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He stared at the picture astonished. Draco Malfoy has a TWIN SISTER?

This is a joke, RIGHT? Draco thought. His father had kept her away from him so she wouldn't ruin "Draco's plans."

His parent had lied to him for 15 and a half years. They had sent her to a muggle orphanage in Wales, and she had been adopted by and American family. He was supposed to meet her in a day, and his "sister" was going to learn to practice witchcraft in her sixth year as well.

Her parent had been visited by the Ministry soon after she had been adopted, meaning they knew. (DUH!) Professor McGonagall sent the owl when she was 11, but the owl had gotten struck by lighting over seas from a hurricane and went unnoticed. (A/N: Sorry owl lovers, but this is the authors secretary, (Otherwise known as her older sister!) and she said I could edit it. It was originally that the owl dropped in the Atlantic Ocean during a tropical storm, and it sank. So I asked one of best friends what would be funnier. She is watching me copy this down from my sister's note book and she is reading this notice and cracking up- KATHRYN STOP LAUGHING! Um… by the way I am being serious.)

Her name you ask? Bridgett Isabella Malfoy.