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Through Her Eyes

Chapter 1: Just another day…

Kagome panted slightly as she attempted to climb up the well wall. It was difficult today because her backpack was extra heavy with the extra candy and ramen she promised Shippo and Inuyasha. Her relief swelled as she grabbed the edge of the well. It was short lived however as she felt her sweaty palms slide off her handhold. With a squeak she screwed her eyes shut and braced herself for impact. She gasped when she felt a hand grab her wrist and kept her from tumbling back into her time. Inuyasha glared at her from over the side of the well.

"Stupid wench!" he snarled, pulling the miko from the well. "Why the hell did you let go?" he growled as he placed her gently on her feet.

"I didn't let go! I slipped!" she snapped, dusting herself off and glaring at him.

"Idiot." Inuyasha snickered. Kagome's eyebrow twitched.

"Inuyasha, sit boy!" THWAM!


Kagome stomped off, heading to the village. A moment later Inuyasha caught up to her, grumbling about stupid wenches as he pulled her onto his back and took off.

In no time, they had reached the woods on the outskirts of Kaede's village and Kagome hopped off. 'Feh. Went too fast.' Inuyasha thought, then realizing exactly what he thought, froze and blushed. He watched Kagome go towards the hut in a daze.

She was wearing a blue grey tank top and jeans shorts. Short jeans shorts. Oh, leave him alone, he's a teenage male. You can't blame him. He watched her hair sway in the breeze and couldn't make himself move. Before he could blink, Kagome had turned around and was looking at him in puzzlement. She blushed under his stare.

"Inuyasha?" she asked hesitantly, "Are you coming?"

That was all it took. Inuyasha's pride kicked in and he shook himself mentally and scowled at her, crossing his arms and striding past her.

"Of course, c'mon wench." He walked into the hut, closely followed by Kagome. A chorus of "Kagome" greeted them. Said miko giggled and waved in greeting as she plopped down next to Sango. Shippo immediately leapt into her arms and gave her a gigantic hug.

"Hey Kagome! Did you bring me anything?" He put on his best cute face and looked up at her pleadingly.

"Feh." Inuyasha scoffed and sat in his usual position (you all know, cross-legged with his hands in his sleeves?) in the corner with his back to the wall and his bangs covering his eyes.

Kagome started digging in her backpack and pulled out Shippo's candy. Immediately the kitsune jumped at it, trying to snatch it. Kagome held it up, however and looked down at him sternly.

"Shippo, no snatching and only a small amount for now. We don't want you to fill up before dinner."

"Yes, Kagome." Shippo pouted. His face split into a grin again when Kagome gave him a lollipop though.

"Kagome-chan you're spoiling him!" Sango laughed as she sharpened her sword. Kagome smiled at her guiltily.

"But I can't help it!" Kagome giggled, tickling her kitsune, making him laugh. "He's so spoilable!" Inuyasha snorted behind her.

"Well he's already rotten, so-"

"Sit boy." THUD.


"Thank you Kagome." Shippo chirruped sweetly. Kagome kissed his head lightly and let him scamper off. Dragging himself up off the floor, he caught the kiss and couldn't help but let his face soften. Just slightly.

He had admitted to himself about a month ago that he loved her. He also knew he couldn't have her. She was so perfect. He didn't deserve her. He was just a dirty half-breed. She was an untouchable flower, untainted by the world's filth. And she would remain that way. He wouldn't let anyone spoil such perfection. Not even him. Although it became almost unbearable for him when she was in heat or vice versa. He had often had to flee under the guise of finding Kikyo to keep himself from ravishing her. Similarly, he had to smack himself mentally when she coddled Shippo to keep himself from envisioning her bearing his pups.

He blinked as he suddenly realized Miroku was talking to him.

"-vision of loveliness?" the monk sighed in admiration. For a moment Inuyasha thought he was speaking of Kagome and glared at his friend. Miroku caught the death look and cowered slightly.

"I was talking about Sango, Inuyasha!" he defended in a whisper so the chatting girls in the other corner couldn't hear. Immediately, Inuyasha calmed down.

"Oh. Feh." The hanyou scoffed. Miroku rolled his eyes with an exasperated sigh.

"When are you going to tell lady Kagome of your love?" he muttered. Of course, Inuyasha heard it perfectly and thumped the hentai on the head.

"I don't know what your talking about, monk!" Inuyasha spat and stood up, hurrying out of the hut. Miroku made a face at the dog man's retreating back and resumed staring at the beautiful girls currently giggling across the room. How he wished he knew what they spoke of…

"No really, Sango!" Kagome gushed. "I think it's gotten longer!" she said, fingering her raven locks. (Author: -sweatdrop-) Sango rolled her eyes.

"No, I don't think so, it looks the same to me." She said matter-of-factly. Kagome shrugged and sighed mentally as she heard the normal sounds of Inuyasha settling himself of the roof.

'Just another day…'


A young woman slid effortlessly out of the well, floating up to the level of the tops of the trees surrounding the clearing of the enchanted well. Her sheets of long dark brown hair fell to the middle of her back as her cold black eyes glimmered evilly.

"Finally." She said causally to no one. She smirked cruelly as she pulsed. "Time to wreck their normal day."


The group tensed suddenly as the aura passed over them. Miroku, Sango, Kagome and Shippo all ran out of the hut to join with Inuyasha who jumped down from the roof.

"Kagome, is…" The girl interrupted Inuyasha.

"No, there's no shard. It's just…" the miko shivered, "evil." The others shifted uneasily.

"It's coming from the well…" Sango stated offhandedly. They glanced at each other in worry before hurrying towards the sacred tree.


Sesshoumaro looked up suddenly from his place watching Rin play in a field. Rin stopped playing and turned her head west toward the direction the feeling was emanating and shivered. Jaken squawked rather loudly.

"Lord Sesshoumaro! Lord Sesshoumaro! There is an evil force pulsing-"

"Yes, Jaken, I know." Sesshoumaro said in a monotone as he glided towards the source swiftly.

"Wait for me Lord Sesshoumaro!" Rin and Jaken chorused.


Datherine's head snapped up from sharpening her katana. Her scarlet eyes blazed with recognition. Sliding her weapon swiftly back into its sheath, she flew towards Inuyasha's forest at breakneck speed as her waist length silver hair flowed out behind her like a cape.

Her old foe was back.

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