Moonlight - Chapter 2

A Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfiction by deckman1063

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This is the long awaited continuation of Moonlight (as if the reader did not already figure that out). It is the product of many months of writer's block and about two hours of actual work. Comments, questions, and reviews are welcome. I hope the gentle readers will find this new piece to be worth the long wait since the last part. Enjoy!


"It's been three days," she mused silently, lying in HER bed, in HER room. The hospital had not been home, comfortable as her private room had been. "Home, but since when?" That was the 64 yen question, after all. When had Misato's dumpy flat become her home? It certainly wasn't before Third Impact, she remembered that well enough. Then again, after an experience like that, it would have been a surprise if her mind set had stayed the same. Staring at the ceiling, listening to the late night sounds of the apartment and the nearly deserted city, she had only one regret: "Why can't I fall asleep?"

Before her thoughts could begin another insomniac loop, the sound of a door quietly sliding caught the girl's attention. "Guess I'm not the only one awake," thought the teen, straining her hearing for more clues to the identity of the other restless soul. Indistinct murmurs reached her from the living room after a minute. "Better go make sure Wondergirl and the Baka aren't up to anything . . . " she thought as she sat up and swung her feet to the floor.

"Shinji? Could you not sleep?" came Rei's soft, almost inaudible whisper, as the boy passed through the living room on his way to the kitchen.

"I'm sorry, did I wake you? I was just going for a glass of water," slurred the sleepy boy.

"I was already awake. Go, get your water."


"You two aren't up to anything, I hope?" interrupted Asuka as she exited her room. "You two do realize that it's 2:30 in the morning, right? When normal people are asleep?"

"I - I was just getting some water," stuttered the standing boy from the kitchen door. "You want anything?"

"Water'll do."

"'Kay." The now slightly more awake young man went into the kitchen.

The former Second Child flopped to the floor by the other girl's futon as the sounds of glasses being retrieved came from the other room. The redheaded teen looked out through the balcony doors, "I realized something while I was lying in bed, tonight."

"Yes?" came the First Child's prompt, after a moment's hesitation, as the Second's statement had surprised her.

"I'm home. This is my home."

"I am - pleased? - that you feel that way."

"Pleased? Not shocked?"

"Just because a fact goes unrecognized does not mean it is not still a fact."

"THAT is too cryptic for this time of night, Wondergirl."

"What's too cryptic? Here's your water, Asuka." The Third child sat Indian style next to the others with a thump.

"Asuka has just realized something important," Rei answered, leaving an expectant silence.

"What's that?" asked Shinji, oblivious to the First's slight wince.

"Just something Miss Know-it-all apparently already knew, even if I didn't realize it until tonight, that's all."

"Oh. So. What did you realize?"

"I'm home."

"Asuka? Are you feeling all right? You've been home for three days already! I should get Misato . . . " Shinji trailed off, the open mouthed and exasperated expression on the subject of his concern finally capturing his attention. Rei's tiny snort got him even more confused. "What?"

"Relax, Shinji, it is her heart that was out of touch, not her memory."

"As long as you're all right, then. I'm goin' back to bed. G'night." The befuddled boy finished his water and levered himself up off the floor.

"Good night, see you in the morning."

"Sleep well."

Both girls looked after the clueless Third Child as he trudged to his room and shut the door.

"You know something else, Rei? Maybe this is home to me because of who else is here, more than 'cause I've lived here so long."

"I think you are correct."

"Sleep well, Wondergirl."

"You also, Asuka," reciprocated the First Child as the Second returned to her room, leaving her to gaze outside at the waning moon.