Chapter 3: Meeting New People and Seeing New Places


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Bridgett had knocked on the door of the freakishly built house door and waited for someone to open the door. Instead of someone opening it and greeting her, she heard screams from the house.

"Get the door!"

"Who wants to answer the door to a Malfoy!"

"She doesn't even know her family! Not her REAL one, anyway."

"It's still a no."



A boy with messy, red hair and freckles that looked like he was 16 or so answered the door.

"You must be Bridgett. I'm Ron." He said

"Hi!" she said, not knowing what else to say.

"You're Malfoy's sister?"

Bridgett, still not knowing what else to say, squeaked, "Um… no, not really."

"'Not Really'?"

"I was raised a Grier, so that's what I refer to myself as. Bridgett Isabella Grier."

Ron smiled a bit. "Then come on in!" Bridgett heard him whisper "Because you're not a Malfoy."

"Heard that!" she blurt out.

Bridgett followed Ron into a cozy family room with lots of people staring at her.

"Um… Hi!" Bridgett felt very weak. All these people thought she was a Malfoy, and that must've meant they absolutely hated her. Bridgett looked around and was a short, plump woman, a tall red haired man with glasses, a girl with red hair, a black haired boy with a scar on his forehead of a lightening bolt, and a brown haired girl.

"Let me introduce you!" The plump woman stood up.

"No, need." She said, then froze I NEED TO KNOW WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE! BRIDGETT YOU IDIOT! She thought, so she covered it up with "My adoptive parent told me all of your names!" PHEW!

"Well, you don't know who is who!" The woman said happily. "I'm Mrs. Weasley, this is Mr. Weasley, Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny!' she said their names as she pointed at them.

"Um… Hi!" she said stupidly. You idiot, you already said that. "Yeah, wait one sec, ok?" Bridgett said quickly turned around and grabbed her cell out of her bag. She dialed Morgan's number. "Hey, you've reached my cell; I'm unavailable right now there's a beep coming up! If you know what to do with it, do your thing and I get back to you, okay? Later!" BEEP!

"Hi, uh… Morgan, Listen, I think I might be having a really bad dream. If I'm not, call my parents and ask them what going on… mention Hogwarts, but that's all I'm going to say! If my parent say I won't see you for a long time, I hate it too, but it's true! Okay… Ask them if you can call me back too… This is Bridgett… Sorry I can't help you with you're cleats either! Um… Bye?"

She hung up and turned around. Everyone had a freakish look as if they were thinking "What a freak!" The only ones not staring were Faith and Crookshanks, who were playing

Bridgett was paralyzed. "Um…"


An owl had slammed into the window and fall to the ground.

"He always does that!" Ron muttered and walked to the window to grab the letters.

As Ron went through the letters, he called out: "To Ginny from Luna, Hermione got one from her parents, the book lists are for everyone…"

Bridgett zoned out and stood there, staring at the freaky clock.

"Bridgett, here's one to you." Ron handed her a letter, not looking to happy about it.

Bridgett looked at the return address and her heart began to race.

The Malfoys

Bridgett ripped it open and began reading it to herself.

Dear Bridgett,

We have never been so happy that our daughter is coming back to us. We wish you a happy year at Hogwarts before you return to us for the rest of your life.

Yeah right, that's the last thing I am going to do! She thought shrilly and continued reading.

We have missed you terribly

SUUUUUUUURE! Then why did you send me away!

May we tell that we regret you having to stay at the Weasleys, whom we despise? The Weasley family has been a disgrace to the wizard world in our eyes. We are devastated that we could not bring you back to us this holiday. We wonder why the headmaster put you in Gryffindor, because we know better that our family members belong in Slytherin. This is also sad because you cannot get to know your twin brother better, because you will be separated most of the time.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


The Malfoys

Draco, Narcissa, and Lucius

"Ok, I have a feeling I am not going to like my family!" Brooke said accidentally out loud. Everyone then looked at her.

"Uh, heh heh, sorry." She said and grabbed Faith who was…well I guess playing…with Crookshanks.

"So, you want to play my fav game? Slap Jack?" Bridgett asked and everyone agreed.

Ron and Bridgett played first and she got him every time, he jumped a lot. Everyone got a turn and it soon got late. They went on their way upstairs to get ready for bed. "I didn't know someone could jump that much!" Hermoine squealed.

"Yeah…ok…I am just going to get on my laptop to check my mail!" Bridgett said. She went to her bag and began checking her email.

"AMAZING! What can it do?" Ginny asked looking over her shoulder.

"Well, right now I'm talking to Hannah and Rachal about a girl who doesn't know about personal space issues." She joked

"Is it Hermione?" Ginny asked.

"It's YOU, Ginny." Hermione giggled.

Ginny's face turned a bit red in embarrassment. Then she got a clueless look on her face.

"Hermione, where's Crookshanks?" Ginny asked.

"Oh, probably chasing a bunch of gnomes, butterflies, or lightening bugs." She said looking outside, noticing how dark it was getting.

"Yeah, Faith is probably, too." Bridgett said going back to her computer, typing in, and then stopped.

"Um, guys?" she turned to them "Who was the dude with the scar."

"Harry Potter." They both said at the same time.

"Hmmm…" she turned back to her laptop and typed in the Harry Potter website then screamed.

"WHAT?" they screamed.

"Nothing!" she closed the window to the site and began IMing her friends, while checking She then said good bye to her friends and left.

"So, I going to bed! I am sooo tired. Good night!' Bridgett climbed up the bed to her bunk and flopped in her bed to sleep. Ginny and Hermoine did the same.

Bridgett waited an hour until everyone was asleep, then she began writing an email to her parents. The parents she KNEW.

Dear Mom, Dad, and Peter,

I'm emailing you to let you know I'm okay. I already made two new friends and I heard from my real parents. I love you guys a lot and I will see you soon, okay? PLEASE let me know if you can or can't even speak to me.

Love you,


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