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Information overload V2


It was a few days before hermione managed to schedule a D.A. meeting. Not all of the members from the previous year turned up,but some who did come brought new people.
All in all there were about the same number of people there.

"Hi everyone," Hermione greeted the assembled students. "Thanks for coming."

The chattering slowed and gradually stopped as Hermione spoke. They all looked expectantly at Hermione and Harry who were standing in front of them.

"I'm sure you've heard that we will be doing subjects other than defence this year,
if you don't want to learn these thing then you can leave now," Harry paused to look at the students and guage their reaction to his statement. No-one moved, they just looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to continue. "Good. These meeting will be organised on an alternating basis. One session being practical defence application, the next meeting after will be a 'culture' lesson. Are there any problems with this, or questions?"

Harry looked around the room, scanning for any-one with a problem. Once again no-one moved or spoke, either to object or with question. He nodded in approval and looked over at Hermione who was still standing next to him. She gave him an encouraging smile and moved to sit with the other students.

"Ok then, We'll start with culture this time and defence next meeting," Harry looked around the assembled group. "Was anyone taught the old ways by their family?"

Several hands were raised, including Neville Longbottoms. Harry smiled at them and nodded.

"Fair enough, I'll go over the basic topic, then seperate into smaller group's to discuss the topic in more detail. All of those who were taught the old way's will circulate through the group's to answer any questions you may have. I will be doing the same." Harry looked around the room at the students gathered there. They were nodding and whispering to one-another. "Ok, if no-one has any problems, shall we begin?"


Harry was walking through Hogwarts grounds with Lucius at their next meeting. They walked in silence for the most part, there were students everywhere, enjoying the last of the day's sunshine. Slowly the students filtered out of the grounds, making their way into the great hall for dinner. As the last of the students dissapeared into the school Lucius broke the silence.

"Have you ever ridden a Horse Harry?" Lucius began to lead the way towards the forbidden forest.

"Um, not really," replied Harry as he followed Lucius. "The school thestral's once though, and a hippogriff."

Lucius had changed direction slightly now, moving around the forest towards the paddock where madame Maxime's Abraxan horses had been kept during the tri-wizard tournament.

"I have obtained permission from the headmaster to give you riding lessons," said Lucius as the paddock came into view. In the paddock, grazing placidly, stood two silver-grey winged horses. Harry couldn't help but stare as they approached the beautiful creatures.

"They are Granian's," said Lucius stroking one's nose gently. "This particular breed is very fast, which will be most useful to us in our task today."

"Why is that?" asked Harry, still staring with rapt fascination at the horses.

"They will take us to the Dark Lord," replied Lucius, looking at Harry with a smile.
"Mount up, I will teach you as we ride."

Harry looked up at Lucius and smiled, before climbing gracelessly onto one of the horses,
who stood surprisingly still as he clambered up. They took off from the ground at a trot, with Lucius calling instructions to Harry as they rode. Soaring over the forbidden forest and away from Hogwarts. Leaving both student's and teacher's unaware of their absence, still eating in the great hall.