Chapter 2: I'm a… Sorry, did I just hear you correctly?

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A bit about her (adoptive) family…

Although her original last name was Malfoy, it was now legally Grier. The 16 year old Bridgett was currently going to Bradcliffe Academy for Girls, a boarding school like Hogwarts, except they were extremely picky and only students whose parents had ancestors that went since the early years of the school or had recommendations of other parents that were friends of other parents of the girl. Plus, it WASN'T A MAGIC SCHOOL!

Bridgett was living with her brother, Peter, who was a muggle, who also went to a boarding school. Her mother, Claire, was a fashion designer who was well known with Japan and England's 1st class citizens (she was getting to get popular the rest of Europe to, a Greek member of their government, but chose to live in the USA. Her father, Cedric, was the 15th richest man on Earth. (He invented a cell phone that could also download songs and receive television and radio studio transmissions.)

Bridgett was the luckiest girl on the earth. She didn't have a care in the world. Or so she thought…


"Okay, calm down Morgan! Just because your little brother flushed your lucky soccer cleats down the toilet- STOP CRYING! It's going to be OKAY! You can get another- okay, so you can't, but you can buy lucky… socks? …. Okay, maybe the plumber can come and fish them out…. Yeah, I'll come over later and beat the heck out of him for you."

Just then, Bridgett's parents walked in depressed expressions on their face.

"Uh… Morgan… I really want to help, but I gotta go. Bye." Bridgett hung up the phone.

"Did someone die?" Bridgett asked sadly. Then her face lit up. "Was it Peter!" Then she started doing a freaky dance singing "Joy to the world, Peter in gone. Despite the fact thathehadnolifetobeginwi-i-i-i-i-ith!"

"NO ONE DIED!" They screamed. Claire had tears in her eyes.

"Oh." She said. "Then…what is it?"

Claire made a sound that sounded like something between a sob and the word "Here" and handed her a letter.

Bridgett read the note then looked up. "Accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? HA! This is a joke…" Her parents looked even more depressed to see the bright girl they considered to be their own daughter realize the truth.

"…Right…?" Bridgett squeaked. "I know you guys told me I had a strange history, but are it THIS strange?"

They both explained it to her, well, Cedric did anyway. Claire was wailing so loudly that Bridgett's tabby cat, Faith, tried to hide in her book bag, but it was too small, so she got stuck and her flailing legs were poking out.

"Meoooooooooooowwwww!" The cat cried for help.

It took Bridgett 10 minutes to pull her out, then 30 minutes to finally realize what was going to happen.

"I won't be able to ever see you guys again, am I?"

"The Ministry decided since you would be going to the school later that everyone else, you will after you graduate."

Okay, that's not TOO bad. At least I get to see them again. Bridgett thought hopefully.

"And… do I have to live with my real family?"

"You're going to live a family that has 2 Hogwarts students that live with…non- magical citizens most of their holidays, so you'll be able to correspond with people who know about your interests."

"Would that be my real family?"


"Oh. Are they relatives of my family?"


"Are they family FRIENDS!"


"Fine." Bridgett murmured. Then she burst out into tears. Her mother and Bridgett held on to each other and cried for hours. Even Faith the cat began to meow as if she was wailing.

"Need… alone time!" she sobbed like a little 2 year old. Her parent left and closed the door behind them. Bridgett let out a shriek of anger that chased the perching birds around the house, neighborhood, town, county, state; country even into the sky then smothered the rest of the screams with a pillow over her mouth.

One hour later…

"So… they told ya, eh?" Peter asked as Bridgett trudged down the stairs.

"Is this a punishment for riding your mountain bike and accidentally riding it in the lake when I was 5?"

"No, think of it as time taking you by the wrist and directing you where to go." Peter told her patting her on the head. "You've been free; fate's just letting you know that you can't be acting like a muggle when you're really a witch. But you're still you. This whole witch craft and wizardry thing doesn't define you. it's gonna be- Hey wait… YOU RAN MY BIKE IN THE LAKE? You said you chased a burglar trying to get it back but he cold-heartedly threw it in the lake!"

"First of all, don't think you have all the confidence in the world! Because, if you mock me, I swear, once I learn magic, I will turn you into THE BABOON YOU WERE MEANT TO BE!" Bridgett shrieked, and then snickered.

"I wasn't mocking you. I've known since those Ministry people came when you were at camp. I was trying to make you feel better…" Peter sighed. Bridgett was nearly blown away. Peter and Bridgett would fight 24/7. Bridgett was impressed he was actually being…nice.

Peter pretended to get angry. "Oh, and I don't want to be a baboon with A BIG PURPLE BUTT!" He screamed just as their parent walked in.

Cedric looked at Bridgett.

"Bridgett, please keep the pigment of Peter's derry air the same from when he was born." Cedric winked at her. "This would be pink."


"We have to go the airport." Claire sniffled. "MY BABY IS LEAVING US FOREVER!"

"For a year, Mom."

"A YEAR!" she wailed and fell in Bridgett's arms.

"There, there." Bridgett said, laughing and crying at the same time.

"By the way, you get to bring Faith."

"REALLY!" Bridgett asked happily.

"The school allows pets."


"Go pack." Her father said.

Bridgett ran up stairs and began packing, thinking about what Peter said.

He's right. She thought. I should think of it as time taking me by the wrist and directing me where to go. I have been free; fate's just letting you know that I can't be acting like a muggle when I'm really a witch. But I'm still me. This whole witch craft and wizardry thing doesn't define me. I've always thought of myself as being the luckiest girl on earth. I know who I am, but…

Bridgett smiled.

I can't let this let me think differently of myself. Actually, everyone needs to know that, when anything path turning happens to them.


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