Drabble: Practice Makes Perfect

By Honorat

Rating: K

Character: Barbossa

Pairing: Barbossa/Apples :D

Disclaimer: We are cursed fanfic writers, Mr. Disney. Compelled to write, we were, but now we are consumed by it.

Summary: A missing moment in CotBP. Where did all the food come from? This is as close to a drabble as I've come in years. For the "Practice" challenge at Black Pearl Sails.

For the first time in almost ten years, the Black Pearl is taking on provisions.

Tonight they will set sail for Isla de Muerte, and Cook will prepare a banquet. Barbossa's teeth glint in anticipation. Pigeon and duck, sirloin of beef and chyne of mutton. Breads and cheeses. Plenty of vegetables well served up. Puddings and trifles. Tea and wine and syllabub.

And all manner of fruits. Bushels of apples.

Barbossa licks his lips with a dry tongue.

The Turner maid has gone without food for three days now. It will never do to starve the lass to death before she has a chance to donate her father's blood to the Aztec gods.

And Cook can use the practice.

The End