seto realizes what has happened. Your actions must be flawless, Yami…"

"I'm outside her room as we speak."

Serenity chuckled. "Eager, now are we? Waste no time. Get her as far away from Domino as you can…" She then hung up.

Yami looked as his phone then closed it shut. He smiled and looked at the door.

"Tea is finally going to be mine and there is nothing Kaiba can do to stop me…"

Tea's P.O.V.

A knock awoke me from my sleep. After Seto left, I tried to get some shut-eye, but obviously people are attracted to my damn door.

"Who is it?" I called out.

"Yami." He answered. I gasped. What was Yami doing here? I just have to remember that I can't blow my cover. I bet Yami's here to fill my head up with more lies...

"Come in."

He entered and shut the door behind him. I'm guessing he could still see a confused look on my face. But the look wasn't for me being clueless; I really wanted to know why he was here.

"Tea, are you ready to leave?"


"I thought…I don't check out until later.." I said honestly.

"Besides…why the hell should I go with…" I then realized, "I can't resist, or mention anything about Seto. Yami might catch on.."

"I know," He said as he ran his fingers through my hair, which made me feel very uncomfortable. "But I just thought that I would pick you up early so we could spend some more time together. How does that sound?"

I eyed him suspiciously. Just what was he planning?

"Just…great…" I said uncertain.

"I have to keep my guard up…Serenity just might be behind this."

"Okay, get dressed while I check you out." He said as he walked out the door, closing it behind him.

I got up, grabbed the clothes that Seto just so happened to bring earlier, and set them on my bed. Something just doesn't seem right…Yami must be taking me away. He lied to me once about being his girlfriend, so there's no telling what is going to happen. I got dressed and quickly grabbed the phone in my room and dialed Mokuba's cell. He can help me.

It rang once, no answer.

It rang twice, no answer, and it just kept ringing until his voicemail picked up. "Hey, you've reached Mokuba. Sorry that I missed your call, but just leave your name, number, and a brief message, and I'll get back to you, asap." Then I heard the beep...'I have to leave a message now because this might be the only opportunity I have.'

"Mokie, this is Tea. Yami just stopped by the hospital and said he's here to pick me up. He's not supposed to be here and he is about to take me somewhere. I don't know where but please hurry and find me…I'm almost positive that Serenity is-"

The door flew open and I immediately hung up the phone.

"Tea, darling, who was you talking to?" I knew it was Yami. But I wonder did he hear anything…

"Uh…I don't know…the phone rung and I answered it…"

But Yami looked like he was not convinced…

"Oh okay." He grabbed my hand tightly making me wince. "Let's go…" I glanced at his face and for a second…he looked, evil…


"Roland! I'm going to Jakes house!" Was the last thing he heard before the door slammed shut. Roland turned around the corner and saw that Mokuba had indeed left. He proceeded to walk until he noticed something came into contact with his foot. He picked it up. It was Mokuba's cell phone. Questioned, he walked into the living room, where he also found Mokuba's vest. He also picked that up.

"Why would Master Mokuba leave these behind? Master Kaiba told him to never leave the mansion without his cell phone…" He saw that Mokuba had one voicemail, but he was unable to see who called because Mokuba had always put his phone on lock so no one could go through it.

Roland scanned the room and a chill ran up his spine. Something didn't seem right…

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