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Chapter 4: Meeting the Malfoy (twin)

Draco walked down the train aisle trying to hold himself the way he usually did: Perfect, confident, and in the eyes of others, annoying. This time, he was sulking, and self-conscious. He hadn't seen any sign of Bridgett. He felt sad, angry, worried, happy… how did he feel? The whole time when ever he heard a female voice, he turned his head, trying to pretend he was doing so because he was bored. But instead, he jerked his head as if it were You-Know-Who chasing him, trying to murder him.

Draco saw his arch enemy in a compartment window and smiled. Potter. He smiled and waltzed into the compartment.

"Hello, Potty, Weasel, Bridgett." Draco froze. "BRIDGETT?"

"Have we met?" Bridgett asked clueless, because she hadn't seen a picture of Draco.

"I'm… Draco Malfoy."

Bridgett felt confused, then dizzy, then weak, then confused AND dizzy AND weak. Then…


…she fainted.

"Um… uh… okay…" Harry stared at the unconscious Bridgett. She was blue in the face and her tongue had lolled out of her mouth, pushing her wad of gum out on to the floor.

"Now what do we do?" Hermione said randomly. Ron and Hermione would be in the prefect compartment, but they got permission to hang out with their friends this year.

"Wake her up!" Draco said as if he knew everything. He bent down next to her and slapped her couple of times in the face. Bridgett shot up and looked at Draco.

"You- you- you-You're my b-b-b-brother." She panicked.

"Oh, stop acting like Professor Quirrell!" Draco said annoyed.

"Uh…who?" She said. "And, ouch!" Bridgett looked over at Faith. "Hey, Faith, this boy-." She pointed at Draco "-Has a little mouse in his pocket. If you can get, you get to eat it." Faith pounced on the boys head and began scratching him up to force him to hand over the "mouse".

"OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! OOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWIIIIIIIYYY!" he screamed and threw the overly fluffed up feline in Bridgett's arms.

"HEY! You don't have to be so violent!" She screamed and held Faith close. "Did that mean, pale, ugly man scare you, my beautiful, cutie pie princess?" Bridgett babied the cat. Faith snuggled close to Bridgett then gave a hateful cat look.

Draco could have sworn he saw the cat stick her feline tongue out at him in a taunting way. Draco almost expected the cat to say "Na na, na, na, na, NAH!" in a sing song voice.

"Okay, you might be my brother, but I DO NOT want ANYTHING to do with you." Bridgett snapped at him. "Even if you are my brother."

"Why…?" Draco blurted out.

"Let's just say that this very moment and the letter your parents sent me didn't make me like you that much." Bridgett said bluntly and literally kicked him out of the compartment and slammed the door. HARD. (Then she bolted it.)

"Isn't that mean?" Harry asked Bridgett.

"DUH!" Ron muttered. Hermione stepped on his foot, causing Ron SO much pain that he howled in pain. LOUDLY!

"What ever! Bridgett sat down and looked out the window. "I hate him! He is such a faggot! God, why does he have to be my brother?"

"Anyway, can we just get to school, and have nothing to do with Malfoy!" Hermoine said quickly."

'I am actually related to that dude, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!'

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