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Chapter 14 - Happily Ever After

-Six Months Later-


"You look good, man. She's going to love you." I said and smiled at Beck as he looked at himself nervously in the mirror. Truth was he wasn't looking any different. Ok, so maybe he had on an expensive tux and had actually gone in for a shower, but all in all he looked the same to me. I bent down and placed a hand on his shoulder leaning over him. Checking myself out in the mirror, I smirked.

"You know once I'm in this tuxedo, Mariana might just see sense and elope with me."

Beck glared as I laughed loudly. I glanced at my own outfit lying neatly on the double bed and pulled a face. I remembered the horror of going through buying that thing. Beck had manhandled me into a tailor shop where I had to stand for hours getting pinned, prodded and criticised for my too thin waist and too long legs. I had put Beck in a bad mood all day as he got so frustrated with me fidgeting - he would too with all the puncture wounds I got from that stupid tailor guy. I grinned as I saw the little box that sat along side my suit. I was Best Man and had the responsibility of looking after the ring. Mariana wasn't too happy about that, come to think of it neither was Beck, but he appointed me his right hand man - I would get him through this wedding. I couldn't believe they were getting married already. Six months had flown in. I sauntered back over to Beck and punched him on the arm. When I got no reaction I punched him harder. All this waiting was boring me and being the annoying attention seeker there came a daily time when I would wind Beck up - wedding day or not.


I took some deep breaths and ran fingers through my short black hair. Oh God I was nervous. I was so nervous I felt nauseous. This was worse than anything I could have imagined. I'd rather go another round with Billy Walker than go through this. I exhaled loudly and drummed fingers over my knees. I watched Travis in the mirror. He was wearing a white t-shirt, red shorts and white socks. I chuckled softly. He looked like such a little kid. His constant moving about and babbling though were distracting and keeping me calm. A talking Travis drives people insane, but a quiet Travis drives you crazy with worry. I smiled at how much everything was working out. Mariana and I had opened a bar and restaurant and it was thriving with business. I finally had my dream and prepared exotic and delicious meals to everyone in the village. Travis started off working for me, but due to the expenses of one too many broken dishes or wrong orders, he mostly just annoyed the hell out of me in the kitchen or got drunk in the bar. He was recovering though from the traumas in his life and although he didn't like strangers invading his personal space, he opened up completely to a playful hug or pat on the back from me or an affectionate kiss from Mariana. Life was good. Now, I was marrying the woman I loved and hopefully spending many blissful, happy years together. I loved her with all my heart and soul. From coming from practically nothing to having a family and my own restaurant, I couldn't imagine being more happy. The warm feeling spread round me and thawed the frozen thoughts of doubt. I was happy and my dreams were coming true. I grinned at my reflection and for once my eyes agreed with my smile.

The next thing I knew Travis was thumping my arm. I swear he is like an annoying puppy constantly demanding to be played with or fed. I ignored him, but then he was attempting to karate chop me at my neck. I grabbed his wrist tightly and glowered at him.

"Go and put your tux on."

"Not right now, we've got plenty of time." He stated and struggled to break free of my grasp. I watched him for a moment and then released him quickly, laughing as he fell on his ass to the floor. I turned back around as he stormed off to the bed, I assumed to put on his suit. Oh, how wrong I was. He ran back a second later and batted me hard with a pillow.

"Travis!" I hollered and was rewarded for my scolding with a finger and defiant giggling. I could feel the blood pounding in my ears. Don't rise to it. He wants your attention. Ignore him. Another swat to the head. Hell, he was going down! I launched myself in his direction and heard him yelp in surprise. He might not be as strong as I was, but he definitely had speed. Darting past me, he jumped on to the bed and cackled in triumph.

"Bring it on, tough guy!" He taunted and shifted his weight from foot to foot waiting anxiously for my move. I frowned and barrelled towards the bed. My sudden burst of speed caught him off guard and I caught him easily. Lifting him clean off his feet, I slammed him down on to the mattress, swinging a leg over his abdomen. I grabbed his hands in one hand and waggled a finger in front of his face.

"Nuh uh, Travis. You're not going to annoy me today. Now, I want you to put your tux on right now."

"With you on top of me?"

"Travis." I growled.

"Beck, seriously we've got plenty of time. Chill out. You act like your fifty or something. Well, you are getting near that age now aren't you?" He smirked up at me.


"No! Beck, I'm sorry, man. I'm sorry. Really. Please don't!" He begged and squirmed to try and get free.


"Beck! No! Don't you dare!"

"Three!" I released his hands and dove nimble fingers underneath his t-shirt and tickled the xylophone of Travis' rib cage. He yelped threats and yelled to be released until I had him finally begging and gasping exhaustedly.

"Stop. No, no, no, no, no! No more!" He pushed two hands against my chest and tried in vain to get me off him. I clapped in victory and pushed down on him as I climbed off.

"You geek!" He called grumpily and pushed himself on to his elbows. His face was flushed.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm going out for some fresh air. I want you in that suit by the time I get back."

"If I'm not?" He raised an eye-brow mischievously.

"I'll do what I did to you last week."

Flashes of ice, underwear wedges and tickling so hard it brought tears came flooding into the kid's mind and he whimpered submissively, tugging his shirt towards him. I smirked and closed the door behind me. He might be an annoying puppy, but he had some house training.


I stood beside Beck and watched wide-eyed as Mariana walked slowly down the isle. The entire village had showed up and the sun was shining brightly. It was a beautiful day. Beck sighed softly and I knew his heart was melting at the sight of the woman. Every man in the village was shooting envious looks at the groom and blushing when Mariana walked past. I knew they'd make a happy couple. My life was back on track and my best friend had never been so happy. Life was good.

The ceremony went along smoothly and the young lovers gazed into each others' eyes. I zoned out about five minutes into it and watched an ant crawl up the wall. It carried half of a small leaf. Very interesting. Suddenly I heard my name being hissed and some of the people seated in the front row giggled. I looked up quickly and was startled out of my daydream.

"Travis! The ring!"


I knew that glazed look his eyes got. I knew he was a million miles from here.

"Travis!" I hissed again and finally got a reaction from him. "The ring!"

He looked at me confused for a moment and then as he noticed Mariana smiling patiently at him he clicked on and reached into his pocket. Rummaging in his jacket pocket he pulled out his fingers and frowned. My heart skipped a beat and I stepped closer to him, a dangerous look firing up on my face. He held up one finger telling me to wait a second and checked his right trouser pocket. Nothing. His left pocket. Nothing. I growled. He looked up at me nervously and then patted down his back pockets. Nothing. He swallowed and shrugged slightly. I was going to kill him! He had one thing to do! Look after one little ring! Mariana started giggling behind me, but I was furious.

"I'm going to kill you." I stated slowly and calmly. He swallowed loudly again and took off down the isle. I spun around and watched everyone's' heads follow Travis. Mariana was in stitches beside me and so was the priest! I couldn't believe she found it so funny. I guess she knew what we were like.

"I'm going to kill you!" I hollered and sprinted after him. Oh, what happy families!