Did you know...At the memorial service, a Lady in a purple outfit walks behind Alex down the aisle...Twice.

That shocked Terry into silence. It took her a few seconds to realise what he had just said. And she wasn't sure she could trust this guy anyway. After all, he was drunk, just like Carter had always been...

"You do?"

Tod stared her straight in the eye.

"I do," he stated confidently. "That's why I came after you."

"Oh Tod," Terry sighed, conflicting thoughts running through her mind.

She took another step closer to him.

He smiled at her. Yes, he was drunk, that was true, but as far as he was concerned he was thinking clearly. He had fancied Christa and Blake, but he had come to realise that it was just never gonna happen. After all, Christa hated his guts, as Alex had pointed out not so long ago, and Blake was going out with his brother. It was just since they had been stranded in the woods together that he had found that he liked Terry even more.

The sun was starting to set in the sky. They had been stranded almost a whole day and night.

He turned back to Terry. She looked at him again, their eyes meeting.

"Tod, do you really mean that?"

He nodded. "Yeah."

She stepped forward suddenly, taking him by surprise. There was nothing more to say. Terry reached out and touched his hand. He put his arms around her, pulling her even closer to him.

"I care about you too," she whispered as she rested her head on his shoulder. She felt tired, and wasn't really sure what she was doing. Before she knew what was happening she was looking into his eyes. Then she kissed him.

As much as he hated to, Tod pulled away. This wasn't right. He felt as if he was taking advantage of her. She didn't love him. He could try and make himself believe it but deep down he knew that the only person she truly loved was Carter.

"Terry, why are we doing this?" He asked, holding her at arms length.

"I told you Tod, I don't need Carter. Not anymore," Terry replied seriously. "I've got you now."

Tod tried to argue, but when it came down to it he just couldn't resist losing his virginity before Alex.

"Woo-hoo!" he thought. "Tod one, Alex nothin!"

I'm sorry if you think that's sick, I do actually, but you can't tell me that's NOT how a 17 year old boy thinks can you? Exactly. And let's not forget we are talking about a 17 year old boy. Tod is a 'lecherous'character apparently, I read it on a website. You don't wanna meet him in a dark alleyway...

By the way, that's mean to be the only comedy line of the whole chapter.

I doubt I will show this to anyone. It has just got too weird. I said before, I DO NOT write love stories, yet here I am writing one. Why? It is meant to be a funny story, you know, where you laugh? I don't know why I am doing this but I can't stop now, cos you wanna know what happens next don't you? And, to put any minds at rest, I have NOT been watching American Pie. That's not on for 6 hours yet stupid! And Rosie can sit there getting jealous cos Sean William Scott's in it (Billy) and she thinks he's the cutest. Awww, what a shame, I'll be able to see him tonight and she won't. Ha. (I think I had better shut up now, but bear in mind that if it wasn't for the writer's notes, you would have thrown up a long time ago.) Oh yeah, and one more thing, I better do something about the last couple of lines quick because they're really dodgy. REALLY dodgy.

Tod looked at Terry. "Yeah, I guess," he replied as he leaned in to kiss her again.


Chapter 14:

"Can someone please tell me where the fuck Tod is?" Alex yelled pacing the ground.

"For Christ's sake Alex get a grip!" Clear cried back.

"We have to stick together. We can't let people just go off by themselves. And to top it off, he's drunk. He can't walk a bloody straight line. For all we know he could be dead in a ditch somewhere."

"Great," Billy replied sarcastically. "Then at least Christmas will come early."

Alex shot Billy an angry look. "Hey, lay off him Billy. He's my best mate okay?"

"Guys, we've got the gas now. We can get in the car and find our own way back. Maybe we'll see him along the road somewhere," Clear attempted to calm them all down.

"And what about Terry?" Carter said from behind them. He wouldn't turn to face them. His eyes were red from crying. "She could be dead in a ditch somewhere too." His voice started quivering again.

"Oh Well done Alex!" Billy said clapping sarcastically. (He likes being sarcastic doesn't he?) "Go and upset Carter again."

"Oh well I'm soooooooo sorry!" Alex yelled back. "I'm sorry for upsetting poor baby precious bloody Carter! I wouldn't mind but I didn't see you rushing to help him before did I? Oh no, that was just left up me!"

"Terry and Tod will be fine!" Clear shouted suddenly interrupting the argument. "And as for us, we've got to learn to get along or we'll never get out of here, ever!"

"Right then," Alex agreed angrily. "So what do you suggest 'Miss Sensible?'"

Clear didn't hesitate in her answer. "I suggest, Alex, that we put some gas in the bloody car, how's that for a start?"

Alex threw his arms about like Kevin the teenager for a second, before walking over to the can of gas.

"Hey,hey,hey,hey,hey, Alex, no!" Billy warned as Alex bent down to the can of gas. Alex pulled a face at him as he straightened up.

"What do you think you're doing trying to pick that up with a broken arm?"

Alex had, funnily enough almost forgotten that his arm was broken. He looked pissed off to say the least.

"Billy, I am perfectly capable of-."

"Billy's right Alex. Let him do it," Clear leapt to Billy's defence. Billy smirked at Alex as if to say, 'I told you so', and rolled back his shirt sleeves. He thought he was so ace. And while all this was going on, Carter sat with his back to the lot of them.

"He sure looks depressed," Alex commented to Clear as he stood by, watching Billy fill up the tank.

"I know," Clear agreed. "What can we do to help him?"

"I dunno. But who would have thought that Carter would crack up like that?"

"Alcohol does that to people Alex. You know, the extreme emotions, all that."

"Yeah," Alex agreed, although he knew inside that he'd never been drunk before. His parents were very boring. They enjoyed bird-watching and hiking. They never had parties and they never kept alcohol in the house. One thing Alex had never had the privilege of experiencing was raiding the drinks cabinet, cos they didn't have one. And to cut a long story short, Alex wasn't old enough to buy alcohol for himself, as in America they have weird rules like, 'You can't go into bars or something until you're 21', but you can, 'drive at 16.' I don't get it.

Alex couldn't drive either. Simply because he couldn't be arsed. He was quite a lazy git to be honest.

He smiled at Clear. She smiled back.

'I'm in there,' Alex thought. 'I am gonna win the bet for sure!'

You may be thinking, what bet? Well, it was a really stupid sad bet which

is the kind of thing American teenage boys go in for. Really sad. You

know what I'm talking about.

(A Final Writers Note- It is now3 hours encounting to the premiere of

American Pie on Sky Premier, so I haven't actually seen it yet.)

That note was a clue. I don't wanna go into it really. No, I don't.

Billy finished filling up the tank. He tossed the empty can onto the


"Litterbug," Alex muttered, still pissy about the fact that Billy, can you

believe it? Billy the class goofball thought he was better than him.

"Well, I suppose all there's left to do now is get in and go," Alex

announced, rubbing his hands together.

"Who's gonna drive?" Clear asked, although she already suspected that

the answer would be her. "Carter's in no fit state to do it. He'd probably

go crazy at the wheel and drive no handed onto some railway track or

something." She laughed at the ridiculousness of the statement.

(If only she knew eh?)

"Yeah," Alex agreed, laughing. Carter spun round. He eyed them

suspiciously, but he didn't speak. For the first time, the other three saw

the state he was in. His eyes looked awful. He had obviously been crying

a LOT.

"Oh my God Carter, what have you done?" Clear asked, shocked.

"Nothing," he snapped, spinning back round, realising they had just seen

his face.

"I can't drive," Billy said sadly. "My dad set me up for a test in a couple

of months."

"Right, well I guess it's gonna be me then isn't it?" Clear answered,

sounding slightly irritated.

She walked around to the driver's side. "Carter? Where are the keys?"

He didn't answer.

"Right, well I'll just have to figure it out for myself then won't I?" she

said almost to herself. She opened the door and got in. Clear looked

around for a moment. She noticed the glove compartment and opened it

up. She put her hand inside and felt around blindly. Her hands touched

something heavy and made of glass. Sighing in despair, she pulled it out.

It was a bottle of vodka.

"No wonder he's so fucked up," she muttered, glancing over at the wreck

she once knew as Carter Horton.

"Hey," Alex said, leaning against the side of the car. He noticed the


"What's that?"

"Carter's vodka," Clear said as if she were a butler.

"He really should lay off that shit," Alex breathed.

"So he's been told. But he won't listen Alex. There's nothing we can do

to help him."

Can I just say, what sensible level headed teenagers they are? Oh, well

apart from the American-Pie style bet that is. (Now that is immature, and

just for the record, something which I would NEVER do.)

They both looked at Carter then. And they felt sorry for him.

"Let's not mention it to him," Clear decided sensibly. "It'll only make

him worse."

"Well, come on then, let's get him off that bloody floor. He's been there

almost two hours for crying out loud."

Alex walked over to him.

"Carter, we're all set."

Alex nearly jumped out of his skin when Carter turned around. He HAD

made a mess of his face. There were huge red patches and what looked

like scratch marks. Alex couldn't contain the shock.

"Jesus Carter, what the hell have you done?"

"What does it matter? Nobody likes me so why should I care?"

"I like you!" Alex yelled, suddenly losing control. "Where did you get a

nutball idea like that?"

"You like me? You of all people should hate my guts. Don't you

remember fourth grade with the locker to the head? Or maybe you've

forgotten the cherry bomb in the boys toilets? I've been a real bastard to

you, I'm not surprised I've got no friends."

Alex wished he wouldn't try to get sympathy this way, but it was

working. He sighed.

"Carter, that stuff doesn't matter right now," Alex replied, glancing at the

scar on his left arm from an incident with the monkey bars in seventh

grade. "What matters is that we get in the car and go find Terry and


"Terry hates me," Carter answered feeling sorry for himself. "And Tod

won't want anything to do with me either, since I was being a real bent

bastard with him. I don't know what was wrong with me."

"Excuse me? Are you trying to tell me you were gay?" Alex said in


"Er, no," Carter replied, not very convincing.

"Well," Alex began, his hand on his forehead. "It's all coming out now

isn't it? Any more revelations before we get in the car?" He paused

suddenly, as if remembering something.

"Hang on a minute...that was you who put the cherry bomb in the


I was off school for a week you horrible git!"

Carter flinched. Alex immediately realised he'd made a mistake in saying

that. Carter was, unstable to say the least.

"Oh man, I'm sorry," Alex apologised, though he was sure it was actually

Carter that should be apologising.

"Why? It was all my fault," Carter replied, shaking his head. He finally

started to make a move and made his way to the drivers seat.

"Er, Clear's offered to drive," Alex put in.


"Face it Carter, you're in NO state to drive," Alex explained. He laughed

to himself. "Clear thought you might go crazy and try to kill yourself by

stopping the car in the middle of a railway track or something."

Carter smirked. "Oh, there's time for that yet."

Alex wasn't sure whether he was joking or not. (Well, all the Final D

Fans know the answer don't we?)

He got in the back instead, with Billy. Alex rode 'shotgun' or whatever

the American term for sitting in the passenger seat is, I know a LOT of

American phrases.

Clear was still searching for the keys.

"Carter, since you appear to have regained the power of speech," she

began sarcastically. "Could you please tell me where the hell the keys are,

or do we have to play gay guessing games again?"

Carter flinched at the word 'gay', trying to put that whole episode beside


"Yeah, they're in my pocket," he answered finally, passing them over.


Within Seconds Clear had started up the ignition.

Chapter 15:

Tod looked at Terry.


"Yeah?" Tod replied as he painted an imaginary 'one' on his and Alex's

betting 'scoreboard of success'. (You know, their sad American-Pie bet)

"When the guys find us, are we gonna tell them?"

"We'll see," Tod answered smarmily inspecting his nails. Then in his

mind he thought, 'They'll be at least one person who has to find out.'

Beneath the gentlemanly 'Must not take advantage of poor innocent

girl', exterior, he's a bit of a caniving little sod really isn't he?

"What does that mean?" Terry asked buttoning up her cardigan to the


Writers Note: That is soooooooo DODGY. Forgive me.

"I won't tell anyone, I swear," he lied, crossing his fingers behind his

back as he pulled on his 'sad' to say the least V-Necked stripy sweater.

"I don't know what Carter would do if he found out," She said, almost as

a warning. "He'd probably kill us both."

She laughed nervously. Tod straightened out his sweater and smirked.

"Yeah. You did mean what you said about him though didn't you?"

"Of course," Terry replied indignantly.

"You're not just gonna dump me and start going out with him again as

soon as we find them are we?" Tod was being a bit irritating now.

Terry took him by the hands. "No, Tod. You're the one that I want now."

'Well, well,well,' Tod thought cockily as he kissed her again. 'Sad old

Tod beat Alex at the bet. I am soooooo gonna enjoy telling him that.'

But a thought suddenly struck him. He needed evidence. Otherwise Alex

wouldn't believe him.

"Hey, Terry?"

"Yes Tod?"

"Would you mind If I went to that Garage down the road and bought one

of those cameras?" Tod asked, making the final adjustments to his


"Why would you want one of those?" She replied, wondering what the

hell he could want a picture for.

"I guess I just want a photo of us together," he answered.

"Well sure, it's not far from here."

They started walking hand in hand along the road. Yes, I think you could

safely say that Tod was back to his usual smarmy git self.

Carter was silent as they drove along in the darkness. Not like him at all


"Where the hell have they got to then?" Clear asked, squinting into the

pitch black.

"Who say's they're together?" Carter snarled suddenly.

"Well, no but, I just thought-."

"Yeah well you don't just think, Clear," he snapped back, suddenly

springing back into bullying mode.


"I'm sorry to have to break into this but do you think that we could have

at least one conversation where it doesn't result in one person having a go

at another?" Billy interrupted.

Clear didn't reply. She just kept her eyes on the road, of course being the

sensible one.

"God, how far does this bloody road go on?" Alex remarked, staring out

of the window.

"How should I know?" Clear replied sharply. Behind him, Billy rolled his

eyes in despair. He knew nobody ever bothered to listen to him.

They passed a signpost, but they were going so fast they couldn't see it


"Woah, woah, woah, go back, that might be important!" Alex yelled.

Clear jumped and immediately slammed the car into reverse. It rolled

back to the sign.

"What's so important about that?" Billy asked angrily. It was only the

sign for the garage.

"For Christ's sake Alex you nearly gave me a heart attack!" Clear yelled

angrily. "We already know where the bloody garage is!"

"Sorry, sorry. Just being careful, that's all," Alex apologised, holding his

hands up.

"Oh yeah," Carter suddenly spoke from the back seat. "And watch the

paint-work will you?"

"Yes sir," Clear replied sarcastically as she glanced at him in the rear

view mirror. She saluted as if she was in the army. Then they were off


"Tod, can I just ask you one question?" Terry asked as they walked back

down the black road with their arms around each other. Tod was looking

at the camera, wondering how he was gonna get a decent shot in the



"Why is it so important that you have to take a picture of us? There's no

way you'll ever get it to develop right at this time of night. It doesn't even

have a flash on it."

Tod sighed, realising she was right. 'Oh well,' he thought. 'I'll have to do

it tomorrow.'

"I guess," he replied. "But how are we ever gonna find our way back to

the car now?"

Terry didn't have time to answer. Suddenly they were blinded by


Just in time, Tod grabbed her and pulled her into the bushes on the


"Tod, what are you doing?"

"Shhh. We can't let them see us together or they'll suspect something,"

Tod whispered back. He looked through a gap in the branches. Carter's

car had gone.

"You're such a dick!" Terry yelled from behind him. "They wouldn't

have suspected anything. Thanks to you I have to spend another night out

here in this nightmare!"

"Listen Terry, Carter went crazy since you walked off and left him. Don't

you realise what he's gonna think the moment he sets eyes on us?"

"But what If I don't care anymore about what people think!" Terry yelled

back, beginning to lose it. "Who's gonna know? We don't have to say


Tod thought for a moment. Maybe she had a point. But it was too late

now, they'd missed their chance.

"I know but-."

"But what Tod? We were only walking along the road together, you can't

tell me they can get ideas from that!"

"Believe me, they can," Tod answered, remembering how Alex had

grassed on him to the teacher in fourth grade, all because he happened to

have Alex's dumb propelling pencil in his pocket at the time. Of course,

Tod knew he never stole it, and he still stuck by his story that aliens put it


Chapter 16:

Alex walked along the aisle. He picked up a tin can, and squinted, trying to read the extremely small writing on it.

"Prune Chunks in Pineapple juice, yuck." He said to himself. He was starving hungry and all he could find was disgusting prune chunks in pineapple juice. Great. He moved along, trying to find something decent.

Carter appeared around the corner, counting some coins he had just removed from his pocket. He looked at Alex and smiled faintly. Alex took that as an invitation to start talking.

"Hey Carter, what you getting?"

"Dunno. Everything's shit at this garage."

"Tell me about it," Alex agreed, putting the can back on the shelf. "Where are the donuts?"

Carter laughed. "They don't have any."

He seemed a bit happier now he was in the warm, but Alex knew he was just putting on a brave face. Inside he was shattered.

"Well, what do they have?"

"Um, I saw some of those malted milk ball things, whatever you call them, Billy'll probably get a massive bag of those," Carter told him.

"Then he'll spill them everywhere," Alex sighed, remembering how clumsy Billy was. "And I hate them anyway. What about sandwiches?"

"Yeah, they've got some round the front," Carter answered.

Alex, unable to contain the starvation any longer pegged it to where the sandwiches were. He was a bit disappointed with the choice, but then beggars can't be choosers can they? He picked up a couple of chicken spread sandwiches and went off to find the drinks. He was dying of thirst.

Eventually, he appeared at the counter staggering under the enormous amount of food. Clear stood at the counter, debating the prices of road maps with Gary. (You know, the garage guy.)

"Jesus Alex, how much have you got there?" Billy asked in disbelief.

"I am starving Billy, and who knows how long we're gonna be stuck here," Alex replied thinking he was smart.

"Not long I should think," Clear answered as she paid for the map. She held it up. "With the help of this I can safely say we'll be home in a couple of hours."

"Oh," Alex said sadly, suddenly feeling about five inches tall. Billy moved up to the counter now. He dumped a huge bag of malted milk balls (Malteasers to English people who, might I add have a better taste when it comes to chocolate) and a can of coke on the counter. Then, feeling humorous, he added,

"Oh yeah and a finger bike as well please." Billy began laughing uncontrollably. Gary opened his mouth to start his lecture when Clear interrupted.

"Just ignore him, he's being a dickhead," she warned, pointing to Billy. Alex of course didn't get the joke, but even Carter smirked.

"Well, thanks for your help," Clear announced when Carter and Alex had paid for their stuff. They walked over to the door.

"See ya," Gary called after them.

"Yeah! Food at last!" Alex yelled ripping open his paper bag. He started stuffing sandwich into his mouth before they'd even reached the car, which, to give you a scale of closeness, was only about two metres away from the garage itself.

They sat in the car and began to eat. Even Carter seemed happier now he'd got something.

"You know," Alex began. "This is kinda fun when you think about it, kinda like-."

"-Like a camping trip!" Billy butted in.


"I suppose you're right Alex," Clear said, for the first time getting involved with their ridiculous statements. Alex, Billy and Carter's jaws dropped open in shock.

"What? You're actually agreeing with that?" Billy questioned suspiciously.

Clear nodded.

"But it sounded, so, so immature," Alex carried on, admitting his juvenile behaviour.

"No it didn't," Clear replied indignantly as she took a bite out of her sandwich. "Me and my dad, we used to go on trips like this all the time. We'd just set out on the open road together, then sit eating in the car, kinda like us now."

"That sounds cool," Alex answered, treading carefully as he knew Clear's dad had been murdered when she was ten.

"Yeah, I wish my parents had done stuff like that with me," Carter commented. "But they were always doing their own stuff. Like having parties."

Alex turned to face him then.

"My parents are exactly the opposite," he said. "They're always on at me to go on some dumb hiking trip somewhere. They NEVER have parties."

For once in his life, Alex wished he could be Carter. In his opinion, it would be cool to have parties at your own house and get drunk.

"So," Billy started, smiling at Clear. "How do we get back?"

"Easy," Clear answered, smiling back. She turned around to face him and opened up the map. Tracing her finger along the route, she explained.

"All we have to do is follow this road till we get to the turning, then right here," she said pointing at an intersection. "We go down this main road, which gets us back on the highway. Then we're back in town."

"You make it sound so easy," Billy answered trying his best to sound in awe of her. He really was getting to the point where he had to tell her he liked her.

"It is."

Billy leaned back in his seat, wondering how and when he was going to explain his feelings to Clear. He figured he would just have to wait till they were back home. 'Back Home,' the thought suddenly struck him. He jumped forward in his seat.

"Won't our parents be worried about us?" He asked anxiously. "What if they've called the cops?"

Alex cringed. His parents were so over-protective they probably had Mulder and Scully on the case at that very second.

"Mine probably have," he said, toning it down a little. "I mean, we have been gone a day and night."

Clear suddenly went silent. She knew her parents wouldn't be worried about her. Her dad was dead, and as for her mum, well, she might as well have been dead too. She was never home anymore. Not since she'd re-married. No, at that moment she was probably off on a cruise somewhere, not giving a damn about her only daughter.

"My mum won't care either," Carter said suddenly as though he could read Clear's mind. "She just assumes I've gone off on a drinking spree or something."

"For twenty-four hours?" Billy asked, not really believing him.

"She just assumes it whatever amount of time I'm gone," Carter replied about to admit one of his biggest secrets. "She thinks I'm an...an alcoholic."

An awkward silence followed.

"Maybe I am," he added uncertainly.

Clear shook her head vigorously, though in her mind she wasn't so sure.

"You're not an alcoholic Carter. Your mum's wrong."

"Yeah," Billy put in, offering some words of comfort. (As if)

Alex was beginning to get pissed off by the fact that everybody else seemed to understand what being drunk was like. He folded his arms and decided he wasn't going to get involved in the conversation unless they started talking about something interesting.

"Alex? You all right? How's your arm?" Clear asked suddenly changing the subject. Finally, the conversation had turned to him. He decided to play the sympathy game.

"Owww! It really hurts Clear," he whined, clutching onto it.

"Oh, you poor thing," Clear replied softly.

Billy glared from the back seat, but Alex just smiled smugly. They were playing a dangerous game battling for Clear's affections but to be honest they were quite enjoying it. Not that Clear knew of course. She was just trying to be nice to everyone.

"Oh, do you think you could find me something to wrap round it?" Alex whinged, while at the same time watching Billy's pissed off expression.

"Oh sure Alex."

Clear started looking for any kind of blanket of cloth to act as a sling. She found a small piece of material down by the side of the seat and started wrapping it round Alex's arm. Billy couldn't stand to watch her touching him like that. He had to think fast. He grabbed some coins out of his pocket and chucked them on the floor.

"Oh Clear, I think I dropped some money down by your seat," he called out eagerly. "Do you think you could pick it up for me?"

Alex immediately gritted his teeth in anger. It was obvious Billy was trying to spoil his chances.

"Geez Billy can it wait? I'm kinda in the middle of something here," Clear replied, causing Alex to shoot a smarmy smirk at Billy. Billy composed himself and smiled back sweetly.

"No, I don't think It can," he said, although he knew it could really. Clear hesitated for a second, before letting go of Alex's arm.

"Sorry Alex, do you think you could do it yourself while I pick up Billy's money?" She told him.

Alex felt fit to burst. As Clear leaned down he turned to see Billy painting an imaginary one in the air, mocking him. Thoroughly pissed off, Alex bit his lip and turned around to face the front.

"Yeah," he replied, as he attempted to make his own sling. After about ten attempts he got it to stay on. He looked in the rear-view mirror, to see

Billy silently laughing and pointing at him. Alex was one step away from beating the crap out of him, but he knew he would lose with a broken arm.

He also knew that no matter how infuriating Billy was, they had to stick together.

"So, Finished everyone?" Clear asked handing the coins to Billy.

"Yeah," Alex replied, stuffing his rubbish back into his paper bag.

"There's just one thing," Clear began as she turned the keys in the ignition. "What are we gonna do about Tod and Terry?"

"I bet they've found their own way back already, the smarmy gits," Alex muttered under his breath. Carter still heard, but decided there was no point sticking up for someone who didn't love you anymore.

Chapter 17:

Tod opened the door of the phonebox, followed closely by Terry. They had been very lucky to find it, and they weren't entirely sure it was still working anyway. He picked up the phone and put twenty cents into it. Nervously, and shivering from the cold since he had given Terry his sweater, (Adding to the gentlemanly image that we actually know better about) he tapped his home number into the dial. In anticipation he tapped his fingers on the side of the telephone. Terry had her arms around him again, looking up at his face waiting from someone to answer.

"Pick up you bastards," Tod whispered, copying a line off 'Titanic.'

The phone suddenly burst into life at the Waggner house. Rubbing his eyes, Jerry Waggner leaned over to pick up the receiver. His voice was dry and croaky from sleep. (Like father like son eh?)

"Hey, Dad?" a voice which sounded exactly like his son said.

"Tod?!" His answer was a mixture of shock and confusion. "Where the hell are you? You're mum's been killing herself over you!" He suddenly became angry.

"I'm in a call-box somewhere Dad."

"Somewhere? What's that supposed to mean? Why didn't you contact us?"

"It's a long story Dad, but when we were meant to be studying, Carter's car ran out of gas and we got stuck in the woods and,-" Tod noticed that he was down to seven cents. "I haven't got time to explain Dad. But me and Terry need you to-."

"Who's Terry?" His Dad interrupted suddenly.

Tod smirked and looked at her standing snuggled up beside him wearing his sweater in the call-box.

"Oh, she's...a friend," he answered. "But we need you to come pick us up."

"Well how do you suggest I do that when I don't know where you are!?" Jerry Waggner yelled suddenly.

"We can give you the number of the call box," Tod told him, hoping that would be helpful.

"You can try that, look Tod, I'll see what I can do okay? I bet you're freezing to death out there."

"Yeah," Tod answered. He noticed he was now down to four cents.

"Well come on, what's the bloody number?"

"Oh yeah, its er," Tod began, his eyes scanning the call box for the number. His found it and put his finger on it. "Double one, three, four, five, two, double seven, zero, eight," he read.

"Right," Jerry told him. "Hang in there son."

At that point the line went dead. And all Terry and Tod could do was wait.

"What did he say?" Terry asked, staring up at his face.

"He's gonna take the number of the call box and try to find out where we are, then he's gonna come and pick us up," Tod replied. "I suppose until then, we've just gotta keep warm." He rubbed his arms, starting to regret giving away his sweater.

"We'll be fine Tod. You should stop worrying. If it wasn't for you I could have been hopelessly lost somewhere by now," Terry replied.

Carter's car pulled up outside Alex's house. It was plunged into darkness.

As Alex pulled at the door handle he glanced at his watch. It was 2:00am.

He yawned, suddenly feeling the tiredness catch up with him.

"You okay Alex?" Clear asked from the driver's seat. Billy and Carter had already been dropped off, and Clear had promised to get his car back in one piece the next day. Clear could barely keep awake at the wheel, and Alex feared for her safety.

"Clear?" Alex asked, wondering whether he should say what he was thinking. He decided to follow his instincts. "Why don't you stay over at my house tonight?"

Clear rubbed her eyes and looked at him.

"I'm fine Alex," she replied, but as she said it she could hardly keep her eyelids from closing.

"No, you're not," Alex answered her, suddenly taking control. He took hold of the keys and turned off the engine. "You'll end up killing yourself if you try to get home."

"Alex," Clear began in her defence.

"No, it'll be fine, my parents won't mind, you can sleep on the sofa or something. Just as long as you don't try to drive home."

Clear realised he wasn't going to give up and undid her Seat belt.

"You sure?"

"Certain. And my Dad's a doctor, he can sort out my arm no problem," Alex answered, brushing all his own problems aside.

Clear got out of the car, slamming the door behind her. She was so exhausted she nearly tripped over the kerb.

"Woah," Alex said jokily as he reached out to grab her. "We better get you inside."

He led her up the path to the door. Luckily, he had his own key and didn't see the point in ringing the bell and waking his parents. He was wrong. As soon as he stepped through the door he could tell they were awake. And waiting for him.

"Alex!" Barbara Browning yelled running towards him. The light came on from nowhere, but it was almost as if they had been waiting in the dark with baseball bats or something.

"Mum? What are you doing up?" Alex asked in shock, letting go of Clear's hand.

"What am I doing up?" She repeated. "I've never been to sleep since you went missing!"

"I did NOT go missing!" Alex protested, although he supposed he had.

"And what the hell has happened to your arm?"

"Oh, that," Alex said quietly. "I'm not sure but I think it's broken."

"Broken!" His mum was almost going hysterical.

"Shh, Barb it's okay," Ken Browning said entering the hallway. He walked over to Alex's arm and examined it.

"You're very lucky Alex. I suspect it's just a stress fracture," he explained with none of his wife's hysteria.

"You mean I won't have to go to the hospital?"

"Jesus Alex no, I can treat that myself." For the first time he noticed the young girl by his son's side. "Hello," he greeted her.

"Hi," Clear replied, suddenly feeling out of place. She couldn't stop herself from yawning.

"Well," began looking at Alex. "Whatever you two have been up to, you both seem very tired."

Alex shot his father an angry look. He knew what he was thinking. That he had been out the whole time, alone, you know, with Clear. He had it so wrong.

"So I suggest Alex, you go to bed now and your mother and I will sort out the sofa for Clear. Downstairs," his dad added for good measure.

Alex was so tired he couldn't face another argument. So he decided to let it go. He made his way for the stairs, trying to escape his mother's prying eyes. He turned to face the rest of them.

"Night Clear," he said. Clear opened her mouth but his dad leapt in first.

"Night Alex."

Chapter 18:

Carter lay on top of his bed with his hands behind his head. The light was off but the moonlight shone through the curtains. Obviously, his room was a tip. (Well, did you honestly expect anything different from him?)

He lay back, thinking about stuff. Thinking about a lot of stuff, but in particular, Terry Chaney. (Yes we can put Tod's mind at rest now cos he did get her second name right.)

He knew he had really done it this time. Maybe she had been thinking about it for a while, maybe she had got sick of him, maybe she was about to dump him anyway, maybe...there were too many maybes. He couldn't just lie there thinking about stupid things like that. As far as he was concerned, whenever he imagined his life, he imagined Terry with him. But obviously that wasn't the design for him. He glanced across at his digital clock, hoping to God it wouldn't send him another message. It didn't. It just said, 3:30am. Although it was late and he was more tired than he ever had been in his life, he just couldn't get to sleep. His mind was racing. He wasn't even sure that Terry had made it home. He felt like crying again, but now he was on his own he couldn't.

"Come on Tod what are you afraid of?" Terry questioned him as they stood together in the phone box.

"Nothing. I'm not afraid of anything," Tod answered quickly. "I'm perfectly okay about this."

But he knew he wasn't. His dad was gonna be there to pick them up any second and here was Terry wanting to score with him.

Ouch, I think I overstepped the mark there. Sorry.

"Yeah, right," Terry replied sarcastically, grabbing him by the shirt. Tod was banging on the glass of the phone-box trying to come up for air when he heard the screech of tyres behind him.

He immediately grabbed Terry and pushed her away from him. She leapt back too. It was . Tod took hold of Terry's hand and pulled her out of the phone box behind him. Suddenly, it seemed to get a whole lot colder and he started running towards the car. He yanked open the back door and literally dived in.

Jerry Waggner turned around in his seat as Terry leapt in after him.

"Oh, I see this is your 'friend', Terry," he said suspiciously looking at Tod. Tod was unable to look back.


"Tell me, do you kiss Alex when he's feeling cold?" His dad questioned him unfairly.

"Dad.." Tod started slowly. Terry just decided not to get involved and stared out of the window, thankful she was gonna be home in an hour or so. His father pressed his foot down on the accelerator and they started off down the road.

"It's okay Tod, you don't need to explain," replied putting him out of his misery. "But what you do need to explain is how this all happened."

Tod took a deep breath and looked at Terry.

"Well, it's kinda a long story Dad."

"Well we've got quite a long time in the car, and since I got out of bed for you, I think I deserve to know why, okay?" His dad was getting irritated for being made to get up, but since Tod and Terry had been out in the cold so long it had completely woken them up. Tod decided to explain.

When Alex opened his eyes it was morning. The light shone through the curtains, brightening up his room. His arm hurt a lot, but at least he knew it wasn't broken. He could smell breakfast being cooked downstairs. That was probably one of the only things he liked about his parents. They could cook, which meant he didn't have to. Yeah, he was a lazy sod, but that's what happens when your parents run around after you isn't it? Feeling starving, he grabbed his dressing gown and made for the door.

"Oh Alex, nice of you to join us," his dad greeted him as he appeared at the bottom of the stairs. Alex nodded. Clear was sitting at the table with his parents. She was dressed and her hair was damp as if she had just had a shower.

"What time is it?" Alex asked sleepily.

"It's ten thirty," his mum answered as she poured out some orange juice into her glass.

"About last night," Alex began.

"Oh, you don't need to bother explaining Alex," his dad interrupted. "Clear told us the whole thing, and we understand it was all that boy's fault, Carter?"


"No, as far as I can see it seems that it was all his fault you got stuck in the forest and his fault you hurt your arm," his dad continued stubbornly.

"No, it wasn't all his fault Dad. Just forget about it now, I'm home and we're all safe now, everything's okay."

Alex was getting sick of his over-protective parents. Always fussing about him, trying to blame other people. stopped buttering her toast and looked up at him.

"Are you sure darling?"

Alex nodded vigorously. Clear just sipped her coffee, hoping that Alex didn't think she had deliberately blamed Carter. After all, why would she do that, she knew just as well as Alex what state he was in. And she had to take his car back otherwise he'd start on at her over that as well.

"Morning Clear," Alex said finally noticing her. He pulled out a chair and sat down, rubbing his hands together wondering what he was gonna eat first.

"Morning," she replied quietly, still wondering what he was thinking, but she needn't have bothered, because once he saw the pile of pancakes on the table he forgot everything.

"The principal rang yesterday, he wanted to know where you were," his mum stated calmly.

"What did you say?" Alex replied stuffing his gob.

"I said I didn't know."

"And?" Alex persuaded expecting her to say that she had sent out a search party for her beloved only son or something along those lines.

"And he offered to send out a search party," his mum continued, taking another mouthful of toast. Alex leant back casually in his seat. Yes, now was the part where she explained how worried she had been about him and how much she loved him and how special he was and all that other over-protective mum stuff.

"I said not to bother."

Alex nearly fell backwards out of his chair and almost spat out his pancake.

"You what?!"

"Well, I figured you'd turn up sooner or later," Barbara Browning answered clearly. Alex could hardly believe what he was hearing.

"Oh well thankyou very much for caring about me mum!" he yelled suddenly.

He almost got up from the table, but noticed he hadn't finished his breakfast. He had his priorities right.

Tod was watching TV when there was a sharp knock at the door. He heard his Dad walking across the carpet behind him.

"Oh hi Alex, come in," Jerry Waggner greeted him. Alex stepped inside.

"Tod's in the front room, but I don't think he's feeling too good," he explained as Alex made his way in.

"Hey Tod."

Tod picked up the remote and switched off the television.


"Where the hell were you last night?" Alex dived in with the questions immediately. Tod hesitated for a moment, remembering his promise to Terry.

"I decided to follow Terry to see where she was going," he said plainly.

"And? Did you find her?" Alex took a seat in the chair opposite his friend.

"Yeah," Tod sighed.

"Oh, is that it? Is that all you can tell me after you just decided to disappear like that without telling anyone?" He was starting to get irritated by Tod's laid back approach.

"I didn't tell you where I was going cos I thought you might try and stop me, cos I was drunk."

"So you remember then?"

"Oh yeah," Tod replied dreamily remembering being with Terry on the roadside.

"What are you on? I was worried sick about you, you dickhead!" Alex couldn't believe that Tod could be so calm. He wanted answers. Now.

"Then what?" he asked forcefully, trying not to raise his voice too much.

"Then I found her. She was upset. I, er, I told her Carter didn't mean what he said," Tod struggled to explain further without giving Alex reason to suspect anything.

"And then what?"

Tod suddenly glared at him. "Then nothing Alex. I phoned my Dad and he picked us up and dropped Terry off at her house. End of story."

Something told Alex it was far from being the end of the story, but he realised he wasn't going to get anything out of him.

"Well, I just came to see if you were okay, that's all," Alex announced, deciding to leave.

"Alex, you don't have to worry about me anymore. I'm not just this sad virgin who-."

"Excuse me? Did you just say you weren't a sad 'virgin'?" Alex interrupted suddenly regaining interest in the conversation.

"No," Tod replied, never showing signs of weakness. "I did not just say that at all Alex. What I did say however," Tod continued sounding like a lecturer. "Was that I am no longer who you think I am...no, wait, scratch that. I mean, I am tired and I've got a bad hangover, so.. um...piss off."

Alex was taken aback. "Oh well if that's all the thanks I get for coming to see you I will," he announced getting up.

"No,no,no,no Dude, wait up!" Tod yelled back in desperation. But Alex had almost figured him out and he couldn't let that happen.

"What now?" Alex spun round as his fingertips gripped the door-handle.

"We're still mates aren't we? I wouldn't want you to take offence to what I just said."

"Oh, you mean when you told me to 'piss off'?" Alex mocked holding his hands up. "Oh no, I didn't take any offence to that remark."

Alex opened the door feeling pissy and annoyed. He slammed it behind him.

Tod flinched at the sound.

"Damn," he muttered. "Why can't people learn to shut doors properly?"

"What was all that about?" his dad asked coming into the room.

"Oh, Alex just came over to interrogate me," Tod said as he reached for the remote again. Thanks to Alex he was missing Due South.

"Oh yeah? What about? That girlfriend of yours?" eyed him suspiciously.

"I do not have a girlfriend," he lied as he turned on the TV.

"Yeah. Right."

"Look Dad, can you go away now please? I kinda had a LOT to drink yesterday."

"Oh, I'm so sorry Tod," his dad answered sarcastically, swiping the paper off the coffee table in front of his son. "But you could at least tell the truth."

Tod smirked as he looked up at his father. "I already told you Dad. Terry is a friend. Now can you quit bugging me when I'm trying to enjoy this programme?"

He turned back to the screen, where Fraser was hanging over the edge of a cliff.

"Cool," Tod said to himself as the mountie hung on for dear life. Diefenbaker suddenly appeared on the screen. He began to lick Fraser's hand. Fraser laughed uncontrollably, losing his grip and before Tod's very eyes he slipped and fell to his untimely death.

"Best episode I've ever seen."

"Hey little bro!" A voice called. Tod turned his head slowly. It was George, wearing his high school jacket all because he was in the 'football Team'. Tod sucked when it came to sports. He preferred watching TV.

"Have fun getting lost in the forest?" George asked, laughing.

"Yeah actually. At least I didn't have to see your face for a while," Tod said, annoyed.

"Oh, good comeback," George replied quickly. He put his coat on and started walking towards the door.

"Where the hell are you going?"

"Out. With Blake," George answered expecting Tod to get angry with him. Instead, he just shrugged and turned back to the screen, where the 'old' Ray was yelling 'Nooooooooooooo!' down the cliff to where Fraser's body lay.

"Who cares?"

"Well you were the one who asked," George snapped back, starting to regret him coming home. He reached out for the door handle and pulled it open.

"I'm off out then, you can sit there enjoying Due South if that's what you want."

The door slammed behind him once more, leaving Tod wondering why he was the only person who knew how to shut a door.

He turned back to the screen to see the mounties standing around a coffin. It was Fraser's funeral. Ray stood up to make a speech. Tod watched intently as he cleared his throat.

"We say, that the hour of death, can not be forecast," Ray read slowly, struggling to hold back the tears for his old friend. "But when we say this, we imagine that the hour is placed in an obscure and distant future. It never occurs to us, that it has any connection with the day already begun..."

"Boring," Tod said aloud, reaching for the remote. He didn't know why, but something made him stop.

On screen, Ray began to wipe the tears from his eyes, as he stood by Fraser's coffin. Diefenbaker let out a long howl. The crowds of people bowed their heads in respect.

"...Or that death could arrive this same afternoon," Ray continued. "This afternoon, which is so certain, and which has every hour, filled in advance."

Tod was silent now. There was something about that speech. Almost like he knew, that one day, it would mean something to him. At that second the credits started rolling, and the familiar Due South music began to play. A sudden breeze entered the room, wafting the papers on the coffee table in front of him. He turned, expecting the window to be open, but it wasn't. Reaching for the remote, Tod turned off the TV and decided to go out.

Chapter 20:

Carter picked up everything he owned that reminded him of Terry and walked out of his bedroom. He kicked open the door, feeling the anger build up inside him. Now he wasn't upset. He was mad, and going to prove that he was tough, he was mean, even though there was no-one around to see it. He carried all the stuff he had collected. Photo's, gifts, anything Terry had given him, or anything that reminded him of the time he spent with her.

He was going to get her out of his life once and for all. Blinded by rage, he picked up a pile of the junk and threw it down the stairs. They hit the bottom with a thud, but Carter was so angry he wasn't gonna let that stop him. Furiously, he tore up a photo of him and Terry standing by his car, and chucked it to the foot of the stairs with the rest of the stuff.

"Hey, hey hey!" a strict sounding voice yelled. It was his Dad. "Would you mind telling me what the hell is going on here?"

"Oh piss off! Just piss off and leave me alone!" Carter snarled bitterly, getting ready to throw some more stuff.

"No Carter. Not until you tell me what's got into you! Do you still need to go to the hospital?" His dad didn't dare argue with a son like Carter. There was no point telling him to 'watch his language,' or something along those lines. He'd only get a mouthful back. Carter had always been a handful,

and his parents couldn't understand why. After all, they had given him that car when he asked for it, he got as much money as he wanted off them and whenever he asked for something he had it. couldn't understand how, after having everything in the world he could possibly want, he still turned out a spoilt brat.

"I said Piss Off!" Carter yelled, not even bothering to answer him. "I'm sick of you always going on, asking stupid questions!"

He took back his foot and booted what was left of the stuff down the stairs.

"Well," announced clearing his throat. "I'll leave you to have your little tantrum then. Don't mind me."

"Don't worry, I won't."

"And you can bloody well pick that mess up Carter!" His dad yelled, suddenly finding the confidence to shout back. Carter turned around defiantly and started walking towards his bedroom door again.

"No I bloody well won't," he cried insolently. He swung the door open with such force it slammed into the wall. "I do what I want, when I want."

He marched inside, kicking the door shut behind him.

Ten minutes Later, Mr. Horton was banging a broomstick against the ceiling.

"Carter! Turn that crap off now!" he yelled, looking upwards. "Damn it Carter! All I can hear is screeching, it's disgusting! Turn it off NOW!"

He had to scream at the top of his voice to be heard above the music.

Carter chose to ignore. After all, what did an old git like his Dad know? Exactly. Nothing. Instead, he walked over to the stereo and turned up the volume. Immediately Papa Roach blared out twice as loud as before.

"Carter!" his dad screamed, but it was no use trying to fight against 'Last Resort'. He bashed the broom a few more times then decided to take action.

When he entered his son's room he was, to say the least displeased. Clothes littered the floor, his bed was a mess and books and CD's were scattered across the various desks and tables. Carter himself was sitting with his back to the door, with his head down, listening to the music, mouthing the words. marched straight over and turned off the music. Carter's head jerked up immediately.


"No Carter, we are gonna have this out here and now-."

"No! There is NOTHING more to say Dad!" Carter yelled, his temper flaring.

"I said we are gonna have this out HERE and NOW!" replied, taking control.

"And I said no. So get the hell out of my room!"

"No. What's it all about then? School? Football?" his dad tried to guess the possibilities. Carter didn't move. "...Terry?"

Carter suddenly looked down at the floor.

"It's Terry isn't it? Tell me what's happened Carter."

"No fucking way," Carter replied angrily.

"You'll do what I say Carter, and I say tell me what's going on! I can't have you living under my roof speaking to me like that! You will apologise to me right this minute!"

"No I won't. And I'm not telling you anything. Get out, just get out of my room and leave me alone!" Carter cried.

"Fine then. I will. But when you want your allowance this month don't think that you're-."

"Okay I'll talk," Carter said quickly, only thinking of himself.

"Right. Now calmly, explain to me what happened in the woods," his dad replied, lowering his voice.

Carter opened his mouth to speak, but at that second the phone started ringing from downstairs. Reluctantly, he moved towards the door.

"You better have something to say when I get back son," he said almost as a warning. Carter heard him walking down the stairs.

"Cut my life into pieces," Carter whispered to himself. "This is my last resort."

"Carter!" his dad yelled from the foot of the stairs. "It's somebody for you. Alex, I think."

Carter didn't feel like coming to the phone, but he somehow managed to drag himself off the bed, and down the stairs. He stepped carefully over the rubbish he'd thrown. held the phone at arms length towards him. Scowling, Carter snatched the phone out of his hands and put the receiver to his ear. An annoying voice was yacking away on the other end.

"Oh hey Carter!" Alex greeted cheerfully. "I was just calling to see if you were feeling okay."

"Well I've got your answer. I'm not. I've never felt worse in my whole life," Carter replied staring at his tired face in the hall mirror. "I just feel like going into the kitchen now and slitting my wrists or something." He laughed shakily, unnerving Alex slightly.

"Yes well, anyway, how's your head?"

"It kills. I'm in a lot of pain, all right?"

"Maybe you should have gone to get it checked out," Alex said wisely. "I mean, if a fall had the power to turn you temporarily gay-."

"I was not temporarily gay!" Carter hissed, pressing the phone even closer to his ear. He glanced around, making sure his dad was out of sight. "Look Alex, I appreciate you ringing me and everything, but I don't really wanna talk right now."

"Don't you even wanna know where Terry is?"

Carter did want to know. He really did. But he didn't want to seem soft now.


"Well, I'll tell you anyway. She's safe. At home," Alex said calmly. "She got a lift back with Tod's dad."

"Tod's Dad!" Carter repeated in disbelief. "Why? What the hell was she getting a lift back with him for?"

Alex wasn't sure he should say the next part. "Oh geez Carter. I dunno..."


"Tod found her, that's all. He called his Dad and they dropped her off. That's it."

"Oh yeah. That's it. And everything's great. For them, anyway. But what about me eh?" Carter questioned, his voice breaking down. "What about me? Carter Horton, the one nobody cares about? It's okay Alex, you don't have to say any more. I know all I need to know now."

"Like what, exactly?" Alex asked from the other end of the line.

"Like why Terry got a ride home with Tod and his precious father," Carter answered plainly. Song lyrics were buzzing through his head. 'Losing my sight, losing my mind...'

Alex sensed what he was implying. "Carter, that's ridiculous! Tod is the last person on earth Terry would choose to be with."

(Isn't it Ironic eh?)

"Like I care. She can have him if she wants. I'm through with Terry."

"But Carter-."

"Oh shut up Alex. Tod's welcome to her, the little slut."

"Carter, I hardly think-."

"I said shut up," Carter replied in a sing-song voice.

"Carter, why are you acting like this?" Alex persisted.

"Because unlike you I can see right through them. Now if you don't mind, I have some important business to attend to."

He slammed the phone down onto the handset hard. Dusting his hands, he walked off back upstairs.

"You let me decide when it's time," he said evilly to himself. "I control my life, and I control my death. I'm never gonna die... unless I want to."

Chapter 21: Basic Summary of Chapters 11-20 and my opinion of them:

Part two begins exactly where Part one finished. It starts with Tod and Carter, drunkenly trying on Terry's clothes. (Just for the record, a strapless green dress and black platforms for Tod, a tight pink blouse and short leather skirt for Carter) Or should I say, Todina and Cartrina.

Meanwhile, Clear, Billy and Terry are at a garage called Gary's Gas, run by an idiot called Gary who's obsessed by finger bikes. Clear assures him that what they need is far more serious, and asks for some petrol. He gives her some, and they start to make their way back. On the way, Clear starts to think Billy is cute...(That makes two of you then Rosie- Kidding!)

In the meantime, Tod thinks he's a beauty queen, and then almost trips up and breaks his neck (appropriate?) Carter is just about to re-enact prom night, when the guys get back, finding them dressed as girls. Terry is absolutely disgusted, and demands an explanation, which Tod gives. Surprisingly believable actually, all about how they were flying a kite too close to a river, and they fell in the river, got wet, and had to change into Terry's clothes. (Yeah. Right.) Oh yeah, and killer ants about a metre long got into their old clothes, causing them to throw them far, far away over the hills.

Terry notices Carter has been drinking, and this is the part where we come to realise that maybe, he's got a bit of an alcohol problem. I like the JD comment, for anyone who doesn't know what that is, I only found out a couple of days ago myself. It's actually this drink, Bourbon, called Jack Daniel's, (JD?-Geddit?) Oh yeah, and in the film Alex says, "Why don't you lay off the JD then hah Carter?" I just had to use it in my story.

He apologises for his behaviour, but Terry is in a stress and wants to 'seriously consider where the relationship is heading'. Carter responds to this by unwisely telling her she's dumped. He immediately regrets it but it's too late.

So Carter's depressed then. Alex wakes up finally and goes to have a heart to heart, man to man talk. Carter eventually admits it was all his fault, and is about to cry. Awwwwwww!

At the same time, Terry is crying her eyes out over Carter, walking along the road when, you guessed it, lecherous Tod appears. (I love that description.) Oh, I gotta hand it to him, his intentions are good, I suppose...basically to cut a long story short he says a lot of stuff and then admits he 'cares about her'. Quite a general statement when you come to think about it. I care about people too, but that doesn't mean I go off into the bushes...no, let's not go there.

Anyway, this is where my writers notes start to come in. I had to do them otherwise you'd actually think I was being serious. Yuck. Basically, they take off all the disgusting pressure the storyline is being put under. Gripping stuff eh? Tod is being quite a little sweetie to dear old Terry, blaming himself, but we know it's all an act...don't we? Anyway, Terry then says she cares about him too which then results in them kissing on the side of the road. Pass me the sick bucket please about now.

Oh yeah, and how could I forget the 'virginity' comment? That went down pretty well if I might say so myself.

Alex, Clear, Billy and Carter put the gas in the car and decide to make a move back to the garage again. Carter has flipped and scratched his own face, guaranteed to make me think he's even cuter? I don't think.

After a stupid joke about Carter driving onto a railway track, Clear decides to drive. She finds vodka in Carter's glove compartment, adding to his alcoholic reputation. Alex finally admits he likes Carter, and Carter admits it was him who caused Alex to be off school for a week due to a cherry bomb in the boys toilets...hmmm.

Then, back to the Tod and Terry scenario. (God, do we have to?)

Very dodgy stuff this. Something along the lines of 'American Pie' style bets and scoreboards of success, oh yeah, and people making dodgy comments like, "When the guys find us, are we gonna tell them?" Tell them what? Like we don't know...

Tod decides that the only way Alex will believe he's won the bet is to get a camera. So off they go to Gary's gay gas station. On the way back from the garage, Carter's car approaches them and they dive into the bushes for an unknown reason. (Hey, I use my writers license-things don't have to make sense all right?) Terry is annoyed, saying that they wouldn't have suspected anything, but Tod isn't so sure, not since Aliens planted Alex's propelling pencil in his pocket in fourth grade. (Don't ask.) Alex is enjoying buying chicken spread sandwiches and of course, Billy gets those malted milk ball things from the garage. Clear buys a map, so Pure and Simple, (Thanks Hear'Say) they can find their way back now.

They sit in the car stuffing their faces, talking about what their parents did and did not do with them and camping trips. Gay stuff like that.

Carter finally begins to admit he has a drinking problem. Woo-hoo!

Clear tries to help Alex with his arm, but Billy fancies her like crazy so he deliberately drops his money on the floor to distract her. She picks up his money, and Alex is infuriated.

They start to drive.

Back to a phone-box in the middle of no-where, Tod decides to phone his Dad, Jerry. (Cool name eh?)

He tells his dad the number of the call box and then they basically have to wait. Oh yeah, and like a gentleman he has given Terry his sweater.

Alex plays the mature sensible one when he refuses to let Clear drive home. He persuades her to stay the night at his house, but forgets how over-protective and presumptuous his parents are. His dad seems to think he's going out with Clear and sends him to bed, while his mum just goes completely hysterical. Nice homecoming.

Carter is lying in bed, thinking. He can't sleep, but I don't really know why I'm bothering to explain that, who really cares?

Terry is trying to 'score' with Tod in the phonebox. (Just get out your American phrase dictionary if you're too thick to understand.) But he's worried cos his dad's gonna be there any second. He's right, and his dad turns up just as Terry's giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation, (If you know what I mean.)

His dad is being slightly unfair, but in the end Tod decides to explain. Of course we don't want to hear the woods saga again so we cut straight to...

Morning in the Browning's house. Alex is being a greedy git, while at the same time learning his 'over-protective' mum actually refused to send out a search party. Can you believe it? His dad reckons it's all Carter's fault (True) but Alex tells him to let it go.

Later, Tod is at home watching Due South. Alex calls round, and wants to know 'where the hell he was last night.'

Tod let's it slip that he's no longer a 'sad virgin', causing Alex to suspect something. Tod struggles to explain and ends up telling him to 'Piss off'. Nice one.

Alex stresses out and leaves, slamming the door. Tod wishes people would learn to shut doors properly. His dad interrogates him on Terry, but Tod lies and denies it all. Then George comes back on the scene. He's not there for long though cos he's off out with Blake Dreyer again. This time Tod doesn't give a damn. He turns Due South back on to see Fraser killed by Diefenbaker in mysterious circumstances. 'Old' Ray is yelling 'Noooooooo!' from the top of a cliff.

At Fraser's funeral, Ray makes a familiar sounding speech, which you'll only 'get' if you've seen the film.

Then, we go to the Horton's house. Carter is in a major strop, throwing everything that reminds him of his time with Terry down the stairs. His dad tries to argue, but we learn that Carter is a spoilt brat and so is very insolent and rude. We also learn at this point that he is a fan of 'Papa Roach.' His dad has to resort (geddit) to banging a broomstick on the ceiling to try to get him to turn it down. It doesn't work, so he goes up and turns it off. Carter stresses out again, but eventually agrees to talk, just in time for the phone to ring.

It's Alex. And they have a stupid chat which results in Carter believing that Terry and Tod are going out (not far from the truth really) and walks off muttering various lines he says in the film, such as 'I'm never gonna die,' and 'I control my life, and I control my death.'

That's basically all of part 2.

I am sorry. But really, the dodgy bits are important I suppose. I tried not to overstep the mark, but I may have done...once? Anyway, I'm writing this at about 11pm and I'm tired. Well, come on, give Terry and Tod a chance, even if you think it just 'ain't right'. We all know they're gonna split up sooner or later anyway, so why not give them a bloody break? In the meantime, I will be writing part 3 soon, so stand-by for hopefully more funny stuff.