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Through Her Eyes

Chapter 3: The Aftermath

Sesshoumaru opened his eyes and blinked several times without making a noise. Silently he sat up and swiftly moved into a crouching defensive position, mentally cursing the dizziness that plagued him. He did not understand how a miko had so easily beaten him. He strained his sensitive eyes and ears. His eyes could not penetrate the darkness farther than a few feet, but his ears picked up soft breathing around him. He looked down and found his servant and his brother along with the monk and the fox demon that he traveled with. Although his face showed no expression whatsoever, he silently checked whether his lackey was alive, moving on to check his brother but not bothering with his companions. No one killed his brother but him. No one.

Satisfied they were both well, Sesshoumaru stood slowly and once again peered into the eerie darkness, quelling the insistent dizziness. There was a moan from below and slowly, his brother sat up.

"Damn! I'm going to rip that bitch's head off!" he snarled.

"Crude, but currently I couldn't agree with you more little brother." Sesshoumaru said expressionlessly.

"Shut it!" Inuyasha growled. Sesshoumaru cocked a brow at him.

"I was agreeing with you, half-breed." He said coldly. There was a slight moan and the dog demons turned to find Miroku and Shippo stirring. Inuyasha was at their sides immediately.

"Yo, Monk, Runt, you alright?" he asked, genuine concern laced in his voice.

"Yeah, Inuyasha, we're fine." Shippo said weakly. They all whipped around as they heard a dark chuckle.

"The fox might have gotten an overdose on my knockout energy. My bad." Tessa smirked at them as they glared.

"Where is Rin?" Sesshoumaru asked, attempting to sound indifferent. This was the complete opposite of Inuyasha…


"Yeah! You better give them back or else!" Shippo threatened, shaking his fist weakly from Miroku's arms.

"Or else what, half-pint?" Tessa sneered, letting her power billow around her. Shippo whimpered and burrowed his face into Miroku's chest.

"Please show us to Lady Sango and Lady Kagome, and there won't be trouble." Miroku said quietly as the priestess laughed at Shippo's expense.

"Save it, Houshi-sama." Tessa mocked, trying to sound like Sango. Miroku's blood boiled. "And don't any of you bother to attack me, if you haven't realized by now, you're all powerless." They all gaped at her.

"I CAN'T USE MY FOX FIRE!" Shippo yelled. Inuyasha pulled Tetsusaiga from its sheath and his eyes widened at its rusted and decrepit form. Miroku pulled back his rosary, careful to point it from himself and his friends and nearly fainted when nothing happened. He cautiously looked down at his trembling palm and sweat broke out over his brow as he peered into the gaping hole in his hand.

"It…. it just stopped… just stopped…" he blabbered, tracing the hole gingerly. Sesshoumaru held up his hand and concentrated, then allowed his eyes to widen in shock as his poison didn't appear. Quickly he reached for his sword, Tensiaga and found it gone. Glancing at the still unconscious Jaken, he found that the toad's staff of heads was gone too.

Yawning, Tessa turned from them to face the far wall. "So are you ready to see the girls?" They all perked up noticeably. Tessa smirked again and snapped her fingers. Instantly, candles flared into life around them. Another snap and the little pot that sat against the wall of the relatively small room started to smoke. The smoke trailed up and separated, snaking around in two wide arks that encircled the wide wall and connected at the top in a giant circle.

Tessa extended her arms with her fingers splayed towards the circle and began to chant. When she finished yellow light flared forward and splashed onto the wall to become a sort of screen. They all leaned forward and squinted, trying to make out the picture…

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Datherine groaned and rolled over, still cradling the small girl in her arms. Sitting up, she checked the girl's vitals. She was fine. Datherine breathed a sigh of relief.

Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow. Why does she care so much for a human?

The female demon set the girl aside under a tree gently and then leapt up. She looked around and spotted the other two women from before sprawled out right by the well.

Sango… Miroku studied her unconscious form in worry before moving his gaze to his future friend. Kagome… He glanced up at Inuyasha. He was grinding his teeth and clenching his fists on and off again, his eyes darting back and forth from between Datherine and their unconscious friends.

Walking forward swiftly, Datherine knelt beside the two humans and checked their vital signs. As she reached to check Kagome's pulse, Inuyasha stiffened, she was flung back with a searing pain in her side. She skidded to a halt and glanced down at her wound, which was a bleeding slash in her bare side. She looked back up at Sango, who was in a defensive crouch beside Kagome.

"And that was for…?" Datherine hissed in annoyance.

"Why did you help a human girl?" Sango demanded, her sword still out and dripping blood. Datherine stood and brushed her side off, which was already healed.

Miroku frowned. Has she always been so untrusting? Inuyasha looked interested.

Sesshoumaru glared at the slayer. How dare a human attack a demon in such a fashion when all she had done was help? His stare moved on to Datherine. Foolish woman for helping those good-for-nothing humans. His gaze finally moved on Rin, curled peacefully under the tree. In advertently, his features softened. Well… maybe some of them aren't completely worthless… Wait, what am I thinking? His expression didn't change once.

"Maybe because I'm not heartless?" Datherine replied angrily.

"You're a demon." Sango said pointedly. Shippo stared at her, hurt and Inuyasha looked taken aback. Sesshoumaru looked down his nose at the human. Even Kirara mewed in disapproval.

"So that automatically makes me heartless?" Datherine asked incredulously. "If you haven't noticed, you travel with two demons and a hanyou!"

"They're my friends!" Sango argued heatedly.

"Oh! Well tell me, did you attack them before they could become your friend, or am I special?"

"Actually," giggled Kagome, who was sitting up, clutching her head, "she did attack us… but that was because she thought we slaughtered her village." Inuyasha raised an eyebrow at that. Sango only thought I slaughtered her village… why did she say we? Kagome frowned suddenly. "But you didn't attack anyone! Sango?" She looked at the older girl.

"She's a dog demon!" Sango exclaimed. Inuyasha felt like someone had sliced his arm off. I thought… Sango was my friend… Glancing at his brother, Sesshoumaru felt a twinge of sympathy, but maintained his passive look. Inuyasha's visage soon hardened and he glared at the wall. I don't care. He tried to convince himself.

"So is Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled, outraged as she jumped to her feet. Inuyasha turned back to the screen to stare at his defender. Kagome…

"Inuyasha's half human!" Sango protested.

"SO?" Kagome demanded. Inuyasha couldn't keep the grin from his face.

"So, he can have a heart." Datherine said quietly. Sango looked at her in shock. "Tell me, why is it you're biased against Inu-Youkai?" Sango looked abashed at being called 'biased' and slowly stood, putting her sword away.

"It's just… Inuyasha's brother… Lord Sesshoumaru…" Sango looked at the ground in shame. "My sincerest apologies," Sango said with a bow, "the dog demon Sesshoumaru always attacks our party trying to kill my friend Inuyasha…" Sesshoumaru's face showed nothing but his mind went wild. I'm the reason this mortal hates Inu-Youkai? I'm why she's biased? This human is apologizing to a demon?

"I see." Datherine said in understanding, "You're forgiven." There was a sudden tug on her hakama. She looked down into the hazel eyes of Rin. Sesshoumaru watched their interaction carefully.

"Thank you for saving me, lady." She said sweetly.

"You're most welcome, little one." Datherine said with a smile.

"What's your name?"


"Datherine-sama, have you seen my Sesshoumaru-sama?" Rin asked, looking around the clearing. The three women blinked and followed the small girl's gaze. Kagome was the first to break the stunned silence.

"Um… where are the guys?" Miroku, Inuyasha and Shippo all facefaulted.

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