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Kagome: Damn right you don't! I mean… -claps hand over her mouth-

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Kagome: N-nothing!

Inuyasha: -clueless- She's right! I don't belong to you! What the hell are you looking so smug for?

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Kagome: -breathes a sigh of relief-

Inuyasha: -still clueless-

Through Her Eyes

Chapter 7: Fillings!

"T-training?" Kagome asked, taken aback.

"Yes… do you have a problem with that?" Datherine asked, cocking a brow at her.

"I-I'm not a good fighter…" Kagome said, staring at her feet. Datherine rolled her eyes impatiently.

"All the more reason to train you!"


"Listen, I don't know why your mate or companions didn't do it earlier-" Datherine began, interrupted by the indignant cry of: "He's not my mate!" "But it was stupid of them." She glanced at Sango, who blushed.

Inuyasha growled. 'Why does everyone think I'm stupid? She hasn't even met me!' Possibly because you are? 'What the HELL! I am NOT! Then why didn't you train her? The other side of him argued. Inuyasha stilled. Why didn't he? Because you liked the feeling of being able to protect her… He shook his head and growled, crossing his arms and sulking. 'No! Just 'cuz she never asked! That's all!' Riiiight… 'Shut the fuck up!'

Sesshoumaru blinked at the screen and fought down a smirk of amusement. He couldn't help but respect this woman. He had made the same deduction the moment he had met Inuyasha's wench. He couldn't understand why his half brother didn't train her, but then again, he never really tried to. He didn't care after all. The wench could die this very moment, and all he would do is raise an eyebrow because she was standing close to Rin and might fall on her if she dropped.(A/T: Nice guy, ain't he?)

Sango tried to defend herself and her companions, "We never have time to train her! If she's not here, searching for jewel shards, she's in her time 'studying'." Datherine raised an eyebrow. 'There! See?' Inuyasha thought triumphantly. Baka.

"And I suppose it would be terrible to take an hour of every day to make her a better asset in battle when you are hunting for 'shards'." She waited. Sango sputtered. Inuyasha sulked again.

"You don't know Inuyasha." Kagome said flatly. His ear twitched in annoyance. "He wouldn't give us an hour to do anything other than eat." Datherine stared at her and sighed exasperatedly.

"Men!" she huffed. The males stiffened indignantly. "If it's not one thing, it's another! They care so much about pride it's pathetic." Miroku rolled his eyes. He had long given up pride. Women liked it better that way. Inuyasha coughed uncomfortably and Sesshoumaru tightened his lips and looked away.

"What does pride have to do with it?" Kagome asked curiously. Datherine rolled her eyes.

"Your ma- Inuyasha, would probably have trained you long ago if didn't fuel his pride that you need him to protect you." Kagome's mouth dropped open and her eyes became slits. Inuyasha cringed.

"What did you say?" she hissed. Datherine crossed her arms as Rin, bored with the conversation began to pick flowers near the edge of the clearing.

"You know it's true." The inu-youkai kept her eyes on the small girl as she answered. Kagome seethed in fury for a few moments before straightening her spine with determination.

"Well then." The coolness in her voice snapped Datherine's attention back to her face. "I better do this training, and stop being such a burden to my friends." Inuyasha winced, his ears drooping slightly. He knew where that had come from. Datherine nodded in approval.

"Tomorrow. For now, I'd like a dip in the hot springs just over there." She waved lazily in the direction just to the left of Sango. The two teens looked at her gratefully. "Rin?" The young girl skipped over and presented her with a bouquet of fresh picked daisies. Datherine smiled and took them. "Thank you, young one."

"You're welcome! Rin thought you would like them, because Sesshoumaru-sama does!" the girl replied happily. Datherine looked amused. Sesshoumaru raised his eyebrow.

"I thought he was a heartless so-and-so?" She glanced up at Sango.

"He is to everyone but her." Sango muttered. Sesshoumaru cast an annoyed look at the demon-slayer. No one talked about Lord Sesshoumaru of the Western Lands like that. Inuyasha snickered.

Datherine turned back to Rin. "How do you know Sesshoumaru-sama likes these best?"

"Well, I guessed. These don't have any scent, so Rin thought it wouldn't hurt Sesshoumaru-sama's sensitive nose…" Datherine blinked at her, a smile spreading across her face.

"You really care about Sesshoumaru-sama don't you?" Datherine whispered, touched. Rin beamed at her.

"Of course! I love him! He's my daddy now!" Sesshoumaru stared at the face of his charge. Pride swelled with in him, replacing the momentary shock, but nothing showed on his face. His eyes flicked to Datherine with a somewhat triumphant smirk. 'Hear that, bitch?' He thought coolly, not meaning the term as an insult (AT: Surprisingly…) 'MY pup.' Datherine did hear and winced noticeably. She straightened up and took one of the blooms, tucking it behind her ear.

"They're lovely, Rin." She murmured, taking her hand with some reluctance. 'You CANNOT get attached to another inu-youkai's pup.' The group headed out toward the aforementioned hot springs. As they arrived, both Kagome and Sango ran forward eagerly, pulling at their clothes.

The screen suddenly went black. Miroku's mouth dropped open and his eyes bugged out. He turned to Tessa with an evil glare.

"You evil, evil woman." He seethed. Inuyasha whapped him over the head.


After the bath:

The men were lost in their own thoughts when the screen blipped back on. Sesshoumaru was trying to think of a way to take Rin back when this was all over without killing the woman. After all, it would make Rin sad, and he'd never hear the end of it. Inuyasha was thinking of all the times Kagome had nearly gotten killed because she didn't know how to defend herself, and of all the sits he was going to get when she finally found him. Miroku… well you really don't want to know what Miroku was thinking about. Let's just say it had something to do with the not-so-holy grin on his face. All of their attention snapped to the screen the moment it turned on, however.

Kagome sighed with some contentment, plopping down under a tree in the clearing they had picked and beginning to brush her hair. She was in her PJ's, a snug baby blue T-shirt with a sheep on the front and matching sheep patterned loose pants. Inuyasha swallowed hard. Did that shirt have to be quite so snug...?

"I don't suppose there's any use in arguing about moving on during the night?" Kagome asked bitterly to no one as she glared at the castle in the distance.

"I've told you-" Datherine started angrily, but Kagome waved it off.

"Yeah, yeah, I heard you. I'm just…" She sighed and stopped her assault on her hair, looking at the castle again, this time with longing. "I'm just worried." Inuyasha's eyes softened. Shippo sniffled and played with his shirt hem and Miroku looked away briefly.

"Don't worry Kagome." Sango told her friend, her eyes burning with determination. "We'll get them back. For once, you're saving Inuyasha!"

Kagome blinked, then burst out laughing. Inuyasha growled in irritation.

"I don't need saving!"

"Oh? Then tell me, how are you going to go about escaping?" Tessa asked. "I can beat you hands down." Inuyasha leapt up, snarling.


"You know it's true, little brother. Even this Sesshoumaru can't beat her in this state. Don't embarrass yourself by trying."

"Just because YOU'RE weak, doesn't say a damn thing about me! I can beat your ass too, bastard!" Inuyasha snapped, but he sunk back to the floor. The Lord glared at his sibling.

Miroku said nothing, but continued to watch the screen. Suddenly his face twisted in horror.

"Kagome! Rin!" He cried. The brother's heads snapped around so quickly they nearly got whiplash.

Kagome dozed restlessly (but safely) in her sleeping bag. Rin cuddled to Datherine, who had a protective arm around her up in a tree above Sango's resting place. The lady demon was studying the full moon.

Inuyasha flexed his claws, turning to his comrade.

"Any last words, Monk?" He demanded. Miroku looked at him coolly.

"Yes, actually. See what happens when you fight uselessly? You could have missed something really important. What if Kagome had really gotten attacked while you were bickering?" Miroku pointed out, turning back to the screen. Inuyasha slumped. 'He's right… for once.'

Tessa snickered. "He doesn't want to see Kagome in trouble anyway."

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